Dave Curriston


Dave Curriston

I am new to this; never been to Europe at all! I am a recent graduate of University of Missouri Columbia and am interested in practicing my Spanish, as well as experience cultures other than my own. My girlfriend Monica and I are very excited about spending a couple months (at least) exploring Europe and I am looking for some tips/hints/information to steer us in the right direction. Please feel free to message me/respond as I seek some guidance for us. Thanks for reading!

Europe » Romania September 4th 2013

On our way out of Bucarest, with seriously achy muscles from the day trip to Brasov, we stopped in Sinaia to get a look at what I consider one of the sickest castles I have seen while browsing them online. Not because it is one of the biggest, but it was just so dang pretty. It sits back 100 meters or so from this old cobblestone path (maybe the original path?) and blows your mind away. Unfortunately, we did not have time to go inside as Sinaia was literally a 2 hr pit ststop/detour and we took the looooong way up (45 minutes at least, and uphill). I felt pretty stupid once we found the 15-20 minute cobblestone path back to the train station but hey, we got good exercise. The town of Sinaia was very ... read more

Europe » Romania » Muntenia August 23rd 2013

The city of Bucarest is interesting because from what I understood has only been free of communism or past conquerors as of 1989. The residential and government buildings reflect this history well, they all look the same but are very large and impressively detailed. Bucarest is home of The People's Palace, the construction of which began by the previous dictator (whose name i can neither pronounce or spell), paused during the overthrow of his regime, and finished in the early 90s. It is currently the 3rd largest building in the world at some 350,000 square meters, has more lightbulbs than any other building in the world, and is home of the largest chandelier, which weighs 5 tons. It hold other records, couldnt remeber them all. Monica and I took the standard tour for 60 Lei (20 ... read more
Rolling down the red carpet
Communist Architecture

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna August 19th 2013

Before I tell th8s story, I should say that Varna is a beautiful city, with awesome beaches, nice people, warm water, and cheap food/drink. We made a very good friend out of a local, and here is how:After a swealtering (but gorgeous) ride from the capital, Sofia, we found ourselves stopped 10km before Varna. The employees on the train told us we had to get off due to a fire further down the rail line and that a bus was coming to take us to Varna.as im taking photos of the surroundings to remember this small hiccup, the women around us literally gasped in terror, and monica and I turned to see a large propane explosion about a kilometer out . The flame was impressive, and the "boom" made me drop to one knee!With the major ... read more
Making Friends

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia August 15th 2013

Sofia was neat, a small city for a capital city but still pretty cool. There is graffitti everywhere, even in the nicer areas. Not a whole lot of historical sights though, we managed to find the largest Sephardi Jewish Synagogue and a few old government buildings. There is this giant hot spring under the city and the water flows up through fountains throughout the city; there is one popular spot that ppl will bring their water bottles and jugs to fill up for drinking water. You can drink the tap water, but this spring water is really good! Its very warm, but sweet too. We filled up our water bottleswith it and then grabbed ice cream. We spent sofia with 2 guys from Holland and an Austrian, Karel, Faije, and Nikolai. Wedecided to get our own ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Kadıköy August 8th 2013

We could not have landed in a more different place than the Columbia Missouri, Istanbul has exceeded my expectations in its uniqueness. As you will see throughout this blogging, I lack the creative writing skills to illustrate our experiences and will leave the nitty gritty to the photos. However, Iistanbul is old, congested, and any complaint that United States citizens have about the traffic in America have no idea how blessed they are! Dodging traffic has not only been a challenge but a necessity for survival, no joke! But the lamb kebabs and grilled sandwhiches have made crossing the street worth it. Anyone who visits Istanbul must visit Taxim, a northern province in the European side of the country that just. keeps. going. As I write this (at our hostel in Taxim, 2:30 am oour time), ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 6th 2013

Hey All, Monica and I have hit the airport in Toronto, and waiting for the flight to Istanbul... We r leaving in another 3.5 hours and then it's nap time, but for now we r planning our first Hostel stay and first few sights. For those back home that are reading, let me gather a million photos so we have more to share on the next entry. Hope everything is good back home and wish us luck crossing the Atlantic.... read more

Europe July 17th 2013

About to have the craziest experience of my life, Monica and I are chomping at the bit to leave. In 20 days we will be Istanbul-bound from Toronto, and spending 88 days in the European continent to explore and build one hell of a photo album. The number "88" keeps hitting me in the chest and taking my breath away, neither of us have spend so much time away from home, especially in another continent! It's crazy, yet at the same time exhilerating, knowing that in just a couple weeks we are going to be living out of our new 60 liter packs for 3 months. The preparation has been fun, (although I can't say that I feel fully prepared yet). Besides packs we bought some clothes meant to withstand long travel, including a $25 dollar ... read more

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