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Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki December 9th 2013

Breakfast with a view again this morning - it really is beautiful looking out through Elizabeth's Christmas angels over the snow-covered rooftops and the quaint little church on the hill nearby. It's just a shame that it has to be below zero to have snow!! At least it is not quiet as cold this morning - only minus two. We chatted with our lovely hostess Elizabeth for a while and then returned to our apartment to finish packing and head off. Yay, our last time down the four flights of stairs. The stairs haven't been a problem although a bit more challenging this morning with our bags but, easier taking them back down than hauling them up the stairs two days ago! We caught the bus to Kunsträdgården and then the train to T-Centralen thinking that ... read more
Snow fell from up here

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm December 8th 2013

This morning we had breakfast in Elizabeth and Sven's dining room overlooking rooftops lightly covered with snow. It was lovely to look out onto from the warmth of indoors! We weren't sure it would be quite so lovely when we headed off to catch the bus because the temperature outside was -9°. Fortunately we didn't have to wait too long for the No 76 bus. Bernie flashed our Stockholm Cards at the driver and he nodded us through. We disembarked at Skeppsbron believing that we could take the ferry from there to Djurgärden to visit the ABBA Museum. But no, the dude on the ticket booth said the card wasn't valid. So we went back to the bus thinking that it is a flaw in the system if you can only validate the Stockholm Card at ... read more
Nordiska Museet
Djurgarden Path

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm December 7th 2013

This morning we resumed our efforts to travel to Stockholm. After a buffet breakfast at the Comfort Inn we checked out and negotiated the icy footpath and road between us and the station. Despite the treacherous footing we managed to reach the station without either of us slipping over and cracking a skull. At the station the departures board had trains for Stockholm listed to depart at 8.40am and 9.11am so we rushed out onto platform 5 to see the 8.11am train - departing at 8.40am - just as we set foot on the platform. Oh well, we were aiming for the 9.11am train anyway so nothing lost! So off to platform 10 to wait for the 9.11am train. Woo hoo, there was a train at the platform and we could board it. Since we had ... read more
Waiting for the train
Check out my hat
Waiting for the train to open

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö December 6th 2013

This morning we expected to wake up to streets blanketed in snow, but it seems the worst of last night's storm did not hit the city. After breakfast we headed to the station to check that our train to Sweden would be running this afternoon. We were told that the train would be running, but it would be running from Malmö not from Copenhagen. The girl at the Swedish Rail information desk told us which Danish train we could catch to Malmö to connect with the service from Malmö to Stockholm. With our train arrangements confirmed we proceeded out the other side of the station towards the National Museum of Denmark. Copenhagen may have missed the brunt of the storm, but was still copping some light snow showers so we had a fairly brisk walk to ... read more
National Museum
National Museum
National Museum

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen December 5th 2013

This morning we caught the train to Østerport Station so that we could see the statue of The Little Mermaid. Based on the character from the story by Hans Christian Andersen the statue is considered to be symbolic of Copenhagen. I'm sure the area where The Little Mermaid is located must be lovely in the spring and summer, but in winter it is was rather grey and desolate. The other major detraction is the factory (power station?) across the water belching plumes of smoke into the air. As we left The Little Mermaid the weather turned from bad to worse. Already cold and grey and windy it started to rain! Having bought a puffer jacket without a hood I dragged my waterproof shell, with its hood, out of my bag and struggled into it. We were ... read more
Rosenborg Palace again
The Bike Shop
Princess Mary's House

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen December 4th 2013

This morning we had an early start to travel to Berlin's Tegal Airport for our flight to Copenhagen. Having got the hang of the trains over the last few days we felt OK about taking the train out to the airport rather than ordering a taxi. Angelika had made us 'breakfasts to go' so we collected those from the fridge and ate them in our room before heading out to the train station just around the corner from Pension Galerie. Even though it is a smaller station there was a lift so we didn't have to haul our luggage down the stairs. Bonus! The train doesn't run all the way to the airport so Melbourne is not the only city in the world without a rail link to the airport! We disembarked at Kurt Schumaker Station ... read more
Danish Crown
Round Tower
The Bridge

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin December 3rd 2013

This morning we set out to catch the train to Brandenburg Tor, but when we reached the station we discovered that the line that we had planned to take is one of the ones that is closed for renovations. So we changed our plans and decided to go first to the old Reichstag building that fell into disuse between 1933 and 1999 after it was severely damaged by fire. Reconstructed between 1990 and 1999 the building is now the home of the Deutscher Bundestag (German Parliament). Although this was on Bernie's list of things to do in Berlin his research did not discover that, although it free to enter the dome, you have to register to do so. So, we queued up to register for a visit to the dome later in the day. It's quite ... read more
Brandenburg Tor
Jewish Memorial
Golden Hat

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin December 2nd 2013

When we got back to our room last night Bernie fiddled with his camera a bit more. Each time he turned it on he could snap about four or five shots and then it would display Err 01. He tried his other lenses and had no trouble with those. Then he tried his lens on my camera and the same error message was displayed. OK, that narrowed it down to a lens problem rather than a camera problem. On line forums that he checked discussed the pros and cons of using an eraser or pure alcohol to clean the contacts between the lens and the camera. At breakfast we asked Agnes if she knew of a good camera store. The only stores that she was able to suggest were more suitable if we wanted to buy ... read more
Berlin Wall 2
Tracey at the wall
Altes Nationalgallerie

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin December 1st 2013

Oh no! There's no hairdryer in the room. What the heck, I have a hat on most of the time anyway so it doesn't really matter if my hair starts off flat I will have hat hair in no time at all anyway!! With naturally dried hair we ventured over to the communal area of the pension to have breakfast. With the pension fully booked this weekend it was a very busy Sunday morning for breakfast. Angelika and her niece, Agnes, put on a lovely buffet spread for breakfast which we really enjoyed. We were seated with a German couple who stay at Pension Gallerie when they come to visit their son in Berlin. We started out for the day looking for the Route 100 bus which the German man had told us does a circuit ... read more
Berlin Cathedral
Bode Museum
Bode Museum Entry Hall

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin November 30th 2013

This morning we visited The Frauenkirche or Church of our Lady which is a Lutheran church that has dominated the skyline of Dresden for over 200 years. An earlier church was torn down in 1727 to make way for the new baroque style building designed by Dresden architect, George Bahr. The church was destroyed by bombing in 1945 so it is actually a reconstruction. Rather surprisingly the rebuilding was completed quite recently in 2005 and yet it looks like it is 200 years old. Although destroyed by bombing perhaps they salvaged stone from the original church for the reconstruction to lend it that aged patina? The church features a 96 meter high dome that we climbed so that we could take photos overlooking Dresden and the Elbe River. It was a much easier climb than the ... read more
View from the dome
Main Christmas Market
Posing in the square

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