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6th September 2014

Her Majesty's Mail
This is one thing you won't see in Spain...a British Postbox. May you have many happy memories of your time in Britain...yet it also must be nice to come back home.
6th September 2014
Beachy Head

Love this perspective.
6th September 2014

So where are you heading for now?
6th September 2014

Actually we've already been living in Spain for a year and a half, but I thought I needed a bit of closure on our English chapter, that's why I wrote this blog... I should have done it months ago! Are you guys still in Ukraine?
24th April 2014

Between seasons...
I'm so envious of your opening sentence 'winter is finally over'. Sigh. It's autumn here in Southern Australian, but it already feels like winter. Love Ella's little shoes :)
From Blog: Life in Majorca
23rd April 2014

Short and sweet
How lucky to be on the island off-season and able to visit the glories of the short, sweet spring before the hordes arrive! I'm from Santa Barbara, a sister city of La Palma, and we have the same problem of tourist invasions. I barely go downtown or to the beaches in the summer, but hang out in the mountains. Have fun discovering those secret, magical spots unknown to the tourists. Happy Spring!
From Blog: Life in Majorca
22nd April 2014

Vaya pena no habernos visto!! Ya me podias haber dicho que te cambiaste de casa!! Y tienes toda la razon.. Mallorca es una maravilla en primavera! me ha encantado.. que suerte que teneis de vivir alli.. aunque sea con turistas y todo.. dan ganas de irse a vivir alli! Un beso muy fuerte a los tres xx
From Blog: Life in Majorca
14th March 2014

Hey there, Congratulations on the big move and the new addition to your family. Two years goes by so fast!! We know the feeling. It's been just over two years now that we have been back in Canada. We recently moved from Calgary to Whitehorse (which is near Alaska). Trying some place new. Take care, all the best Kathie & Jordan
From Blog: The big move
14th March 2014

Thank you guys. I miss your blogs! I hope you are planing a new trip soon.
From Blog: The big move
7th March 2014

hola chicos, que alegria saber de vosotros! creo que habeis hecho lo mejor, no hay nada mejor que criar a tus niños al solecito y al aire libre. despues de lucia vino antonio y nosotros estamos encantados aqui en estepona, malaga. por cierto a braulio tambien le encanta la playita! chicos muchas suerte cuesta un poco el primer año pero despues no os arrepentireis!!!!
From Blog: The big move
28th February 2014
Sant Martí

starting young :-)
Ella, what a cutie! Congratulations :) Looking forward to more stories en España!
From Blog: The big move
26th February 2014

Just gorgeous!
I wish I hadn't read your blog so early in the day... now I'll be lost to dreams of travelling back to Spain. Ella looks like a natural explorer :)
From Blog: The big move
26th February 2014

Lucky you!!!
What a wonderful place to live and raise children. We look forward to more updates and pictures of sunny beaches.
From Blog: The big move
20th May 2013

Great blog!
I love the humor-- great job.
24th October 2012

thank you
I just wanted to say thank you for your great blog! It's just amazing and reading it makes me feel happy, for myself but also for you two. Good to see that there are people in the world enjoying life like we all should! Hope you keep travelling the world together and wish you all the best! Hugs from a German girl (aus Sachsen übrigens ;) ) in Brazil
4th May 2012
Palma's old quarter  /  barrio viejo de Palma

beautiful colours :)
From Blog: Pa amb oli
15th April 2012

un saludo desde la costa del sol!
parece que esta algo nubladillo... je je ! es solo envidia... disfrutar!
14th April 2012

Nice one!
Life is indeed all about what you decide to make out of it :-) Nice entry & blue, make me wish I was already back by the sea...
17th January 2012

Spanish blogs
It doesn't matter what language the blog is posted in...Google translates them all. However, the translations can very very amusing at times!
16th December 2011

Amazing guys u are THE BEST!!!..... I Love it!!!! Big Hugs from Spain
14th December 2011

I Love this blog...I really do ^^ this made me smile today =D
12th December 2011

You were right, you do take alot of pictures of your feet!! Great blog.
9th December 2011

Different Eyes
Great to see a 'part 2' for one of my favourite blog entries - a simple message, but so true. Thank you again :-)

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