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Asia September 20th 2010

Hi All, Han here - It's my turn now and I'm under pressure to be funny so I'll apologise in advance. At this juncture, I would also like to apologise for the inappropriate toilet comments that were cited in the last blog entry... but with ying and yang working perfectly, Dave has been suitably punished for his loose lipped ridicule by suffering severe stage fright in that department for the last 4 days. Shame!! Friday 17th September 2010: Arrived at Changi (Singapore) airport on time in anticipation of our flight to Bali. It's a beautiful airport and I made the error of saying to Dave "if ever we are going to get delayed at an airport, I think I'd want it to be here". I don't like to think my comment was directly responsible for the ... read more
I could get used to this!
Han mesmerised by the most fantastic band.
"The most fantastic band"

Asia » Singapore » Geylang September 17th 2010

Alright friends, parents, workmates, kids and hangers on. OK...still not sure if this thing works so maybe a comment or two from you guys might help? :) Also having never written one of these new fangled bloggy type things i'm not even sure if it will be interesting, too long, too short or what....but here goes. Monday 13th Sept - arrived at the lovely Raddison at Manchester Airport and had a great meal and great nights sleep (on the Sunday). Little did we realise how much that sleep would come in handy! Looooong flight to Changi in Singapore with a stop in Amsterdam for a few hours. Horrible flight in cattle class (how much of a snob am i?). No room to stretch out, TV wasn't working and the hosty's were damned ugly! (not that that ... read more
New Office in Singapore
7 quid a pint!!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Runcorn September 7th 2010

Hello this is a bit of a test on this blog type thingy to see if it works but also to let you know that plans are well under way. Rucksacks have been bought, along with sleep sheets, walking shoes and £80 worth of first aid gear! Han and I are both feeling a little nervous about leaving the kids but as ever they seem to be just getting on with life and telling us not to be silly! Raddison Manchester Airport on Sunday 12th and then the plane to Singapore leaves on Monday. I've no idea at this stage whether anyone will want to even read the blog but at least i can write it fresh as it happens (ish). At my age the memory doesn't support me as it should! Dave... read more

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