Amy Kadori


Amy Kadori

This trip is to northern Italy and Rome then we board a cruise ship for 2 weeks. No new countries but a few new cities.

I am having trouble navigating and editing this site on my iPod touch so please be tolerant of spelling errors in English and Italian. I can't figure out how to edit yet. Yes, I know I am not visiting Austria, for example.

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence May 28th 2011

Well, my father didnt give me the nickname only-too-much-is-enough for nothing. Today was perfect. we went to the Pitti Place, home to the Medicis for hundreds of years. It is a Versailles sized palace totally filled with gorgeous stuff. You name it, they got it. Paintings, mosaics, silver, gold, cameos, furniture, carpets,. Frescoes of the walls, frescoes on the ceiling. Frescoes in the corners.And best of all, lots of the art was secular rather than religious. We spent 7 hours lookijng at gorgeous stuff. Then toured the Pitti Palace gardens -not fabulous but acres with fountains and statues and mazes. I am sure in their day the gardens were better than now, Also toured a nearby garden as well, Had a quick but tasty lunch. I had a .... dont know what it is called. Maybe ... read more

Europe » Austria May 23rd 2011

Some things I have learned so far: Apparently I speak Spanish. I didnt know this . I am translating many thoughts into Spanish, wishing it was Italian. Between the French, Spanish, and two years of Latin,  I can even read  a little Italian too. But Franklin has a greater facility with languages than I and  he is doing most of the  verbal interaction. Clothes Everyone's clothes are made in China  so everyone more or less dresses ethe same.  It is made in China even if the lanel says Made In Italy. However I just bought a blouse at a market from some Koreans. It is Indian style and fabric but the label is written in Hebrew, Italy is checked off and China is crossed out. I can't guess where that was made.  If they are wearing ... read more

Europe May 22nd 2011

Venice We are staying in a nice little boutique hotel in a good location, not far from San Marco Square. We have breakfast in a pretty courtyard with ivy covered walls and little birds eager to share our croissants. The room is small,about the size of my large bathroom at home.high ceilings with some decoration. an ok room. Franklin says it is the most expensive hotel we ever stayed in. must be the location. It is pleasant does not compare well with lots of places we have stayed elsewhere. Venice is seriously expensive. Yesterday our lunch was two plates of pasta and a bottled water. For about $75, We skipped dinner.The food is ok but not great. Why should it be when all the guests are tourists who will never return. Venice is full of music. ... read more

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