South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz March 24th 2010

I am skipping my journey from Potosi to La Paz because it will seem a bit like a series of complaints about Bolvian transport but it was just normal stuff for bolivia so i do not want to give a bad impression. Both Potosi amnd Sucre looked very interesting, old colonial cities with a lot of history and I would have liked to have spent more time there. herte is a picture of the Casa de monedas in Potosi to prove I was there. Anyway, I got to La Paz without in the end without too much trouble. La Paz is the highest capital city in the world but it has a couple of other things going for it as well. It is built in a bowl surrounded by volcanoes, with all of the poorest housing ... read more

These four days were among the best spent on this hoiday so far. We saw diverse landscapes and wildlife, sufferred from the extremes of temperature and altitude and generally had a really good time in spite of the "hardships". We started off from Tupiza taking in the wild west like scenery around Tupiza, continued on through a massive national park and finally hit the Salt Flats. We were on the Antiplano, the high plateau between the eastern and western ridges of the Andes mountains. We drove in an only slightly battered Toyota landcruiser and had a driver/guide and a cook, travelling with a buddy land cruiser whcih was a real pain because it kept breaking down. Day 1 was mostly travelling through high mountain ranges with more deep red rock formations carved by wind and water ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Villazón March 18th 2010

No pictures in this one: I thought it was worth posting this short entry as we do not often get to cross land boundaries in the EU anymore and it was also the most uncomfortable day of the holiday so far, for reasons I will explain. The night bus from Salta left at 00.45. The red wine and steak did not help and I had a very bad night´s sleep. We arrived early and it was barely light and freezing cold. I got a taxi to the Immigraciones and joined the already large queue knowing that the officals would not be there for another two hours. We got hrough the Argentinian side and then had to wait while the Bolivian officials photocopied some immigration forms to fill out . How could they run out of forms! ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta March 16th 2010

The 23 hour bus journey was not the most enjoyable aspect of the trip so far but it was not as bad as it sounds. We stopped quite a bit and had some food from the bus stations and also has some food served on the bus. There was a toilet on board and although it was emptied once it was nearly unusable by the time we got to Salta. I spent three days or so here and in the surrounding area. Salta is in the North east of Argentina but one of the first cities to be estalished by the Spanish and the colonial architecture is much more in evidence here. Baroque churches, white painted buildings with arcades attached or upstairs balconies with wooden balustrades. There is also a cable car which you can take ... read more
Quebrada des Colches

South America March 16th 2010

Just flying into Iguazu airport from Buenos Aires it was clear that this was going to be totally different from the rest of the trip so far. You fly over dense jungle and all the roads are covered in red soil and dust. From the plane you coud also just see the spray coming up from the waterfall. A small taste of things to come. Going down the steps onto the runway you could feel the humidity hit you. Quick ride into town in a cab and then finding a hostel which was not easy witha back pack in that heat. Settled in, I had to work out how to best to see the falls. The hostel was near the bus station and I picked up a timetabe for buses to the falls and also started ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate March 6th 2010

This is the second blog entry in my trip and it covers my short time in Patagonia. It is being re-constructed from memory as, although it was only a couple of days ago it seems like a lot longer. I am suffering from sensory overload with all of the natuural wonders on display! Apologies that there are still no photoes - will try to sort it out. I arrived mid afternoon without a hotel or hostel bed in El Calafate and managed to get some where quite quickly - so this spur of the moment stuff does work after all. The twon is purpose built as a gateway to the National Park and is a bit of a tourist trap to be honest. Tour buses, backpasckers, serious outdoor types all flock here. There ae lots of ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 27th 2010

The journey begins with a mad dash from the office to LHR to catch the plane. It makes a change from getting the Northern Line back home to Tooting, or jumping on my bike ro ride home. The flight was horrible. Not because of the food, the other passengers or the crew but because it lasted for about 16 hours. The person in front reclined their seat for nearly all of the journey whcih meant that my nose was 6 inches from the back of the seat in front of me nearly all the time. And I had to fold my legs into place as there was so little room. After about 9 hours in the plane I finally realised how far away from home I was going and got a little worried. So i just ... read more

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