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26th April 2009

Sorry to hear you got stuck in the seats...and surprised to hear that Dad a.k.a The King of Sleeping ANYwhere couldn't get any sleep! Sounds like you had a great experience tho..will be tuned in for the rest of the details soon! And will be interested to hear when you get charged for a toilet that ain't worth being charged for! There are plenty of them around!!
26th April 2009

Hi Happy Travellers
We had special thoughts of you both as we attended Dawn Parade at R.S.A last service at Cameron Rd site.Not cold but wet
24th April 2009

Hope you've packed your tissues as well...it's an incredibly moving experience! :-)
23rd April 2009

Checking in
Good to hear about Istanbul-will fax off your adventures so far to the Aussie connection tomorrow. Well do dawn ANZAC here with Ohakea jet??? flyover Sat
23rd April 2009

So pleased that you made it out of the Grand Bazaar togther!!!! And I cant believe you didnt have a kebab on the first night....they are as good as the apple tea!
22nd April 2009

Ma, count yourself lucky that you didn't get offered one of the munchy *free headscarves* at the Blue Mosque for *ignorant infidels* :-P
22nd April 2009

Hello Cheap & Cheerful
This is wonderful hearing of your travels - thank you for taking the time to share your adventure with your friends. Look forward to many more stories, love Helen xx
22nd April 2009

Itchy feet
You have given me major itchy feet with this blog entry! It may have been 3 years but I can still remember everything about Istanbul verrrrry vividly :-( Let me know when you have one of those top-notch kebabs!!
7th October 2008

John Denver singing...
Hi guys From a very windy NZ-the equinox gales are a blowin'. Have been humming John Denver Country Roads as I follow your trip. DD is loving the regular fax blogs of your travels too!
5th October 2008

Great training for the Tongariro Crossing!!!
1st October 2008

so to speak
wasn't banking on hearing this was your first time in the saddle Graheme. How did Murray Merino stand up to the horseback ride. Pics looked a lot of fun. Hope you found that spa pool.
30th September 2008

You guys are making me nervous!
What sort of supplies are you picking up for the Hens Night.....I am not sure that I have confirmed my attendance at any such evening yet! 14 pews at the church....Erin showed exceptional commitment to her role as bridesmaid to count the pews
28th September 2008

Be careful on the horse!!!!!
24th September 2008

Following along
Good to keep track of you guys-sending edited bits-no photos- to DD seeing as she is not electronically linked. Got your wild west postcard thanks
11th September 2008

Extra notch in the belt
Waffles and syrup are great for the waist line but often leads to an extra notch being put on the belt. Stick to the lean cuisine. Suppose all the walking is helping. I would say some rude things but public is reading. You finally found some bears. Just as well they were behind bars.
From Blog: To Yogi's gate
10th September 2008

I beg to differ on the Pepsi vs Coke comment....there is a world of difference! And why do you bother to buy a decent brand of bourbon only to adulterate it with cheap fizz? I tell you, Coke is worth the investment!
4th September 2008

Wow - so you're missing home then!!
What wonderful tales of your travels to date - I await further blogs. Guess you don't miss work or Dr. Phil just now?? (Or perhaps you booked to be guests on his show??) I am slowly finding my feet..... guess by the time I find them you will be back. Keep safe. CB
1st September 2008

You are the winner.........only because no one else entered
Unfortunately we have run out of prizes....but at least you know you WON !!!! Well done !!!!!!! Prices have gone up here over the last 4 years but then we guess everything has gone up in price.$2.58 was a hearty serving of Boston Steak and veges !! Mmmnnnn........... from the mile long freezer at the supermarket.Ma had Turkey breast with mashed potato which she can recommend !!More about tonights dinner in todays blog...can't wait can you LOL LOL LOL LOL
31st August 2008

What do I win???
"Ukiah, California, is a superb place to work, locate a business and to establish a comfortable lifestyle. Protected by the encircling coastal ranges, the City of Ukiah is nestled in the Yokayo valley in southern Mendocino County. Within the city limits are approximately 15,500 residents." What do I win?? :-D And what on earth did you get for dinner for $2.58??

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