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23rd February 2012
In the walkway of the Theatre seating.

This pic is really marvelous.
9th August 2011

Welcome Home!
Welcome home! I bet the kids are happy to see their cousins again. My deepest sympathy on losing Jasper - especially at the last minute. Cats do go into hiding if the end is near and Jasper was old was he not? Misha is 17 and keeps hanging on but I don't give her a year. It's been a while since I emailed Brent regarding a cousin get together and the summer is almost done. He seemed conducive to the idea in a cautious kind of way. Maybe we will all be there for Chris and Erin's wedding in September. See you all soon, Lori.
From Blog: Home at Last!
16th July 2011

King's Landing is a short drive from Fredericton and there are many good hotels as it is a capital city.
6th July 2011

Visit to King's Landing, NB
I like your blog. I am fund of traveling and visiting new places too. Now I need to find hotels near that address, so I can stay a little bit longer and experience everything.
21st June 2011

thanks Diane. We are looking forward to seeing you guys soon on the final leg of this year long journey.
21st June 2011

Glad the boys treated you well on your birthday
20th June 2011

Tracy - I've enjoyed your blog very much and will be sad to not read any more of it soon. However, it will be good to see you all back home again - in time for camping? I'll have to rent a car for this as my car has finally decided to leave this world. When I took it in to the garage they weren't sure if they should let me even drive it home a few blocks over. I emailed your blogs to Mom as she has rather surprisingly bought herself a computer! When do you move back? Talk to you soon, Lori.
17th May 2011

the carving Tracy is amazing great job you are very talented.
17th May 2011

Yes, and if you didn't know better, neither one sounds like a very yummy dessert based on its name!
16th May 2011

so jealous
Seeing those pictures i am so jealous of things you got to eat the beaver tail and the nun farts those are my two favourites lol
22nd March 2011

Thanks Lana. Yes, it is a really cool place to visit. I highly recommend it.
21st March 2011

Ice Hotel
Tracy these pictures are amazing. This is definitely something that I have to see.
20th January 2011

thanks Terry! Yes we are having fun. Claude was the one pushing the stroller on the lake trip. But yes, he has been working too hard, but we are off to Disneyworld in 10 days for a 2 wk break. Can't wait.
19th January 2011

looks like fun
Looks like fun Tracy!! You had better tell Claude to get in some of those pictures and slow down on the work!! Glad your have a great time,the blog is a neat idea. Terry @ Glaslyn Sask.
11th January 2011

Great Picture Log!
This is a great idea Tracy! Enjoyed the pictures and the details...must visit this area some day!
10th January 2011

We loved your pictures tracy
6th January 2011

Thanks Liliram, I will do that - didn't know I could change the blogging date.
2nd January 2011

Hi Tracy
Good going. You may wish to date your blogs as they actually happened. Publishing dates and blogging dates need not be the same. I mean if they happened in early 2010 , go ahead and date them as such, even if you are publishing the blogs in 2011. I have quite a few blogs on my travels as far back as 1996 which i published only in 2008. Welcome to TravelBlog!

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