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Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin November 30th 2013

This morning we visited The Frauenkirche or Church of our Lady which is a Lutheran church that has dominated the skyline of Dresden for over 200 years. An earlier church was torn down in 1727 to make way for the new baroque style building designed by Dresden architect, George Bahr. The church was destroyed by bombing in 1945 so it is actually a reconstruction. Rather surprisingly the rebuilding was completed quite recently in 2005 and yet it looks like it is 200 years old. Although destroyed by bombing perhaps they salvaged stone from the original church for the reconstruction to lend it that aged patina? The church features a 96 meter high dome that we climbed so that we could take photos overlooking Dresden and the Elbe River. It was a much easier climb than the ... read more
View from the dome
Main Christmas Market
Posing in the square

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden November 29th 2013

This morning we started on a high cultural note with a visit to the Semperoper where we bought our tickets to see a performance by the Dresden (?) Symphony Orchestra featuring guest conductor and pianist Rudolph Buchbinder. I felt very underdressed in my sightseeing clothes. Who knew that people got all dressed up to go to the Opera House in the daytime?? Still people were dressed in everything from jeans and jumpers to dinner suits so I guess we weren't that out of place??! As we left Semperoper Bernie performed his good deed for the day. A lady tripped on the stairs behind him and probably would have had a very nasty fall if she hadn't fallen into Bernie's back. Fortunately Bernie was surefooted enough to stop the two of them from rolling all the way ... read more
Semperoper Ceiling
Semperoper Panel
The Orchestra

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich November 28th 2013

This morning we packed out bags and arranged to store them in the office at Pension am Jakobsplatz until early afternoon. We rugged up and headed out into the cold again, walking towards the River Isar and the Deutsches Museum that is located on an island in the middle of the river. The Deutsches Museum is made up of 50 exhibition areas showcasing the history of science and technology. I wanted to see the Enigma Machine so we asked where we would find it so that we could have a look at it first and then browse as many other exhibitions as time allowed. We took the lift to the third floor (of six) and started in the Kartography section where they had globes ranging from the Middle Ages to the present. It was interesting to ... read more
Deutsches Museum
Deutches Museum Boat

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich November 27th 2013

I slept like a log until about 1.00am. Five hours straight is a pretty good sleep for me. I thought I might have trouble going back to sleep, but managed to be asleep more than awake until nearly 7.00am. I must've been tired! We spent a bit of time on the blog and processing photos before showering and going to the communal room for breakfast. After our breakfast it was time to rug up again - the fleece lined travel pants are getting a go today - and venture out into the cold. It's going to be -1° again today, but the sky is clear and the sun is shining so that makes it more bearable. Our first stop was the tower at St Peter's. With a blue sky and sunshine we had high hopes for ... read more
View from St Peter's Tower
At the Viktualienmarkt
Rathaus-Glockenspiel, Munich

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich November 26th 2013

Despite leaving Oz a bit late we arrived in Dubai pretty much on time. Only about five minutes after the scheduled arrival time. We are in transit for about three hours waiting for our onward flight to Munich. I am using my time to start the travel diary while Bernie is resting up for the next leg of the journey. We boarded our flight to Munich without any hassles although when we arrived at our allocated seats we found ourselves seated immediately behind a baby and beside a lady wearing strong perfume. Why do people wear strong perfumes and colognes on planes? I never put perfume on when I am flying. Anyhow, pretty soon I couldn't even smell the perfume anymore. Thank goodness it wasn't 'Red Door' that gives me a headache! Even the baby wasn't ... read more
Asamkirche Portico
Sendlinger Tor

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai November 25th 2013

Well, here we go again. Even by our standards we have excelled ourselves this year, embarking today on our second overseas trip for 2013! With Auroral activity at its peak for this Auroral cycle we just had to fit in another trip this year to try once again to experience the elusive Aurora Borealis. The Aurora eluded us in 2007 when we travelled to Iceland. We only leant afterwards that we had visited at the lowest point of the Auroral cycle ... and a bit too late in the season! In early April 2007 I was quite frustrated when I was repeatedly told by the locals that we had missed what activity there had been by about three weeks. We have high expectations this time ... and everything crossed for some big solar flares between the ... read more
Just resting my eyes

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Tullamarine February 4th 2013

Trying not to think about the fact that we should already be in Melbourne we went through airport screening AGAIN and boarded the Singapore Airlines flight to Adelaide. It was an uneventful flight that had us in Adelaide on time just after 9.00am this morning. We had to clear immigration and customs in Adelaide before checking in for our domestic leg to Melbourne. In our sleep deprived state (about six/seven hours sleep in the last 36 hours!) we totally didn't register that our bags had SIN - ADL - MEL tags and all we needed to do was put them in the bag drop. We did self check-in at one of the terminals which made the system think we had four bags not two so when we went to the baggage drop, the system said we ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi February 3rd 2013

Damn, it turns out that our optimism was woefully misplaced!!! As we neared Indonesia the Captain announced that the plane had a technical problem and we would be diverting to Singapore to have it investigated. So we pretty much made a 90° turn to the left to start heading north to Singapore. We had to dump fuel to lighten the plane for our unscheduled landing. That was sort of interesting seeing thousands of litres of fuel purged from a spout in the wing. What a waste though and does it all vapourise in the upper atmosphere or does it have an environmental impact? We landed at Changi just before noon, but because our landing was unscheduled we had to remain on board while the ground staff checked the plane. Thank goodness we were allowed to turn ... read more
Dumping fuel

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Abu Dhabi February 2nd 2013

This morning we hit that limbo time when the sightseeing is finished, but it's not quite time to go to the airport for the flight home. Boring! We slept in and went down for breakfast about 9.00am. Bernie's new 'brother' - the Maître d' sort of adopted him when we had a (late) lunch yesterday - insisted on getting us a plate of traditional Arabian breakfast to try. Thank goodness he didn't come back to the table with anything more exotic than hummus and pita bread. We could manage that for breakfast. Although then he was back with some halva - which was delish, but a bit sweet for breakfast. Back in the room we watched yet another bad movie. But this one was really, really bad - I cannot believe I wasted a couple of ... read more
In a holding pattern over the Persian Gulf

Middle East » Jordan » West » Al Karak February 1st 2013

No snow overnight, but it was still cold and gloomy with the threat of more rain. Ahmad talked with the Tourist Police and was advised that while the Petra site had opened this morning it was likely to be closed down again if (when?) it rained. Not really wanting to go through the whole evacuation exercise again we agreed with Ahmed that the best course of action would be to proceed to Karak. After a quick stop at Moussa (Moses') Spring we started climbing back into the Petra Mountains. Before long we were above the cloud line and visibility was almost zero again and the road was lined with snow that had been ploughed from the road after yesterday's bad weather. When we reached the other side of the mountains the sky was blue and there ... read more
Karak Interior
Karak Tunnel

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