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December 11th 2012
Published: December 11th 2012
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The wedding-festivities are over, half of the family left already to Australia (Surendra, Laxmi & Seelvia + mom and dad). So after saying goodbye yesterday, we have some rest in Bhaktapur. Tomorrow we’ll be leaving for a one week trekking to Langtang.

The wedding was great. We had three important days:

Day 1: Janta. A big parade through the city to pick up the bride. This happens because bride and groom are not living together before the wedding, but after the Janta, the bride will come to live with the family of the groom. So it was a big parade, lots of music,... When we arrived at Kanchana’s place, there was a lot of puja. Kanchana also had to say goodbye to her family, because she would be leaving at the same moment. That is a very emotional happening, with lots of tears. After that, the couple had to eat together and finally we could leave (after they made 3 emotional rounds around the car). It was a long way back, because everybody was dancing in front of the car (happy to take the coupla home), so it went very slow. It took us about 3 hours to get back home (just a few km). Back home, there was more puja and introduction of all the family members. Later on, we had the traditional Samiya Baji.

Day 2: Party. The real wedding party. It was a big party with about 1000 guests. Bride and groom were sitting on a stage, and so did Seelvia, because the party was also dedicated to her ‘wedding’, also some other family members were there, one of them was Zoe. All of them had to do lots of puja. There was nice food, good music and a lot of people were dancing.

Day 3: Some ‘real’ gods came to our house, to bring the best luck for the couple. They were picked up and brought back with a (this time smaller) music parade. We had to serve them food and drinks in a specific way.

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11th December 2012

veel plezier!
Hey Zoë! amai... hoe cool ziet het er daar allemaal uit!! en zo verschillend... ik zou het elke keer opnieuw moeilijk hebben om terug in 'onze gevangeniswereld' te komen! :-) Omdat ik je de laatste week niet meer gezien heb, wilde ik je/jullie via deze weg nog heel veel plezier wensen zowel in Nepal als in Zuid-Amerika!!! groetjes, Dorien
12th December 2012

So nice to read about the wedding. Please give my best wishes and congratulations to the newly wedded couple! This reminds me a lot of your wedding. Going to pick up Zoe, the janti back home and then....surprise party at the hotel with all the performances and dances....Wauw. What a good times we had!! :-) Good good memories! :-) Seelvia looks like a real little lady, she probably got spoiled by everyone, good for her! :-) Hope you are having a good time in Langtang, great to hear that you go for a trekking. Peacefull! I am going to have dinner with Anke and Arno en Bart en Bianca this Sunday. This Saturday Subir is leaving to San Fransisco to visit his sister. So good times for everyone! Take care, miss you guys and hope to talk to you soon! Tineke
13th December 2012

in geuren en kleuren
Hallo Zoë mooie foto's en fijn om jouw avonturen te lezen!
20th December 2012

Congrulation for newly married couple .......................................i am happy to participate in the ceremony..........
1st January 2013
Serving the gods 2

Zoë, Dat lijkt weer een prachtige belevenis! Wat ook opvalt is de vanzelfsprekendheid waarmee je binnen dat hele gebeuren beweegt en eraan deelneemt. Prachtig!

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