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30th January 2020

Still love reading these blogs
Keep em up guys, love reading them all!
4th February 2020

Cheers Mate!
Glad to hear it.
3rd April 2019
Lama Temple

Beautiful... never enough temples.
28th March 2019

Love following along with you
We hope to do this trip in a couple of years.
28th March 2019
From the back of the train

28th March 2019
Crossing the Gobi Desert

Riding the rails makes us happy. Great photo.
21st March 2019

Thanks for such detailed blogs. We'll be heading that way in the next couple of years and we'll be able to use your experience to assist us on planning. Glad everyone is friendly.
21st March 2019

Hi - I enjoy writing them as well, and I look forward to being able to look back on these in years to come. It really is a great trip - if you can take more time over it, then I would recommend it. We fitted a lot in the time we had, but it might be even better at a slightly slower speed! Thanks for reading!
16th March 2019

Boarder Crossings
They are all unique and yet the same. Bureaucracy. And generally many people standing around not working. Thanks for the descriptions of the terrain changes.
11th March 2019

Lakes and more
Glad you got to see the lake. Yes, I'll bet that was cold. Glad you made it back to the train!
10th March 2019
Siberian Sunset

Nice one
A beautiful ending to a nice day.
From Blog: Train Friend
6th March 2019
Drinks in the bar

Train travel
Romance of train travel... sounds like a nice trip.
16th April 2016

very well said
I have been following your blog & greatly enjoy the details & photos. My husband Dave & I feel the same way. What's the point? We have taken one .... yes one ... selfie. It was terrible and we laughed hysterically [ a bit tipsy]. We do have the giant hard drive but we pull up photos all the time, especially when friends are going that way. And I love making fantastic scrap books that tell a story they are full of pictures, written notes, napkins from good food, all kinds of stuff. Well I'm going back to reading your trip. I got behind.
15th April 2016

i remember the muller hut
we stayed overnight in that hut. a storm came and rattled the windows. the next day we ran down the mountain in driving rain and everything we had got soaked. we also got soaked in milford sound - I suspect most people do and the guide book photos are taken on teh one sunny day that occurs every three years. Are you back soon rog? sorry to bring it up!
15th April 2016

Haha. Yep, there was a storm coming in as we went down. We chatted with quite a few people who had booked müller hut for the night and were wishing they didn't. It was pretty wet the next morning for their walk down. Glad we stayed in town! Yes... Only 2 and a bit weeks left. Boo. And don't worry... Plenty of people are mentioning it...
25th February 2016

when we were on the coast in mexico in January, I went to for a swim on two different beaches for about 30min in total and through the whole time a couple was taking selfies in the same spot! excruciating.
9th February 2016

that road!!
het guys, glad you are enjoying the cheap booze and steak of argentina - are you trying to kill the stomach bugs with booze?? I felt the same way about Salta - pretty but not very exciting. you know that road you took the bus along over the border? we were driving in the opposite direction and our car broke down on those salt flats - we were towed to the next town by some germans with an amazing 4x4 with satellite phone and automated tow rope (typically well organised). then there was no mechanic in the town and the car was put on the back of an empty parguayan car transporter at 4am (with us in the car!). The parguayans dumped us on teh out skirts of a mining town near san pedro (calama i think). Glad your journey was slightly less eventful!
11th January 2016

me tooo!
I have a picture of me on one of those swings! we were also attracted in by them - good marketing ploy.
From Blog: Caribbean Cayes
12th January 2016

It was fun. Though we found a copy cat bar down the road which had jumped on the bandwagon with the swings so we tried that too. Though that one didn't have stout...
From Blog: Caribbean Cayes
14th December 2015

i wrote the comment in the right box! had been putting them in the comment title box which doesn't work. I hadn't even noticed there was a comment title box. Just put or xmas decs up - sure I will enjoy taking them down when we get back from mexico on january 11th!
14th December 2015

does this comment appear?? Isn't fresno the crystal meth capital of california?
14th December 2015

Yes, it did
What did you do different?
1st December 2015

Ethereal green stuff
Any pics of the mystery green rocks? Professional nerd interest has been aroused.
3rd December 2015

Sadly most have been at the bottom of canyons so haven't been able to get much closer. I'll send you what I have...

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