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South America » Colombia » San Gil October 25th 2012

San Gil!!! ohh San Gil!What an absolutely amazing place!I left Bucaramanga on Thursday the 25th early, up at 6am to get to the Paragliding Rendezvous. I wasn't going to let what happened the previous day with the climbing happen for the paragliding! I packed up all of my stuff and hobbled out of Kasi Guane headed for the main road, the 33. Once there I waited for a bus to take me to Papi Quiero PiƱa. After waiting for about 15 minutes, I became impatient and decided to catch a taxi. It was going to be much easier than trying to sh... read more

South America » Colombia » Santander » Bucaramanga October 23rd 2012

Finally got out of Medellin and got on the road... and it felt good. there is nothing quite like the feeling of not really knowing where you are going, but just going there anyway. Arrived pretty late in bucaramanga and caught a taxi to the hostel. I was a little nervous about the taxi ride, as I didn't know what the city was going to be like. It turns out though, the taxi driver was super friendly, as are most people in Colombia really. Had a brilliant conversation with old mate Nelson on the 20 minute or so cab ride. For some reason it was ridiculously cheap, only $8000 COP, $4.50AUD. I think maybe he just liked the chat and gave me the Colombian price. Good bloke anyway. I stayed in Kasi Guane, British bloke and ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape October 20th 2012

I slept most of the way on the plane from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale, due to the lack of sleep that I had got in the Airport.... that goddamn floor polishing lady! The flight to Medellin was really nice, flying out over the Florida coast and across the Carribean, then crossing over Colombia on the Northern coast. The final part was the most spectacular however, flying amongst the mountains of Colombia. Looking down with good views of the smaller villages, the massive mountains and the insanely big rivers. This was when I started to get pretty excited. Even better was the two people that I got to sit next to. An amazingly friendly couple from Colombia originally that now worked in Florida, Hoorico and Sandra. We got talking on the plane and pretty soon they were ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Asheville September 26th 2012

Well the arrival in Ashville was fairly impressive itself. We drove into town and decided that we should definitely have flowers for the soon to be Shannon Tourto a.k.a Shorto! Especially as I was showing up to their wedding uninvited without ever having met the two before. So we went to a supermarket, picked some flowers up and drove to the Tourto abode. What better way to arrive than sitting on the kayak on the roof of the car with flowers in between our legs singing, 'The night they drove old dixie down' by the Band, Needless to say Shannon and Anthony both loved the entrance. The next couple of days were an interesting time for me, trying to get to know two people quickly who were about to go through a massive moment in their ... read more

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