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10th June 2012

A heads up
Hi, Liked your honesty in the blog so was wondering if during your travels in Myanmar, you encountered many female travellers on their own? It is on my list of places to visit next year, but want to ensure my safety first and I am not very keen on organised tours. Thanks in advance Tania
From Blog: 10 Burmese Days
13th June 2012

Hi Tania, I met several women travelling alone and none of them seemed to have any issues. Also it's pretty easy to meet up with other travellers along the way!
From Blog: 10 Burmese Days
7th May 2011
Another Church

Aww ;-) The city of 1000s Churches;-)
12th October 2010

Chornobyl tours
We can provide you with tours to Chernobyl, the tours are recommended by Travel Channel TV and Lonely Planet guide books. Our tour Comp. is working with YUTA Ukrainian Youth Tourist Association and The Ukrainian Ministry of Tourism. We have all legal documents to do this tours in a safe and correct way. To see details visit
From Blog: Kiev & Chernobyl
4th October 2010

The city where you ended up somewhere in Eastern Slovakia was very probably Kosice. Second biggest city of Slovakia. Well, the train station does not really look inviting, but the city centre which is big is a jewel. And you were only 400 m from it..
13th September 2010

Great journey so far
Hi Aidan, Was talking to your dad and he was telling me about your journey. The photo's are top class. Looking forward to reading the rest of your story. Paddy Meagher
From Blog: Cappadocia
6th September 2010

I am from Kiev and I can tell you that you should just try to ask people in english. Many actually do speak english, especially the younger ones. People used to learn english in soviet schools ;P.
From Blog: Kiev & Chernobyl
2nd September 2010

i am romanian. the lady with flowers was an peasant, usually a gipsy have more colored dresses, she is just an woman from an village nar bucharest i supose, and yes u think we export gipsy's but wtf they are doing only infractions.yes we don't like either but minorities must not be discriminated. and the funny part is that i didnt knew we had an ww2 memorial dedicated to americans after they destroye a lot of our econmy and beutifull buildings in ww2 raids :)
1st September 2010

Well done in your great journey, it will have changed your view on the world I guess. The Photos you took are fantastic and a great record of your travels. Looking forward to seeing you at home. Best of luck in Scotland.
17th August 2010

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13th August 2010

Great Historic Places
This is a place close by I enjoyed visiting and I will return anytime.
From Blog: Cappadocia
11th August 2010

you are more than lucky!
I have a Jordanian friend, whom I find such a gentle, kind soul. Just the same, leaving your wallet in a cab and getting it back, none missing, is short of a miracle these days. Bless that driver! and lucky u!
From Blog: Amman & Jerash
31st July 2010

Hi Aidan I would hate all those crowds but I suppose you have to endure them to see the great sites. The wall sounds and looks great. Enjoy the rest of your trip
26th July 2010

"The Church of the Spilled Blood"! How did Irish Catholic-nationalism miss coming up with that name. If only some pious priest had spent his time on that, instead of other activities; then, then we'd have the perfect point of departure all groups heading to the Celtic-Rangers spilling of blood festival.
From Blog: Saint Petersburg
26th July 2010

Trans-Siberian is everything I thought it would be! Bit of advice for China. Book your train/bus ticket straight away as soon as you get into the station. Most trains and buses from Beijing are booked out a week in advance and you can't even get tickets from the touts!
25th July 2010

Amazing trip for you Aidan
Hi Aidan, I have read some of your adventures and they are great. Good on you to take on such a trip on your own. Would not have been up to it myself at 21 have travelled a lot since but that came with age. Hope to see you in Ireland in August if you are in Galway or Mayo. I leave for the USA August 2nd then on to Ireland for a month can't wait. Take care enjoy the trip of a lifetime takes lots of photos. Love Cathy
21st July 2010

Aidan: It's your long lost uncle here from Boston. I got your blog info by way of Saudi Arabia (or South Arabia as they call it in Castlebar) - Caitriona gave it to me. Looking forward to hearing how your trip goes. It sounds like a more interesting way to spend your summer than drinking in Galway - but I could be wrong there too. Anyway, good luck, and always remember to never sit down on a warm toilet seat.
19th July 2010

Great Blog
Good Man Aidan, great read and I love the photos. Was wondering how you got the photos of the Hermitage. You could get a job as plasterer or a plumber when you come home with the East European look. Enjoy the rest of your trip
From Blog: Saint Petersburg
14th July 2010

Sorry Alan can't help you there. There didn't seem to be much choice in terms of accommodation so decided to arrive early in the morning and leave for Vilnius that night
13th July 2010

Hi aidando. Thanks for an entertaining read. Do you have any advice on places to stay when in Minsk? regards, Alan
9th July 2010

Sounds like Ireland in the 60s
Sounds like Ireland in the 60s without the architecture. I remember glass cases and queing for 20 minutes in a bank on a good day. I think they are right the old ways are best
7th July 2010

Great Blog
Bet you miss the Roman ruins. The Cat fish look wierd
From Blog: Kiev & Chernobyl
2nd July 2010

absolute beauty! thoze photos are Ace! proper... brrrrrrrrap x
1st July 2010

Two main memories of Budapest: 1. Enjoying the baths for the day. 2. Being so desperate for water after a night out that I drank from the bathroom taps in our dump of a hostel (some sort of "converted" military hospital)! Such is life... Blog is great. Keep up the good work!
From Blog: Budapest
28th June 2010

Heading to Syria
Hi I on my way to Syria, and wondering how things are there? LP says the prices went up seriouly high. I was there 10 years ago it was crazy cheap. Wondering if you could share some info with me! Thanks heaps It is great finding clean clothes! Can't wait to get all mine washed too! Anna
From Blog: Aleppo

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