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14th February 2012

Get Out
Really, did you think you should consider her comfort level before your own? I would have said no thank you and left, sliding out the door as fast as I could with my clothes on. I'm sure she was trying to make the best of the situation but she won't remember you and she did get paid. I'll have hugs for you and a teddy bear if you like.
12th February 2012

My massage experience
This was hilarious!!! I was seriously laughing. AND I just got home from a long night shift, where I, (get this), received my 1st ever massage of my life. Can I tell you about it? One of our unit clerks is a masseuse, and for nurse's week our manager got her to agree to give us all massages- I had been putting mine off for ever. I was fully clothed, she used just a smidge of peppermint oil, and the setting was one of our trauma rooms, lights turned down, sliding door shut, and the quiet hum of the HACA refrigerator a welcome change from the howling coming from the patient in room 16. It was kind of invigorating, and a lovely little break from work. I think it must have been about as different as possible from your experience. Thanks for making me laugh. LT
10th February 2012

Your henna artist is quite talented!
You mentioned becoming more modest. It is incredible how norms can change a person's views so quickly. Surrounding myself with Muslims from various cultures, one commonality is modesty. I have transitioned into wearing loose clothing that covers my arms and legs...Now it is as though I could not see myself dressing any other way. I wish you and yours the best of health and safe travels.
9th February 2012

So, how did you remove all the oil?
You did such a good job of describing the massage that I felt it myself. But you didn't describe how they removed the oil so I'm still feeling yucky. So please tell me that they finished by removing the oil. Also, you didn't say anything about how Travis endured his massage.
6th February 2012

What a fun time for everyone! I think the boat ride sounds great. I would not have lasted nearly as long as you guys on the drinking and card playing but it would have been fun to try. I think everything looks better from a boat. People are interesting no matter where they\'re from and it\'s wonderful to make so many new friends. Happy New Year!!
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27th January 2012

I think this looks like fun and something I would love to do one day. The idea of riding a camel and spending the night out on sand dunes seems surreal. What an amazing adventure and to see the eclispe too - lucky!!
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27th January 2012

What a great blog Claire! I could feel the conflict you experienced seeing that little girl outside the window while sipping your chocolate. That must be hard to see every time and not being to help them even harder. The pictures in this blog are stunning. This is an incredible place.
27th January 2012
Merry Christmas!

Oh, I miss you two! You look happy and skinny enjoying your red wine. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day!!
27th January 2012
Cows On The Beach!

Do these cows lounge everywhere? They look relaxed! How close do you get to them? Does anyone consider using them as pillows/props? I don't recommend it.
11th January 2012

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5th January 2012

Jaiselmer is the nice Place
This has been a so interesting read, would love to read more your experience in India.... Because i will visit India with my family in February month. I knew by internet Five star hotels provide us a one car for visit the whole city like Jaisalmer, Jaipur Udaipur and many places in Rajasthan. I knew about udaipur is famous a name of pink city.
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4th January 2012

India of your dreams!
I am proud to be able to say, I have a friend who rode a camel!
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2nd January 2012

drank lassis and chai, and watched the sun set from rooftop cafes...
To me, this last sentence is the explanation of what I desire to do when I retire one day. Absolutely wonderful.
19th December 2011

what a great adventure you are on...thanks for sharing....
17th December 2011

When I was in Spain, there were women who would come up to you and grab your hand place a little branch in your palm...I could also see them clipping the branches from shrubs right before coming over to me! I am glad to hear that you were willing to be in photographs with the bridal parties. People I have traveled with are generally eager to take pictures of people in other countries, and yet it is doubtful they would allow their child to be in a picture with a random stranger traveling to the U.S.
16th December 2011

Sorry Claire, but my skin was crawling while I read about Varanasi, and I've never thought of myself as at all squeamish. Sorry to hear about Travis' ankle, too. He should keep it wrapped during the day, and elevate it at night with a pillow or blanket- to help decrease swelling. Ibuprofen might be the best thing for pain, but make sure he doesn't over-do the dosing (stomach ulcers=bad). The first few days after injury, ice is really good at cutting down the initial inflammation, every hour or so for about 10 minutes is great. After the first 2-3 days though, ice is not helpful. Other than that, rest- but that is probably not easy in all the exotic places you are exploring. Or perhaps its already all better thanks to some crazy Eastern medicine you guys have been partaking in? You aren't headed to Pakistan though, are you? Smootches, Leigh
8th December 2011

I am at work reading your blog, since I can't ever seem to log out when I see that you have a new posting, I must read it right away...Tears of happiness came into my eyes when I read about your time at the school. I am happy to know you, what a wonderful gift you collected and gave to this school. Before today I thought Kohl(s) was only a department store, now I know-thanks to google- what kohl is used for and what it looks like. When I was in Rwanda I felt a similar way, that sense of belonging to a community. It really is magical. I'm currently working on an application for a fellowship in Uganda. Inshallah (God willing), I will find work that I can be passionate about. I wish you a wonderful rest of your journey. May peace be upon you.
8th December 2011

You and Travis are inspiring. I love this post and I am really excited for all the awesome things you guys did for the school. It sounds like you really did some good and made a lasting impression on the town & the children. Bravo!
8th December 2011

Wow! This blog of your experiences brought me to tears! What a fantastic experience for everyone! Thank you so much for volunteering your time and organizing all the fundraising! I am so proud of you both!
4th December 2011

Hope you're both feeling better
If you can smile when you can't feel you're fingers, than you're gonna be alright in this life :) If I had seen those sparkly rocks I would have stopped and stared, they are beautiful. Now that you've experienced your first earthquake you are eligible to write a book. I mean we all know you are great at creative writing, but once you experience a natural catastrophe..the story must be printed.
4th December 2011

It is amazing how a little sunny weather and a view of your destination can completely change your outlook on a difficult undertaking. I am so proud-jealous of you for doing this trek. You are awesome and you can do anything. Can't wait to see you and hear stories. Love reading your blog of course. Smootches, L
26th November 2011

Congratulations on the credit card machine working, 50/50 must be feeling lucky!
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4th December 2011

Melissa I love that you are reading all my blogs! There was a huge Muslim festival in Agra last night (where the Taj Mahal is) and it made me think of you :) The ppl were so happy and friendly and everyone kept asking me to be in pictures with them - so fun!
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23rd November 2011

no shoes
Nyaungshwe is stunning! I would have enjoyed traveling by boat. The people keep busy making a living; I agree with you that observing first hand the making and marketing of their goods is a great way to witness true craftsmanship and artistry. I hope you come back inspired to take up more handicrafts and buy local. Your pictures are gorgeous; I'm missing you two esp. when I see your faces on screen. Be careful and remember to smile and say thank you! I don't envy the toilet situation for any tourist but is this what the citizens of the country deal with daily? We are so spoiled and sheltered!! Love you, mom Let us skype; I will set a clock to make sure we are on together. We are here for Thanksgiving - even Neil; happy Thanksgiving!!
15th November 2011

Inle Lake!
Jeff and I went to the same exact three "factories" on Inle Lake when we were there... Isn't Burma beautiful!? We LOVED Burma and I'm so glad you guys are getting to experience some of the world's kindest people and most beautiful culture. I love reading your comments and seeing your photos--thank you for revitalizing some of my favorite memories!

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