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September 17th 2010
Published: September 17th 2010
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Alright friends, parents, workmates, kids and hangers on.

OK...still not sure if this thing works so maybe a comment or two from you guys might help? 😊

Also having never written one of these new fangled bloggy type things i'm not even sure if it will be interesting, too long, too short or what....but here goes.

Monday 13th Sept - arrived at the lovely Raddison at Manchester Airport and had a great meal and great nights sleep (on the Sunday). Little did we realise how much that sleep would come in handy! Looooong flight to Changi in Singapore with a stop in Amsterdam for a few hours. Horrible flight in cattle class (how much of a snob am i?). No room to stretch out, TV wasn't working and the hosty's were damned ugly! (not that that matters Han ....honest). Shan't be flying KLM again (apart from on the way home).

Tuesday 14th Sept - arrived in Changi mid afternoon and set about finding the hotel. Jumped on the fantastic MRT tube system (sooo clean) and easily found the hotel in the middle of the city. Hard work in 33 degrees, 90% humidity and a huge backpack but well worth it so far. Hotel was close to Chinatown so we shook off the jetlag and went for a look around. Ate a lovely meal in a sidestreet sweatshop type thing and started to feel like a backpacker. Meal was quite cheap but the beer is S$14 a pint (about 7 quid!!!) - no chance of getting ratarsed here!

P.s. For some reason Han wants me to make a point of saying that she normally gets stagefright on the poo front but happily that problem came and went in a flush...sorry flash.

Wednesday 15th Sept - decent nights kip and lovely brekky but have decided to move to a less touristy (is that a word) location so we can feel down wid da kids man. Found a hotel in Geyling area for 11 pounds a night each and wondering what we have let ourselves in for! Took the MRT (monsoon rain outside) and found the hotel easily but as you might have guessed it's right in the middle of the red light district - result! Rooney eat your heart out.

Back into town and into the superbly futuristic Marina Bay area (weather is really sunny and hot by now). Switched back into tourist mode and decided to go for a massage (not a massage with a happy ending Max) that included a "Fish Spa". Hopefully the pics will attach for you to see but essentially you stick your legs into a pondy type thing and Doctor fish swarm on your legs and feet and start eating your dead skin....weird feeling!! Fantastic idea though and i see a business opportunity in the UK!! The massage place was underneath the Singapore Flyer (like the London Eye but bigger) so did that with a private car, champagne and chocolates. The lovey dovey thing was great but the wheel took me right over the F1 track that was being built for next weeks race....only one winner there...sorry Han!

Did loads more that i won't bore you with including a visit to the Raffles hotel but then back to the "hotel" after another cheap chicken and lice (literally) meal.

Thursday 16th Sept - REALLY bad nights sleep due to screaming nip kid next door...grr. Not very PC of me but i'm tired. Eventually got out of bed at 12 noon and headed for the island of Sentosa. Han remembered it fondly from a hosty trip 12 years ago so we were quite looking forward to it. Took cable car which was cool and were instantly bombarded with building works and a mini Disneyland. i think Han was taken aback and a bit gutted really. The island which started off as a leper colony and turned into an exclusive resort had been a bit ruined...oh well. Took the cable car back into the fantastic city again for a meeting with a lady called Manon who i'd contacted through (noooo, it's not a swngers site Connor). Lovely French Canadian lady who shared her travelling experiences with us for an hour before suggesting we meet her husband and his work colleague for a drink...superb. MRT to Little India and a great rooftop bar called Zsafi. Met Vic (Pakistani British), Brian (Indian British), Boris (Russian American), Stefan (French) and Henry (Sinagaporean)......what a cospomolitan crowd!! Great bunch and will probably meet up again whe we finish the trip back here. Final drink in a hip (is that still a cool word?) backpackers pub called the Prince of Wales and back to the room to see what kind of sleep awaited.

Aaarrrgghh.....couldn't sleep so Han and I went for some more chicken and lice and spoke to Elle on MSN messenger (get us!). Good to catch up properly with the ankle biter even though we've been mailing back and to regularly.

Friday 17th Sept - woke with an alarm at 11am and took a coffee made by local cockroaches (it was!!). Too much sugar. As we speak it's mid afternoon and we're killing time before the flight to Bali later this evening. Thinking of going to an island called Lombok thats been recommended to us...will sort it out when we arrive in Bali.

Both Han and I have loved Singapore. Seeing the contrast between the poorer and rich parts of the City has been great. Feel like we've seen the "real" Singapore as well as the touristy stuff. Really easy city to move around in...people are REALLY is warm...what more could you want??? Could definately live here for a short time!

Cheers all....will write again soon but will let Han do it as she's funnier (apparently?!) than me.

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17th September 2010

We're reading!!
Ok - so it's only me reading, but one reader doth a blog make. Or so I tell meself as a seasoned bloggee. Anyhoo my point is this - fab to have a little glimpsette into your back packing travels and it's funny that at the mo you're doing things what we did. It's nice to revisit in a virtual way :) Please keep it up if you can get to pootas and stuff. Did you have a Singapore Sling at raffles and eat some nuts?? We weren't allowed cos it was too expensive, Ade let me get a lemonade. We heard Lombok was good also - look forward to hearing what you discover there and on Bali. Tell you what, I'll judge whose the funniermost - right now it's Han - only joshing with you Dave! Love Ros xxx
17th September 2010

Yes I could be arsed :O)
Hey you two. Not sure which category I fall into but thought I'd reply anyway :O) Good to hear from you. I'm glad you're both having such a good time so far, and no, I'm not the slightest bit envious (she typed through gritted teeth!) I can sympathise about the huge back-pack from my sojourn to the Lakes, and the monsoon rain, but unfortunately not the 33 degree heat mores the pity! Will look forward to your next posting. Oh and thanks for the update on the poo front Han, I'll sleep soundly now lol. Take care of yourselves, Jo x
17th September 2010

Great blog and only about one million percent jealous. Glad to hear Han's performing well on the poo front. Thought I'd read you'd visited Marina Bray - but that would be Stourport not Singapore. Have an amazing time. I've subscribed so will follow your journey through green eyes. Love you both and stay safe! xxx
18th September 2010

hi mate, just logged on and read your blog and yep its working............ Its great to hear your stories although really not sure on needing to know about hannah's stage fright lol !! Still got a few weeks holiday to take so will meet you over in bali what time do you land? I'm more than happy to take over the singapore branch of NBC although considering the relocation package I would want I dont think you would let me !! Good to hear your mingling with the locals too, ash said see your runcorn background has come in handy after all !!! Have you got any tips for the dave watson diet I hear its good, mind you at £7 a pint and a case of the sh*** sure even I could manage it !!! Keep the blog & pics coming its great to hear from you both x
18th September 2010

Hi Dave an Han,sounds like ur having a great time an a well deserved break from it all.U keep having fun an keep writing,its nice 2 see wot ur up 2 an the places ur visiting.Take care Bro an mrs Bro Dunc
18th September 2010

jammy gets!
Hi dad, hi han! sounds like all is going well and your having a great time. also lovin the fact that you've seen the real singapore. everythings fine at home, cant say everyone doesnt miss you guys but were chuffed your livin a dream :) Ryan, connor and elle xxx (p.s) hip has never nor will ever be a cool word dad :/ sorry to dissapoint! haha xxx

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