Zoe en Gyanendra

Zoe en Gyanendra

Zoe en Gyanendra

Last Thursday we went to the Somoto canyon. After a hard walk in a terrible sun, we jumped into the water (wearing a lifejacket) to float for a while, some parts walking, sometimes jumping from the rocks into the water. Luckily we could choose how high we jumped, Zoe was fine with 2-3m, but Gyanendra enjoyed a jump from 10m. Besides the adventure, we enjoyed the great views of the river in between the high rocks. And afterwards we had a very delicious lunch at the home of the guide. On Friday we went for 2 nights to Reserva Natural Miraflor, a community tourism project in the mountains. Besides the beautiful nature (cloud forest, tropical dry forest), you can observe the local rural lifestyle. There are many coffee plantations, but they also have other crops. Roads ... read more
Somoto canyon
Enjoying the canyon
Bus station - Esteli

As we mentioned in our last blog, we took a bus to Nicaragua last Tuesday. After a few hours we reached the border and it took 3 hours to cross it... First we got out of the bus to let our passport stamp by the Costa Rican officials. After everybody was back on the bus, the driver came to collect our passports and some money (without further explanation, so some of us got worried after a while...). A kilometer further we had to get out of the bus again and collect our luggage. It was a chaotic place, people selling all kind of stuff, offering to change money or trying to carry your luggage to earn something. And in between all this there were some long tables where you had to put your luggage, waiting for ... read more
Ojo de Agua
Volcan Conception
Lagoon on top of Volcan Maderas

Last Friday we went to Tortuguero, a destination we were not really planning to go because it's famous for it's sea turtle nesting, but it is not the right season to see that and because it is very touristic. But we heard and read many positive things about it so we decided to spend our last days in Costa Rica there. We took two busses and than a public boat, since Tortuguero is only accessible by water (or air). The boat trip itself was already great: we saw a few big crocodiles and many nice birds. And then we arrived in Tortuguero village, it felt like paradise: river at the west side, ocean at the east (about 200m further) and in between some wooden houses, sandy roads and no traffic (besides bicycles). About 1200 people are ... read more
Ants eater (in the middle)
Bird drying its wings
Iguana (in the middle)

Last Sunday we went to National park Santa Elena, a cloud forest. We did a long hike, didn't see much wildlife but we did not expect that as we knew that its is not best place to see wildlife but for the beautiful cloud forest. The forest itself was beautiful enough, looking like a fairytale-forest: very calm, dense, green and very mossy. And of course very wet (typical for cloud forest). On Monday we travelled to Liberia and booked our bus tickets for Nicaragua (we are going there coming Tuesday), so we are ready to go one of these days to the embassy for Gyanendra's visa. So again we are in a very hot area (about 35-38C), in Santa Elena we had very cool nights, which we enjoyed a lot. Tuesday we went to National park ... read more
Santa Elena 1
Santa Elena 2
View of Volcan Arenal from Santa Elena

"Pura Vida" (pure life) is the slogan of the Costa Rican people and that's what you hear a lot and how they live their life: relax and enjoy, everything will be ok! As we told you, we were planning to visit the Marino Ballena national park last sunday. After we woke up with the shouting of the howler monkeys (brulapen, our hotel was close to the forest), we took a boat trip. The guide told us we would see dolphins, but no whales, unless we would be very lucky. After about half an hour, the guide received a phonecall: another boat spotted a whale (yeah that's how it works a few kilometres away from the coast on the Pacific Ocean...). So we turned to another direction and went full speed to the place to be. And ... read more
Marino Ballena National park
Brown pelicans in Marino Ballena
Gyanendra enjoying the see and the sun

Last sunday we arrived in Costa Rica. According to Columbus, Costa Rica is a rich coast because of a huge collection of gold in the past. Nobody believes this story because nothing is found since then... But one thing is for sure: Costa Rica is a rich country because of it's beautiful nature and pristine coasts. For a couple of days, we stayed in Alajuela and on monday we took a bus to San Jose, the capital, because Gyanendra needed to get a visa for Nicaragua. After that, we had a look around in the city, but it's not the most interesting city. So besides changing busses and going for a second time to the embassy, we don't have to be there anymore. The transportation system in Costa Rica is well organized, much easier than in ... read more
Cloudforest at Volcan Poas

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana January 14th 2013

We have been back home for a few days, celebrating Christmas, and on December 28th we took a long and turbulent flight to Havana. Most of time Zoe was scared during the flight. We arrived in Havana airport, it took Gyanendra for some time to get in. It seems they have never seen a Nepalese tourist before. We spent one day in Havana, walking around the atmospheric streets for hours. It is the first non-european city we see which is not extremely chaotic and nice to stroll around (and easy to find your way!). There are also no "no-go" neighborhoods and we didn't feel unsafe for a second (not only in Havana but in the whole country). The next day we shared a taxi with two other tourists (because the busses were fully booked) to Trinidad, ... read more
Snorkelling close to Trinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 1st 2013

A short blog just to wish you a happy newyear and to inform you that everything is perfect here in Cuba. Stories and pictures will follow later (when we are heading to Costa Rica, half of january), as internet is rare and expensive here and you have to queu to use it. Short first conclusion Cuba is great!... read more

Asia » Nepal » Langtang December 18th 2012

After having finished with festivals - dashain, tihar and Gyanendra’s brother's wedding party finally we have some free time. So we decided to have some fresh air of Himalaya, avoiding all those hassel and bassel of Kathmandu valley. Since long time Goshain Kunda has become an attraction trekking trail for us. December is off season for trekking. It is winter time and most of time snowing in the mountain and temperature decline till -20 degree. There were very few trekkers so we had ample of choice for the room. We had 6 days trekking that begin from Dhunche to Goshain Kunda. 12 december: Today we had to wake up early at 5 am but could not do so, as our alarm did not work. Taxi driver was already waiting for us in front of our house. ... read more
Sunset at Singh Gumpa
Horse riding
Gyanendra being brave

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur December 11th 2012

The wedding-festivities are over, half of the family left already to Australia (Surendra, Laxmi & Seelvia + mom and dad). So after saying goodbye yesterday, we have some rest in Bhaktapur. Tomorrow we’ll be leaving for a one week trekking to Langtang. The wedding was great. We had three important days: Day 1: Janta. A big parade through the city to pick up the bride. This happens because bride and groom are not living together before the wedding, but after the Janta, the bride will come to live with the family of the groom. So it was a big parade, lots of music,... When we arrived at Kanchana’s place, there was a lot of puja. Kanchana also had to say goodbye to her family, because she would be leaving at the same moment. That is a ... read more
Wedding rings
Saying goodbye to her family
We and Bikal

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