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5th January 2019

Love your blogs
Hey Russ, I'm amazed that the Spaniards even know about Kentucky and our amazing Thanksgiving dishes. I Love your blogs and Spain looks like a beautiful amazing place to visit. Keep writing and I'll keep reading. Sending Best Wishes from your Hillbilly friend back in Kentucky. <3 Victoria
2nd January 2019

Wicked Humor!
Love your blog...pictures...and WICKED sense of humor! Think you should roll it all up and publish it in a book for the folks to see how enjoyable, adventurous, and entertaining living outside the U.S. Can be!!!
2nd January 2019

Living it up in Valencia!
What terrific blogs. I love reading your travel and local living stories. So glad you decided to do this. I spent a month traveling through Turkey in April/May 2018. I often wish I had done a blog. Working to remember those delicious small moments that really meant a lot. Highly recommend Turkey. In spite of the politics right now. They truly miss Americans, British and Japanese tourists. They went all out when ever I needed help, advice or some directions. I went with my daughter and granddaughter for a week, then they left and I toured via local transportation on my own for 3 weeks. Saw most of the country. Except the coast where all the cruise ships dock. Couldn't deal with the multitude of tourists. Take care. I'll keep watching for your communications.
2nd January 2019

Latest blog
I so enjoy reading your blog. Informative and funny at the same time. I hope you find another place to keep this up. Would really miss your updates. Hope 2019 is a wonderful year for you bith.
26th October 2018

Love reading your insights into living, and apparently working, in your new land. So glad you're settling in and enjoying your new life.
22nd October 2018

Haven't said too much, but have enjoyed reading of ALL your adventures. Russ, your commentaries are both 'informative', and often 'hilarious'! SO, since you have to go to work again, (damn!); why not become a free-lance journalists for all those other 'wanna-be-expats' who are considering Spain?? Seriously, your photos are good, and your 'model' Kathy is quite photogenic, especially with her new Spanish Hair-do! ~~ Nelson
23rd October 2018

Thanks for the Compliment
That's just the way my mind thinks. Odd isn't it. Kathy likes the blog because it becomes our diary of events with pics. Glad that you enjoy it too. Take care
19th October 2018

Finally Catching Up
I purchased a new computer today and was able to get caught up on your blog. My old computer died and it was difficult reading everything on my phone. Truly enjoyed catching up on your new adventure. Spain is wonderful. The architecture is amazing.
21st October 2018

Glad to Hear
I'm glad to hear that you are back online. Spain is wonderful. Living here is an adventure for us both. Everything is so different but yet the people are the same in so many ways. New toys are always fun.
20th September 2018

The pictures (and narrative) are AMAZING!!! We were impressed to see you both are quite capable tour guides! One thing, did you find it hard to stay within a budget while touring Barcelona? Or do you have that down pat too? Cheers! S&P
20th September 2018

We don't Need No Stinkin' Budget
We ain't got no money. Kathy says she has s charge card and she is not afraid to use it. Seriously, we shared an AirB&B, took the train, and try not to eat out much. So the entire trip was affordable. When all you do is walk, the only real expense you have is shoes.
19th September 2018

Excellent blog!
What a nice read. Thank you for putting so much wonderful information in your updates! Really enjoyed the pictures... reminded me if the trip I took thete with Kathy. Have you been to Montserrat yet? Thank you for sharing Russ!!
20th September 2018

What a Nice Day
We just finished a bike ride and Kathy and I are sitting on our patio listening to a cellist practice. School just started back which includes the Berkley School of Music across the street. Apparently a number of students live in our building. So far I have recognized a flute, oboe, cello and violin. Their are some vocals too.
2nd September 2018

Send more pics when you can. Mike says we can't get there next year to hike. We have to finish AT and we'll be there in 2020. Glad everything is good with you guys.
1st September 2018

Super Blog
I'm living vicariously through your adventures. Love the blog!
31st August 2018

Nest Away
What, no picture of my room? Nest away. ;-}
31st August 2018

Your Room
We don't want to scare you away. Believe me, we have a room for YOU!!!
25th August 2018

Sounds wonderful
Sounds wonderful, enjoy reading about the adventures you and Kathy are having.
31st August 2018

Hope you are having as much fun reading the blog as we are having the adventure. Our biggest obstacle remains the language of course. I'm am currently watching spanish TV with spanish subtitles trying to figure out what these people are talking about. One day we will speak fluent spanish. Until then, there are going to be a lot of frustrated Spaniards.
25th August 2018

May Be Able To Teach You A Thing Or Two!!
Hey! Your Cute Biker Chick looks like she may even speak English - AND - be able to teach you a thing or two - IN SPANISH!! Now pay attention! Cheers!
25th August 2018

Getting 'settled in' can be unsettling, huh, BUT fun!
Hey you two; hard to believe it is almost 'move-in' day for you guys. Seems like only yesterday, when all the garage sale activity was going on! Annie is still on her two week vacation with her sister, and visiting relatives, etc.. but will be back here Tuesday night! As you recall, folks here in Kentucky usually add, "Good Lord willin, and the crick don't rise" Russ, I must say that you are far better than many, (most?), at putting together a fascinating and informative blog about all your adventures; congratulations! Almost feels like I am 'watching' Rick Steves, or one of those travel TV people. Valencia seems really rather wonderful, and we now know more about it, then when Annie was there briefly awhile ago. "Never can tell"! You guys keep on having fun!
25th August 2018

Hey Russ I love the posts. Once in Sevilla, I decided I wanted vegetarian Paella as I don't like seafood. We walked and walked until we found a place that actually served vegetarian Paella. It was amazingly delicious. Where I get these things into my head, I don't know, but there was certainly someone out there that understood. My trip to Spain was incredible. I wish for ya'll the same. Patty L Gilbert
18th August 2018

“Enjoying your Travel Adventure”
So glad that you found a place and now the real travel adventure begins! Enjoying and learning from your experiences. Keep these blogs coming.....
18th August 2018
Kathy Enjoying Lunch at a Beachside Cafe

“Arroz de Valencia”
Arroz Valenciano, pearl rice, is what I/we use to make the yellow rice with chicken or paella. It looks delicious and love Kathy’s picture enjoying it!
18th August 2018
Kathy Enjoying Lunch at a Beachside Cafe

She's Enjoying Alright
We both really enjoyed the paella. Our AirB&B host recommended that we head to the beach for the best paella. It sure was good but I have to stop eating so much...but we are walking it off. That day we walked 10.5 miles and now we have our bikes. That is another tale.

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