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26th June 2015

These places are just too lovely with their simplicity and colorful art/decorations. Keep the pictures and commentary alive!
24th June 2015

This was so incredibly descriptive of your travel experience thus far, I am convinced to try visiting someday. I am especially impressed with the owners of the hotel that honored your reservation in spite of the request to rent the place for the Bond shoot; however, you missed an opportunity to bargain for a spot in the movie by offering to give up your room. Surely they would have put you someplace equally fine and given you a small part to play in the movie. Oh well, at least you can say you were the babe that got the jump on Bond!
22nd June 2015

Welcome back after a three year absence!!!
You lodging in Tangier sounds fantastic, and so does the city...clean, no stray dogs, few touts, etc. I may swing by there when I'm in Spain next year.
6th September 2012

Your tips about Rail Tickets Online Bookings is really good... thanks...
5th August 2012

This place is beautiful; sorry you couldn't rub your genie bottle and make all the other tourists disappear. I like the observations you shared; how was the boat ride? Your pictures will just encourage more of us to visit. Take me with you next time!
From Blog: Crabby In Krabi
3rd August 2012

This was a beautifully composed, insightful, retrospective on the many reasons all of us should venture into other areas on this planet. Thank you to Claire and Travis for sharing their thoughts and pictures with all of us. I really hope to find the courage to step out of my comfort zone and do the travel thing before I exit this place. Beautifully done and masterfully displayed, you two!!
5th June 2012

Thank u
Hi, Thank u for this blog. Seeing something positive like this right at the end of our season means I've been doing some things right. Hope to see you again some time. Keep smiling. Johnson Gilbert - Johnson's The Pride, Eco houseboat
From Blog: Johnson's Pride
28th June 2012

No, thank you!!
Thanks again Johnson! It was so nice to stumble into your hotel tired and hungry and be invited to join for the barbeque. I am SO glad you convinced us to go on the houseboat and stay overnight - we made friends that we ended up meeting up with several other times during our trip. The boat was beautiful and the food delicious. Keep on doing what you're doing and you'll never have a shortage of guests...
From Blog: Johnson's Pride
11th May 2012

Thank You
Thank you for your beautiful writing style, for taking me with you (through your writing) on this adventure, and for writing about the commonalities of people around the world.
14th May 2012

Thank you!
Thanks to YOU Melissa for being such a dedicated reader and giving me feedback throughout! It was much appreciated! Perhaps we can travel together someday : )
10th May 2012

An inherent sameness
It is amazing how we all see these huge differences between countries and cultures. We are all human. We love, we laugh, we cry, we smile, we have family, we have friends, we work, we holiday. The differences are so much smaller than the similarities, yet the differences are all that people notice. I've been to Bali and have seen people who live off so much less than what I take for granted, yet they are the happiest, most pleasant people I have met. I believe the similarities are more important than our differences. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog, keep writing.
14th May 2012

Thanks for the feedback Tanya! It is much appreciated : ) Glad you checked out my blog - it was kind of an experiment for me but I ended up really enjoying the process...
30th April 2012

You have just been selected as Blogger of the Week...
and now your trip is coming to an end; or rather it came to an end over two months ago as you mentioned you spent Valentines Day in Ao Nang. I hope you have your next trip planned as once you have this visibility people fellow TBers will be expecting your next blog. In between trips, please participate in the Forums and otherwise remain active. As for Railay, my son and I spent a few days there in June 2009. We had a great time! Like you said, it is beautiful. And charging higher prices keeps the crowds down compared to Ao Nang and Krabi.
From Blog: Crabby In Krabi
1st May 2012

Thanks : )
Thanks for the was a nice surprise! And just in time since this is my second to last blog entry. We have to catch up on finances for the time being but there will definitely be more travel in our future!
From Blog: Crabby In Krabi
18th April 2012

Thanks for the new word, will be added to my vocabulary TODAY! The photograph entitled "Gulf of Thailand" is breathtaking. Have you considered publishing a travel guide?
From Blog: Buckets O' Booze
25th April 2012

Travel Guide
I think Lonely Planet has the travel guide covered... but that is TOTALLY my dream job, that or travel show host (other than social work of course)!
From Blog: Buckets O' Booze
17th April 2012

How many rainbows entered this cave, collided, then reformed into beautiful cave paintings? It is remarkable and leaves an otherworldly impression. I want to go there.
9th March 2012

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From Blog: Stop That Bus!
28th February 2012

Understanding the Vietnamese...
While on one hand the Vietnamese remember the worst of the Vietnam in the Remnants War Museum, which I agree tells only one side of the story, on the other hand contrary to how many ethnic groups remember atrocities commited against them a thousand years ago and are still seeking vengence, they have forgiven the Americans in their everyday interactions. I and my classmates were welcomed graciously to our former school in Dalat as recounted in [blog=406820]. Similarly contrasted, the Vietnamese display their communism/nationalism everywhere with flags and posters of Ho Chi Minh, while the communist Chinese do not (at least what I saw in Shanghai, Lanzhow, and Xian...see blogs beginning with [blog=401953]); but both embrace capitalism for their economic future.
From Blog: Human Frogger
29th February 2012

Absolutely! People were incredibly gracious and kind to us everywhere. I never got the impression that I was disliked for being American. The only time I ever felt weird was at the museum, however, that was more due to my own insecurities. It is pretty incredibly their willingness to move forward considering how recently all of this took place... And yes, I'd say the posters were the ONLY evident sign that this a communist country... Signs of capitalism were everywhere though!
From Blog: Human Frogger
28th February 2012

I adore bonsai trees, if you learned any hints to keeping one healthy and alive pass them along!
From Blog: Human Frogger
29th February 2012

I wish!
I wish I had Melissa! I adore them as well ... I would love to make a hobby out of it but I know that there is a lot to be learned and I imagine it would get pretty expensive...
From Blog: Human Frogger
20th February 2012

Wayanad is incredible; esp. the wildlife preserve you viewed. The crowds were as intense as the scenery but attending the wedding celebration was a happy accident. Did you ever think you'd be beside something as huge and majestic as those trees,temples and wildlife?What an adventure this trip has provided for you two and all those pictures you're in will help document it!
15th February 2012

The tree roots are incredible. I agree with your sentiment of spending in order to contribute to growth and to support communities. This reply is incredibly brief, because I am about to write an application for a position as an adviser at UW-Milwaukee!! We shall see :) Take care Claire.

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