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12th November 2011

My rooster memories are not nearly as exciting as yours! What a beautiful place; I'm glad you experienced some native Balinese people and shared stories. You and Travis are so blessed to travel into these countries and meet these amazing people. I am missing you! Great blogging, Claire; I would like to share your blogs with some of the kids at school. What do you think? A 5th grade teacher would welcome the learning experience. How are you doing with the Nepal school children? Are you setting up the art program yet?
2nd November 2011

This is quite the adventure! I am awe struck by the amount of ground you've covered and all the food, people and experiences charted in your blog. You two are so brave and blessed! It makes me want to get out of WI and see something!! I have to admit I'd never do it alone - but you have inspired me! Hope to talk soon. We are having a girls weekend at the lake (Nov. 4-5) and that is the most exciting event planned this month. Emma has submitted her senior picture which either Sam or I took and is complaining loudly and often about high school and how she can't wait to be done!! The first quarter is over and the year is going quickly. Sorry we didn't get up to Skype but Em had a sleep over the night before in which no one slept until way late including me. Keep up the insightful blogging - really worth reading!
2nd November 2011

Claire, how do you go back to an office job after an adventure like this. I am currently sitting at a desk, reading your blog and daydreaming about a trip that will one day take me away from this computer. Have your recent travels encouraged you to explore international social work? Or are you satisfied with school social work here in the U.S. I have applied and paid for the SW exam in Wi, yet I haven't registered for the exam yet because I don't know the WI statutes yet and I'd much rather be flying to another country than studying. Anyways, I wish you good health and a good rest of your adventure!
25th October 2011

Amazing pictures, guys. Glad you all are having a blast. Keep up the blog posts and pictures. We are traveling with you in spirit.
24th October 2011

I read the monkey portion of your blog to Ya'qub and he said...what did she expect for the monkeys to say "look bananas, everyone line up in orderly fashion...". That was funny, but reading what you wrote was hilarious. I love getting a good laugh after a day of work. Keep on writing, and taking these kinds of trips because your creative writing is phenomenal and I expect a book out of you in about 5-7 years. Thank you very much!
25th October 2011

Hey lady!
Awww.. thanks for the comment! Ya'qub has a point - I guess I shouldve expected something like that. : ) Thanks for the continued comments! We are having a blast! Id love to hear about what youre up to right now as well... Hows work and married life going?
12th October 2011

Beautiful pics
Really enjoying reading this! I head out to Bali in Feb, then doing a simialr route to you but ending up in China rather than Indian! Your husband's pictures are incredible... What camera is he using?
25th October 2011

Hey Rachel! Thanks for the comment! If you have any questions about your trip please let me know! My hubby uses a Canon 40D. Good luck and have an amazing trip!!!
2nd October 2011
Travis Doing What He Does

travis's shorts
You actually let him go out in public wearing those things? The pictures and blog is great. Glad to see everything is going well so far. Dad
27th September 2011

I have a TON of good ones but the connection is slow here so it takes hours for them to upload.. Im hoping to though!
27th September 2011

Thanks for reading and commenting mom! It was really cool to see Kana and meet her family. The meal her mom made us was amazing! We are sending a box full of Christmas presents home soon but it will take two months to get there....
27th September 2011

Hey lady! Glad you're enjoying the blog! Its hard to keep up with because we are doing so much everyday. Some of the pics on my site are from my camera (a canon point and shoot - SD 780 IS) and some are from my husband - he is definitely the main photographer. I should actually give him more credit on my site... He uses a canon 40D. Hope you are doing well as well! Thanks for the comments : )
27th September 2011

It totally made me think about the time you broke out in hives in Mexico! Ah yes, hives when you are hot and sweaty and in a foreign country - so fun!
27th September 2011

Glad you survived the hive inducing Balinese cuisine. I'm enjoying vicarious travel through your blogs, keep em coming- Leigh
23rd September 2011

The photography
Wow Claire, I am honored to be able to follow along with your journey. The photographs that you have posted make your blog look like a professional site. Either you or your husband must have photography experience. What kind of camera do you use? I took a week long photography class at Cornell University one summer, and I can say my black/white skills are better for it and I do know how to develop film in a dark room...yet I see I have a lot to learn about angles and lighting. I am so excited for you both, being on this trip :)
23rd September 2011

Lil critters between the toes
I have seen a youtube video about the fish tub spa. I don\'t believe I\'d last 15mins either, but one day I\'d love to try! Enjoy your journey from vacation to travels, I hope that you get everything out of your trip that you anticipated. Take care.
18th September 2011

What a fantastic description of the trip thus far! We enjoyed hearing about the exciting places, including the mishaps, and all the great food, shopping and visits with friends you\'ve had. I really liked seeing Kana and her mom with you. Travis\'s friends looked super sweet and fun! Keep up the writing and photography! Travis\'s pictures were awesome too! Hope Bali is slower paced and energizing. love you, mom
20th July 2011

will you be adding video to this blog?

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