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30th May 2019
Dutch Reformed Church,Swellendam built 1911

What a beauty.
I have posted this in TB's 'Cathedrals, grand churches, mosques & places of public worship' thread in the Photography Forum. Check 'em out.
30th May 2019

Dutch Reformed Church
This is nice pics, Thanks for sharing the blog. https://bit.ly/2Wz2YRn
28th May 2019

Highs and Lows of travel.
That was disappointing for you not being able to get to the top of Table Mountain but sounds like you covered a fair area with your bus trip and like you I've always been horrified about the living conditions of the poor and opulence of the rich lifestyles.
27th May 2019

Pleased you arrived safely
We followed your flights on Flightradar24. All looked good until you disappeared off radar soon after entering the Indian Ocean. No matter what we did we couldn't find you. MH370 came to mind. After several hours what a relief to see you reemerge from the mysteries of airspace over the Indian Ocean over the coast of Madagascar. Sounds like all is going according to plan. Look forward to reading the rest of the adventure. C & M .
28th May 2019

The Indian Ocean equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle
Yes,we had that strange feeling that we were out there in the absolute middle of nowhere and it took an age to get from land to land for those of the BBA V4 that were awake for practically the whole 9 hours over the ocean,Gretchen was asleep for a good part after taking a sleeping pill.I kept the aircraft flight path on in front of me peeking at it every so often as I tried to close my eyes to sleep.There was one heavy bit of turbulence that sent the aircraft up 500 metres and a wicked kink in the path we took to avoid any more of it on the TV monitor.Was very pledased to see Madagascar below and even though there was more ocean after that at least the coast of Africa was always on the screen.
25th May 2019

Yay for arriving safely and having a good first day. But no more mentions of taking wrong turns to get home please! Always ALWAYS know where you are going and how to get there (grrrrr).
25th May 2019

Would have got home OK the way we were going but just a little further distance than turning around and going back.All good today though as we are getting used to the lay of the land.Being very careful as instructed
24th May 2019

Exciting Adventure.
Great to read about this new adventure and we'll be looking forward to your stories once you safely arrive in South Africa, catch up on some sleep then hit the road running!?
25th May 2019

South African adventure
We are now well underway and a busy day ahead in fine,warm weather
14th May 2019

Waiting for the next instalment
Now I can start to picture where you are going. I am certain between your blog and photos that we will feel like we are on safari from our rocking chairs at home. Can’t wait for the adventure to begin!
25th April 2018

Tivat is gate to miracles
Tivat is gate to Montenegro - nice town, but Kotor I like more.
6th February 2018

6th February 2018

The Mahoneys of Knocknagree
My G G Grandfather was baptised on 31st January 1856 at Rathmore with Nohaval and Kilcummin,Kerry just acrross the provincial border from Cork.His father was Michael and his mother Catherine Brosnahan.I don't believe Con came to New Zealand and I have seen a record of him living with his sister Catherine or Kate who married Michael O'Keefe and lived in Shanbally on the Knocknagree Townland.
3rd April 2017

Samuel Grimes of Kingswood
Interesting to read your story of your trip to Kingswood looking into the family of Samuel Grimes. I did the same trip last year although I didn't see as much as you did. Samuel was my 2nd cousin. I have a fairly extensive tree of the Grimes family back to about 1620. My 2nd Great Grandfather George Grimes was from Wotton under Edge, born 1820. Just a short note to say I enjoyed reading the story. Chris
4th April 2017

The Grimes Family
Interesting to hear of your family connection.I would be interested to hear more.
25th December 2016

You cannot buy real guns
Hi the information you could buy a real AK 47 is wrong. All this guns arr no real guns. They are softair, blanket , deco or airguns. To buy in San Marina a real gun you need an italian license or a license fron San Marino. No one in the shops will sell you a real gun without hold a license. So they have similar gun laws like the other parts of Europe .
25th September 2016

A great way to finish...
Have missed our early morning reads but delighted to see this posting at last of your last day in the U.K. Sounds like a worthwhile visit!
23rd August 2016

Talgarth - open or closed
We went to Talgarth last year. It was a gray gloomy day. We arrived with high expectations and found it closed. Hope you had better luck, perhaps not.
24th August 2016

It was mostly open except for the Information Centre which we really needed so we could get one of their hiking maps.Why it was closed on a Thursday we don't know.Cafe was open and had a nice break there.Decided not to pay the 4 quid each to get into look at the waterwheel making flour though.
11th August 2016

Lollipop trees
Just being reminded of the peculiar nature of trees in the UK compared to NZ - it was reflected in many presumably UK written childhood stories that had " lollipop trees". When we saw some countryside last year in the UK I immediately said " Oh so lollipop trees do really exist!" Tim and I thought the Abbey photos reminded us of similar scenes of buildings at Port Arthur in Tasmania. Guess there are a few ghosts at the Abbey as well.
31st July 2016

Graveyard cleaner required
Amazing to see that you found this especially after our visit yesterday to the final resting place of our parents in Hastings....the flowers Erin placed last visit are still looking good but had to give the plaques a bit if a polish due to tarnish from the elements.
31st July 2016

Well done for keeping the plaques looking spruce.It is a shame that cemetery's fall into such a state as at Lower Nohoval.Goodness what it will look like in another 100 years.Some good old Wet and Forget would get things underway.We reckon the guy that owns the product in NZ would make an absolute fortune if it was marketed in the UK.
26th July 2016

I'll bet it was such a relief to have that passport in your hands!! I've never lost a passport, and can only imaging the stress waiting for the replacement.

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