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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Kadıköy June 23rd 2012

For today we planned something completely different. We wanted to see the Asian part of Istanbul and we had read in our guidebook about a neighbourhood of Istanbul called Kadiköy on the other side of the Bosphorus with a nice little pedestrian-only city centre. So instead of mosques, sites and museums we planned for sitting at cafés drinking apple tea and reading books all day. Directly after breakfast we therefore walked down to the harbour and found a ferry that for the ridiculous price of 2TL (less than 1 €) not only took us to Kadiköy but at the same time provided a beautyful half hour cruise on the Bosphorus. Once we came to Kadiköy we quickly started to implement our plan, but had to give up after less than one hour. Even though the café ... read more
At the café with the comfy chairs
Sun set over Europe

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul June 22nd 2012

First complete day in Istanbul. We didn't get very good sleep at night because the room was quite noisy and it was either too cold or hot depending on if the air conditioner was on or off. Anyway, we started the day quite early with visiting Hagia Sofia. Building was basically impressive but somehow we felt like yesterday's visit to the Blue Mosque was much nicer and didn't get that much out of Hagia Sofia after that - one reason was that we rented (quite expensive) audio guides but it was no good: many of the explanations seemed to assume u know already a lot about Turkish ancient history, and we ended up standing in front of quite a few tomb stones or spots on the floor listening to the audio guide but not really understanding ... read more
Main shopping street of Istanbul
Taksim area has lots of small streets full of vendors selling fresh food, souvenirs etc
View from Galata bridge to Suleiman mosque (maybe, can be some other mosque too)

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet June 21st 2012

After nine hours of traveling we finally got to our hotel in Istanbul. We are staying at a hostel called "Second home", and the owners are making an effort to ensure the guest are comfortable even though the room is really small and toilets and showers are in the corridor. But we didn't come here to stay at the room, so that's ok. When we got here we were starving, after breakfast we only had had apples, so our first goal was to find a restaurant to get something to eat. Fact 3. The addresses on the turkish street are quite confusing, especially without a proper map. This meant we didn't find the restaurant we had planned to go to, so we ended up taking the hostelowners suggestion and went to his friends restaurant. The food ... read more
It's a hard job writing a blog
A terrace with a view

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga June 21st 2012

We are now sitting at Riga airport drinking our second morning coffee for today. Our first was back home 4 hours ago, and since then we have been on our way towards the Black sea. Regrettably no WIFI here, so this will be posted the next time we will have net access. We divided the writing turns so I start our blog, Johanna continues tomorrow, I continue the day after that and so on. So if you are looking for facts read the blog on odd numbered days, and if you are looking more for feelings I would recommend Johannas articles that should come at even numbered days. Fact 1. Johanna thinks I'm silly. :) We met an ex-colleague of mine on the plane here, and received some travelling tips for Istanbul. The big sights are ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Espoo June 17th 2012

Three days to go until our plane to takes off. We will be departing at 8.30 in the morning on June 21st and flying to Istanbul via Riga. Preparations are almost finished now: purchased a minilaptop we will use for writing this blog + all other necessary travel gear. Clothes are washed and piled ready to be packed. Today we saw in the newspaper that temperature in coastal Turkey was +40 C, but luckily somewhat cooler in Istanbul. Even though, can't complain about the heath since here is Helsinki we have grey, cold and rainy weather - kind of like autumn storm or so today. Ok, next time writing, we will most likely have left Finland!... read more

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