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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet March 14th 1972

Day 32 - Tuesday 14th March We were planning to catch the train this evening and start the long journey across Turkey - well for me it depended on AMEX. I went with Michael and Heather to the bazaar as Michael had decided to buy a leather jacket - it was excellent quality. I left by myself and headed to the university where you could climb the tower for a view over Istanbul. The campus was spacious and the buildings very modern but alas the tower was closed. An alternative view would be possible from the Galata Tower. So I walked across the Galata bridge and briefly watched the fishermen using small nets - during my stay they were being very successful despite the water being very rough. The Galata Tower could be seen easily from ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet March 13th 1972

Day 32 - Monday 13th March. Up early this morning as I need to report my missing travellers cheques to American Express. It was snowing quite heavily as I headed out at 8.30am and caught the bus to Taksim district - the bus was packed. The Hilton hotel was 5 minutes walk away and opposite the Tourist Information Office. I had to complete a long complicated form and then sign in triplicate. They would check with Head Office and tomorrow afternoon they would let me know whether new cheques would be issued. I walked back to Taksim square and then caught the bus to Sultanhamet and found the Post Restante. The next problem was to overcome the loss of the student cards - so wrote a letter to UK student office in London to ask for ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet March 12th 1972

Day 30 - Sunday 12th March After yesterday's uneventful day (sigh!), it was a chance to explore more of Istanbul. It was cold and occasionally snowing. At breakfast, I had a chat with a Scottish lad who had taken 6 weeks cycling through Europe and was heading to India - he was planning to catch the train to Erzurum tonight - very interesting person. Blue Mosque - the exterior was grey but inside it was so beautiful and coloufful due to the covering of blue tiles and it was noticeable that everywhere was decorated with symbols rather than paintings. The floor was fully carpeted and etiquette meant that you had to leave your shoes outside. An excellent/impressive building. Next I walked to the Topikapi Palace - it cost an entrance fee of 3TL and additional fee ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet March 11th 1972

Day 29 - Saturday 11th March Hurray a non-travel day. First stop as usual is Poste Restante - a letter for me but seven for Heather - I guess that I must write more letters myself ! We went into a museum and then to the Basillica Cistern which was beautifully decorated. A group of Turkish girls befriended us and asked for us to join in their photographs. There were going to a discotheque tonight but alas it would be too expensive. We walked through the park to view the Bosphorus and here started a disasterous few hours. One of the pleasures of travelling is meeting new people but one of the dilemmas is the desire to be friendly whilst maintaining a level of distrust because every now and again there are fraudsters - how to ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens March 10th 1972

Day 28 - Friday 10th March The choice for breakfast included eggs, which made a nice change. We had decided to fly to Istanbul and so the first task of the day was to head into the centre and buy the tickets - £6.60 with Turkish Airlines and due to leave at 1.30pm. Unfortunately there was not enough time to do anymore serious sightseeing. We were given a pretty thorough search by staff at the airport and then we told that the flight would be late due to adverse weather conditions in Istanbul. Now if you have never flown before, this is a very strange experience - the extreme acceleration, take off and then nearly always the plane turns on its side and heads off in a different direction - mentally you are wondering how much ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens March 9th 1972

Day 27 - Thursday 9th March We decided to change Youth Hostels and move to Athens No 3 which was considerably cleaner - unfortuantely it did mean that we had less time for sightseeing. After the mandatory trip to Poste Restante, the first tourist area was the flea market, which was full of cheap junk shops with nothing worth buying - moved on quickly. Theseum - the Temple of Hephaestus the God of Fire and Blacksmiths. However there were more attractive ruins on the site Agora including where St Paul had preached a famous sermon about the Unknown God. A lot of the excavations had commenced post war. Next stop was the Acropolis which was free to enter. The temples, the pillars and other monuments were just amazing with their beauty further enhanced by the bright ... read more

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki March 8th 1972

Day 26 - Wednesday 8th March Train fares were supposed to be quite cheap in Greece for students and so we decide to travel to Athens by train. We did receive an offer from an American for a ride to Athens for 150 Drachma but turned the lift down as we believed that the train would be a similar fare and the ride more comfortable. Unfortunately the train fare was 100 Drachma each and by the time we arrived back at the Hostel, the American's car was full. So back to the station where we met Denis, Marylou and Sarah - they had stayed overnight in Thessalonika after all but at a cheap but unpleasant hotel. I took a photograph of them (which alas this was lost with the other photos). Unfortunately the trains to Athens ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Podgorica March 7th 1972

Day 25 - Tuesday 7th March It was an early start as the bus was due to leave Titograd at 6am. It was still dark as Heather, Michael, Tomio and myself climbed out of the bedroom window (luckily the Canadians had been allocated a room on the ground floor), crept through the hotel gardens and headed for the bus station. Our group of westerners for this bus trip increased as five more people had travelled on the late bus from Dubrovnik. Although there were crowds of people at the bus station, we all managed to get a seat. Tomio immediately fell asleep and so I concentrated instead on the scenery. It was certainly beautiful - snow-capped mountains as the road followed a stream. Some areas were very green but there was not much land, which looked ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik March 6th 1972

Day 24 - Monday 6th March The weather would be an important factor in deciding whether to hitch-hike from Dubrovnik and unfortunately it was raining. We decided to head for the road and see what happens. Whilst walking through the centre, we met a couple of English lads heading south and a large group of English heading home after finishing a boat tour. Michael tried hitching but with absolutely no luck, which we attributed to the fairly constant and occasionally heavy rain. So it was quickly to Plan B. The bus to Kotor left at 12 noon and the Japanese lad from yesterday was there at the bus station - his name was Tamio. The road edged around the fiord and provided extremely beautiful views. We decided not to stay in Kotor but to head further ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik March 5th 1972

Day 23 - Sunday 5th March A good night's sleep. The room looked out over some palm trees and an orange tree but alas this scene was not reflected in today's weather - cloudy, overcast and threatening. First stop of the day was a pastry shop for a coffee and two delicious cakes. Tony was leaving for Athens today. We walked to the harbour and then along a oneway street in search of main road to Kotor - he was planning to hitch-hike. We walked for 4Km right under the cliffs and admired the magnificent coastline. There were a few more western travellers around in Dubrovnik and we stopped for a friendly chat with a group of five - American, Argentinian and British. At last we arrived at a reasonable hitching point and I left Tony ... read more

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