September 20th 2010
Published: September 20th 2010
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Hi All,

Han here - It's my turn now and I'm under pressure to be funny so I'll apologise in advance. At this juncture, I would also like to apologise for the inappropriate toilet comments that were cited in the last blog entry... but with ying and yang working perfectly, Dave has been suitably punished for his loose lipped ridicule by suffering severe stage fright in that department for the last 4 days. Shame!!

Friday 17th September 2010: Arrived at Changi (Singapore) airport on time in anticipation of our flight to Bali. It's a beautiful airport and I made the error of saying to Dave "if ever we are going to get delayed at an airport, I think I'd want it to be here". I don't like to think my comment was directly responsible for the aircraft being hit by lightning, but that is exactly what happened and we were delayed by 7 hours. I thought maybe I'd developed prophetic powers, but when I tried saying "if I had to have something it would be a bottle of red wine and a huge bar of chocolate", they didn't materialise.

Saturday 18th September 2010: We arrived in Bali at 530am. Being tired and green to the Bali tradition of haggling, we were ripped off by the taxi driver. Arrived at lovely hotel to be advised that our room had been given away. It took a while to sort but were eventually upgraded to a gorgeous room which we then had about 3 hours to enjoy before check out. As a result, we decided to stay an extra night to get a little more sleep. We then used Bali's internet suite to book our next hotel on the island of Lombok. Unfortunately, it took 7 hotel staff about 45 minutes to work out how to print off our booking form. Sounds just like the administrative team at NBC (only joking girls). After a relaxing few hours at the pool talking to some Aussies, we were officially recognised as "alright for a couple of POMs" and we then headed out to get some tucker. After fighting off the touts who all speak perfect English but strangely don't understand the words "no thanks", we found a fantastic restaurant called Mozarella with the best singing group I've ever heard. I'm thinking of acting as their official sponsor to fly them over for the X Factor auditions. On this note, panic not folks, Elle is keeping me suitably appraised of what is happening in X Factor so I haven't completely removed myself from the real world.

After dinner we took a romantic walk back to the hotel...and got lost. After trekking for about 72 hours (ok slight exaggeration) we decided to get a taxi... at which point Dave's infallible sense of direction suddenly returned and he recognised where we were (about 400 yards from the hotel). Too late! Mr taxi driver had already started taking a "short cut" and it took about 20 minutes to get back. Beginning to get the distinct impression that tourists are fair game for getting ripped off by pretty much anyone in Bali.

Sunday 18th September 2010: After a good nights sleep, we got up early to take a taxi ride to the Port of Padang Bai. The traffic in Bali is frightening and there don't seem to be any set rules. There are motorbikes everywhere carrying whole families and babies. For those of you who attended the NBC Christmas go-karting, the motorbikes are on a par with Ash McPartland's I said, scary!! The journey showed us some of the real Bali and there is a lot of poverty...perhaps this explains why, when we arrived at the port to buy our tickets for the ferry crossing, we were ripped off (again).

The 4 hour crossing to the island of Lombok was gorgeous and, for once, I managed to find some sea legs (although it was a millpond so I can't start calling myself Captain Pugwash just yet). Upon arrival, the heavens opened but thankfully, the transfer bus was there to meet us when we disembarked. Arrived at the Sheraton hotel in Sengiggi. Wow! It's amazing. We were given a beachfront room with a terrace. We have decided that we can't really call ourselves backpackers after staying here. Rather, we are middle class travellers who happen to be carrying their clothes in a backpack.

I'm sure you're all aware that I've lost my driving licence, but Dave thought he'd soften the blow by getting me a DIVING licence. Therefore, we've booked to travel daily to the Gili islands to undertake a 3 day scuba diving course. (Sorry dad - i know you'll be jealous). Secretly, I think Dave thought it'd be the only way to stop me talking for a few hours.

Monday 19th September 2010: We have a rest day today before we head to the Gili islands tomorrow. The rain has stopped so we had breakfast in an open fronted restaurant looking out to sea. Lots of sunbathing and walks on the beach. Life's tough!

We've also planned our next adventure which is a flight to Darwin on 24th September, where we are going to explore Kakadu National Park in a 4wd camper van.

Quick apology as we can't get the photos to upload. I know you all struggle with reading when there's no pretty pictures to see. We'll try and upload them when we get to Oz. Will check in again soon xxxxxx

PS Dave has insisted on verifying my account before it is published and argues that he would have been much funnier. hmmm.


20th September 2010

You pair of Lightweights!
Well so much for backpacking and hosteling! That didn't last long did it :O) Its now official - I am incredibly envious; especially as I'm sat in the office looking out at a rather damp Runcorn. It really does sound wonderful. Glad to hear you've got your priorities right Han; is there life without the X-Factor??! Surely not. Have to say I think it's a pretty close run thing on the humour front guys. Probably about 60/40 in Dave's favour at the moment. That's payback Ms Oakey for criticising your WONDERFUL admin staff lol. Anyway, take care both of you (although by the sounds of it you're being looked after far too well...) and I look forward to the next instalment. Jo x
20th September 2010

Good times
This is so lovely being able to follow what you're up to. I did have a good chuckle at the taxi exploits and Dave suddenly getting his bearings before being taken around another whistle stop tour. It sounds wonderful. However, I hope you realise you're missing Cash in the Attic while you're globe trotting. Also we're having an amazing wet spell dotted with really gusty winds. Autumn in Blighty or scuba diving in Bali... it's a tough call. Safe travels xxx
20th September 2010

hair raising
Keep em coming!!

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