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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich February 23rd 1972

Day 11 - Wednesday 23rd February It feels as if today is the real start of the journey. So far we have stayed regularly with old friends and knowing local people always makes sightseeing so much easier. We have hitch-hiked a distance of 320 miles from Koblenz to Munich in 9 days and now we plan to do a distance of 400 miles from Munich to Florence in 2 days. It has been decided that I will travel with Heather for this journey and it is always nice to have company especially for any long periods between lifts. Munich YH followed strict rules and so even if we wanted a late start, it was not possible as you have to leave by 9am (in 1972 anyway). Alas not a good start as we take the wrong ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Augsburg February 22nd 1972

Day 10 - Tuesday 22nd February Augsburg is about 50 miles North West of Munich so hopefully the journey will be quick. I walked to the Autobahn and success, the first lift was direct to Munich and in fact, the driver dropped me outside of Jochen's hospital at noon. Jochen had a broken jaw and so was not very communicative. The orderly kindly provided me with some lunch and I head off to register at the Youth Hostel. Time for some sightseeing and the Deutsche Museum was recommended - meet Michael and Heather. Very impressive especially the mining exhibition plus bridges, rivers and transport - alas the astronomy section was closed. Next stop Post Restante for any mail. We meet some English and Norwegians who are working in Munich and we go back to their accommodation ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart February 21st 1972

Day 9 - 21st February 1972 This is likely to be our last free breakfast and Sylvia's mother did us proud with an extra treat - some traditional Baden-Wurttemberg cake. Although cold, the day started in brilliant sunshine. I walk with Sylvia to find a decent place to start hitch hiking. The first lift took me to the Autobahn and second to the northern exit road to Ulm (the wrong side of town) but by then it was already 3pm and there was a huge change in the weather - a very cold mist. Michael and Heather arrived at the same point at about 5pm so you can see how few people were prepared to provide lifts. At 5.30pm I received a 5Km lift from a French Officer and get to the central exit to Ulm ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart February 20th 1972

Day 8 - Sunday February 20th It is nice to have a day without worrying about packing one's rucksack and hitchhiking. Enjoyed a long lie-in and had breakfast at 11am and then played table tennis in the garden. Lunch was brilliant - steak cooked with fruit, asparagus, rice and beans - excellent especially the sauce. In the afternoon we were taken 9 pin bowling and then in the evening we went sightseeing in Stuttgart. We were driven to two different hills so that we could look down on the layout of Stuttgart and then went for a walk in the centre. Clearly this region of Germany was very affluent as further confirmed by the smart shops. Places visited - central park, the opera house (a performance had just finished and so we could look inside), the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen February 19th 1972

Day 7 - Saturday February 19th Sylvia is heading home today and so we can travel together. It seems to be best to travel by train and so we get up early and walk to the train station which is very picturesque and decorated with paintings - very nice. Alas the first train is quite late in the day and so we decide to hitch. Now this decision is quickly shown to have a flaw as the roadside is full of other hitch-hiking students but we take our place in the queue. The first lift only gets us a short distance but then another stroke of good fortune as one of Sylvia's friend spots her and gives us a lift all the way to a pre-arranged meeting point for the final journey to Schonberg. Schonberg is ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Rastatt February 18th 1972

Day 6 - 18th February 1972 Hedwig provided us with an excellent German breakfast - cheese, meat, bread and coffee - and then we went for a walk in the local park joining in a game of football. Our next student friend's home is south of Stuttgart and as she (Syvlia) will not finish at University for another day, we decide to head for Fruedenstadt - a town in the Black Forest. Hedwig gave us a nice packed lunch and kindly paid for a taxi to take us to a decent hitching point on the correct side of Rastatt. After 3 lifts to Gargennau, Forbach and then Fruedenstadt, I arrived in the town centre and only five minutes after Michael and Heather. This section of the journey was brilliant with beautiful scenery, winding roads high above ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg February 17th 1972

February 17th 1972 - Day 5 As we were staying in a student house, I guess it was no surprise that the last people got up fairly late which was strange having been used to the strict time restrictions at German YHs. One of Margit's friends called Regina (a stunning beauty)promised to take us for a ride so that we could see more of the countryside around Heidelberg. We were driven to a mount overlooking the city - the view was very picturesque but alas the hazeness prevented any reasonable photographs. We had a good walk around before returning to the Cafeteria for a healthy sized lunch - roast meat, vegetables, fruit and milk so very good value. As Regina and Margit had afternoon lectures it was time to move on with the next stop Rastatt ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Mainz February 16th 1972

February 16th 1972 - Day 4 A nice easy start to the day for Heather and I as our new friend from Stuttgart had promised to drive us to Heidelberg. One and half hours later and we were there. We were going to stay at Margit's house very near to the Centre. Margit was one of the students whom we had met in Bournemouth whilst she was studying English. Michael helped her with English conversation and Margit joined our social group during her stay. I did remember with some embarrassment that on her last evening, she picked some daffodils from the central park in Bournemouth to give to her B&B owner - ah well no harm really ! Margit had already left with Michael and so we talked with some of the students staying at the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Rüdesheim February 15th 1972

February 15th - day 3 St Goar was an ideal place to have stopped overnight because it was opposite the Lorelei Rock which is the narrowest point of the Rhine. We admired the view before hitching South to Bingen and from there by ferry across the Rhine to Rudesheim. I travelled with Heather today. This region is certainly a beautiful part of Germany with the Rhine running through a long narrow gorge and the hillsides full of old buildings. Rudesheim was notable for its historic buildings and a couple of castles. Unfortunately we arrived on a Bank Hoilday and most of the shops and the cable car were closed. After a shortened look around we decided to press on towards Heidelberg. However it was not a good hitchhiking day. The first car took us close to ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Koblenz February 14th 1972

Monday 14th February 1972 - day 2 Breakfast at the Hotel was rolls, preserves and coffee - cleary it is time to get used to continental breakfasts not English style. My room and breakfast was DM12.50 which at the exchage rate of DM8=£1 means an overspend on Day 1 - still after the long journey from London, it was worth having a treat. We left the hotel and headed for the River Moselle and then walked along the river bank until we reached the confluence with the Rhine. This area seems to be the centre of Koblenz and the square where the carnival procession starts. We sat and watced the preparations in the warm sunshine and then followed the procession. The floats were very imaginative and decorative. The people on the floats threw sweets and oranges ... read more

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