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14th June 2010

Green with envy
Brian, you got some fantastic shots of the castles! The history of the castles is utterly fascinating.
14th June 2010

OMG - I so remember that Tintern Abbey poem I had to learn as a kid. Long, long, long.
14th June 2010

Nice skirts, girls! BTW, what's a "meh" scale? Love Cornish pasty.
11th June 2010
Flowers in the Castle Wall

Sammy says, " Mommy, those flowers are bootiful!
11th June 2010
Family Portrait at Caernarfon

Sammy says, "Look! It's Ms. Tiffany and those other people."
10th June 2010
Looks Just Like History Channel

What a piece of history
This is so awesome to view in person. How cool.
10th June 2010

Thanks for taking us with you
Thanks for taking us all on your fabulous trip! It was almost like being there ;)
7th June 2010

Pete the Cat
Hi Brian, Please tell Tiffany that I met the "Pete the Cat" book artist... very nice man! I love your travel blog! England is a wonderful place and so rich in history. Thank-you for sharing your perspective:) Lori
7th June 2010

I enjoyed your post from the UK countryside, and I can't believe you found pub playing Mexican music! That's so funny and random! My blog is looking for travel reviews, photos, etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at, or email us at Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
7th June 2010

I love the picture of Tiffany standing outside the door!
5th June 2010

Beautiful pictures! Glad Erin is ok.
4th June 2010

I guess talking potties is another name for potty talk :) Just don't tell my 4 year old you saw talking potties!
3rd June 2010

Fashion Museum question
Did the fashion museum have the fanny pack Brian wore a couple years ago?
3rd June 2010

What a first day!
Brian, reading your blog post is like listening to the narrator on the History Channel :-)) Great post, good pics too. Stonehenge is one of those wonders I'd like to visit. Maybe next year.
3rd June 2010

I love the pictures! But, if that is the extent of your girls misbehaving, I will give you my son and then we will compare notes ! But, looks like ya'll are having a great time!
2nd June 2010

Seriousl Tiffany are you talking on the phone in this photo?
1st June 2010

So where is the blog entry?
1st June 2010

Maddie doing great
Your fur baby is doing great!
22nd February 2010

Gilmore Hill
Have you ever heard/know of Gilmore Hill near Belfast?
10th July 2009

my quote
I don't speak like a proper British kid. I speak like an American. “I love my fellow Americans, but take them out of their country and they become like idiots !!” DOESN'T SOUND LIKE ME! This is the quote in MY OWN WORDS! : "Ya know, Americans are perfectly fine when we're IN America. The second you take them out of the country, they're clueless and annoying." kthxbai :]
9th July 2009

cheap sheep joke. ^.^
9th July 2009

it's furbolgs* :-)
9th July 2009

Cheesy castle-in-the-backyard joke... -siiiiiiiiiiigh-
9th July 2009

I didn't laugh at mommy's comment. I was emotionally disturbed. :O
29th June 2009

The Life
Oh, sounds like you are on quite an adventure. Love to see the photos and comments.

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