J. Eladio Martinez


J. Eladio Martinez

This is my little piece of the internet where I will document some of my travels and experiences. This is also a place where family and friends can check in on me from time to time.

"Go for it now. The future is promised to no one." ~Wayne Dyer

The drive to Antigua from the airport was only about a 40 minute ride in a shuttle. As you arrive into the city the narrow cobblestone streets and the colorful colonial buildings instantly make you feel like you are in a special town. The shuttle dropped me off at the central plaza which was bustling with locals, tourists, vendors and the occasional dog. I paid the shuttle driver and started walking down the plaza not knowing exactly where I would be staying. But the great thing I am quickly learning about travel is that fellow travelers are vaults of good information. I asked an older gentleman who looked like a tourist but was wearing traditional clothing where a good place to stay was? Hostel Dionisio is a good place the older gentleman said, it is clean, ... read more
street in Antigua
Volcan de Agua
Food in the market

I am sorry I have not posted a blog until now. It has been more difficult than I thought finding a place with a reliable internet connection. I departed on my Journey the night of the 12th by taking a bus from McAllen to San Antonio where my flight left at 9 am for Houston. My connecting flight in Houston at 11:30 put me in Guatemala City at 2:18 pm. It was raining the entire time so I was worried the flights may be delayed or that I may miss my connections, but surprisingly United came through and everything was on time. I did not spend any time in Guatemala City, but just flying in and driving through the city, it looked like many other capital cities; a lot of buildings, concrete, traffic and the income ... read more

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