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Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne November 24th 2015

We went to Bern, to arrange some personal errands in our embassy. After all the errands were done, we did not skip the chance to explore the city, visit the attractions and feel the vibe of the canton. We did not see the Bears this time, since it was winter but we enjoyed strolling in the old town and the hidden alleys and beautiful buildings.... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich April 16th 2012

The Sechseläuten is a traditional spring holiday in the Swiss city of Zürich celebrated in its current form, on the 3rd Monday of April, since the early 20th century.... read more
Sechseläuten 2012
Sechseläuten 2012
Sechseläuten 2012

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich November 7th 2010

A day at Zurich Wildlife park Not far away from the city, this wild life park is located at Langnau Gattikon which is on the west side of Lake Zurich. One sunny (yet) cold Saturday after, Frank, our Swiss friend toured us around so we can enjoy the remaining snowless days. There were lots of kids playing and walking aroundm tourist enjoying the sights and elders communing with nature. After a quick and tiring stroll within the forest, we saw the offering of the park - wolves, wild cats, wild boars, moose, elks, wild horses and reindeers. It was nice seeing these animals freely (but safely) wandering in their natural habitat. ... read more
the trails
wolf ahead
wolf here

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Ingolstadt October 30th 2010

Bavarian Weekend As soon as I arrived in the city's hauptbanhof, Munich (or München) already lived up to ist world legacy, indeed proving that they are, for real, the home to the Oktoberfest. Getting off the train and arriving late at night, I grabbed a quick bite at a jampacked local snack store where everyone is eating differents wursts, sandwiches and drinking, you guessed it right -- beer of course, coffee being a distant second. Teenagers, workers, ladies, moms, granpas and even some grandmas, everyone is holding a can or a bottle of beer. I was even half ashamed when I went to get a cola (which occupied a small portion of the ref) when everyone else was getting a beer. My mind just goes "there are more time for beer, but not now". After a ... read more
Just 2 euros

Europe October 16th 2010

Parisian Weekend It was our first few days then - we had just arrived, theres the uncertainty of getting an apartment, and there's still delays in the allowances. But hey, no one can stop this friends of mine and their itchy feet. (i was just dragged! hehehe) It is one of the most dreamt about destination known to man - to see the Eiffel, be amazed at the artworks in Louvre and have a stroll at Champs Elysee'. True enough, upon setting foot on Europe, this has been the most talked about "place to be". So when the "seat sale" at Swiss Air came out, we were I think, the early birds for the promo. I think the timing is great - It was a good birthday gift, it is after our first pay, but then ... read more
The tower from afar
Louvre Gateway
Underneath the Louvre triangle

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt October 1st 2010

So lucky we were. After making rafts and biking in the Swiss countryside, we were then sent to Frankfurt to attend ASG's (Austria-Switzerland-Germany) Financial Summit 2011. This is a bigger event as this pools the resources from the 3 European countries. Promotions for this even have been consistently creative. We were addressed as "Secret Agents" , who receives mails and updates from Ms. Moneypenny, telling us that we have a secret mission and that we must go to a secret location (only the coordinates were given). We met a few minutes before 10AM at the Zürich Hauptbanhof (Main Station) and then boarded the train to Frankfurt, Germany with one station change in Basel, Switzerland. The train ride was smooth, the train itself was modern (ICE train) and the scenery was postcardy. Very neat, green and very ... read more
Welcome to Germany!
At the city square

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich September 11th 2010

September Swish swish. Europe the second time but now, it's mainland. New project, new assignment, new adventures. Everyone in the workplace was ecstatic when the ever precious work permits were granted. Although the originally planned L-permit wasn't given, we were still considered lucky being the D-permit holders. "Switzerland! Lindt! Nice! You are so lucky! Lots of money! Astig ka! Pasalubong! Chocolates! Eurotrip!" - are the words I kept on hearing as the day drew by. Time really went fast - visas were supposed to be out on a Thursday, and we were schedule to leave Saturday a week after. A good one week to prepare. Nice. For a new family man like me, it is not easy. It won't be easy. But then the news came - client wants us a week earlier, so the planned ... read more
Swiss Alps
Swiss Alps
Upon Arrival

Asia » Philippines » Batangas December 30th 2009

Since… everything was kind of rushed and we are in a tight budget and we are just married and we won’t be allowed to take planes or ferries and the year is about to end and we wanted sun and sand and this list will still go on and on and on, and simply because we just wanted to call the night ours after our big day, we decided to not go far and just stay nearby - we reserved our night getaway at Balai sa Laiya resort in San Juan, Batangas. It was the most convenient, after all we were still in the same province and the transportation going to and from San Juan is just around Bauan. But we were wrong! The journey is not that easy! It was near 6pm that day when ... read more
reception area
cottage # 11

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Coron November 6th 2009

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur October 29th 2009

We didn't thought that what started as a calm and quiet day in Clark would later end up in a exciting and fun-filled KL adventure. Armed with our gut feels, strong determination and our heavy backpacks, we decided that this quick Malaysian stop wouldn't be complete without saying hello to these Asia's twin towers. Just a glimpse. A few minutes. We'll make it fast. Cliche as it may sound, but really Time is Gold. *** Arrived KL past 4pm. Flight to Bangkok is 905pm. 1-way trip to Petronas from KLCC is approx 57mins. We must Petronas and took the risk. We must not waste time. We must run. Bus left close to 5pm. Train 1. KL Central Train 2. Run. Run. PETRONAS! after 20 mins...must run back to catch the 7:15 train. We arrived early but ... read more
Twin Towers
the train must arive or else...

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