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Zack Rhoades

Zachary J Rhoades

Zack Rhoades, 18.
Ponce, Puerto Rico
I am a college student, travel enthusiast, writer, a planner, and a scuba diver. I love culture, coffee, movies, travelling, learning new languages, meeting new people, seeing the world, philosophy, music, food, dancing, hanging out, reading, writing, deep conversations, and the sea.

Quenapas.That is the name of a fruit that I descovered today. It is only grown here in the Caribbean, and certain parts of sub-tropical Africa. A little word to describe a quenepas... they appear to look like little limes. Except to open it, you break the peel off with your teeth simply by biting it. It breaks open like a shell, revealing a lime shaped jelly that you simply pop in your mouth. Watch out for the seeds though, there is a pit in the center of the jelly. So you just suck the jelly off the pit and spit the pit out once you're done. Just thought I would share my discovery today :)... read more

Hello folks! This is the beginning of my travels here. It has almost been a month since I arrived, and it sure has felt like it. I have been through a series of dengue fever and serious cravings for foods of all different types. Turns out waiting a month to meet fun people with similar interests (I'm referring to when my classes start) is a bigger pain in the a$$ than what I had originally thought! It will all be worth it though here in a few days, not only do classes start in 11 days, but people will be all moved in in 9. So all I have to do is hold on a little longer and I have already made it through the toughest part of this trip! So far on this trip, I ... read more

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