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22nd April 2010

Great blog!
Hey there, just wanted to say thanks for writing such a great blog. My girlfriend and I are very soon emigrating from Manchester to Sydney and are planning a similar trip. We leave the UK in a few weeks time, can't wait! Anyway thanks for all the little tips and stories and we might bump into you in Sydney oneday (currently thinking that we'll end up renting in either Manly, Bondi or Coogee). All the best, Luke
22nd February 2010

hi there, we were spending about 25 to 30 pounds a day between us, more where you can drink and especially more on the Perhentian islands. Hope you're holiday goes well, Malaysia was one of our fav countries of our trip.
19th February 2010

It look like you had a great vacantion and new experience,can you tell me how much did you spent for this holliday?I'm planing a very similar holliday for me and my friend,just wondrering?thank you
12th February 2010

Nice post, nice photos, I did a similar thing myself at
11th February 2010

the surf was okay, the locals were loving it, dont know how much surf boards are to rent but they have loads of them.
11th February 2010

how to surf there?? have rental surfboard??
29th January 2010

hi there, not sure, it should say on the thai immigration website, sorry.
28th January 2010

Hi, do you know how long the visa is free for? Thanks Kate
5th January 2010

Good One!
glad you enjoyed it - please read mister munkey blogs where Thailand features heaviley!Sooooooo jealous, wish we were there!Two foot of snow here in Blighty!
26th November 2009

no way
ha I can't beleive that ha!!! Great place though!!!
From Blog: Sabai-dii Loas
26th November 2009

Not to weird you out but I swear that is the exact same bungalow I stayed in, 3 years ago!!!! Can't believe they finally have electricity tho, my room worked off a car battery :-)
From Blog: Sabai-dii Loas
2nd November 2009

Hi im planning on driving from the uk to australia and just wanted to try and get some info and on the technical bits i.e visa's. Was it hard to get visa's into the likes of russia and mongolia, what are the roads like as well, would i need a 4x4? Thanks Matt
9th September 2009

It's even hard to an Chinese person to find the ways around Beijing (apart from the locals). So well done you guys!! And I;m glad that all the Chinese speeling are right! lol~ So which city you heading off next?
From Blog: Bustling Beijing
29th August 2009

Such a beautiful place! Waiting for the pics in China!!
29th July 2009

Thought I'd leave you a little comment as I've now figured out how to do it! Not sure how much I'll be looking at your blog as it's making me very jealous...! Only joking, you can't get rid of me that easily! Happy travels, looks like you're having an amazing time xxx
27th July 2009

Come on people, COMMENT!
Cant believe I've only just caught up on this blog! it's fab!! what an amazing journey, I am totally jealous! we went sailing in croatia last year and we absolutely loved it, especially Hvar, what a great place. anyway now i've got up to speed I will keep reading, so please dont give up writing just cos only 2 of us seem to be reading! take care of yoursleves xx
24th July 2009

Bonjour de Mostar, Vous avez raison d ecrire de Mostar et de faire les photos.Merci pour la publicite de ma ville, et bienvenez la prochain fois vous et votre amis a mostar. Mais il faut visiter BLAGAJ, POČITELJ; CHUTE de KRAVICE, MEĐUGORJE, Le parc national-Hutovo blato, Neum, PODVELEŽJE et apres vous pouvez sentir la beaute de Mostar et des environs. Bon voyage et a bientot. ALMIRA
From Blog: Suprising Bosnia
1st July 2009

....... only one comment. Don't worry we haven't forgotton about you just yet!!! Thought I best leave you a little comment as I know you miss me! Pics are looking nice - even Ging's has got a bit of a tan! Or was that just him having a bit of wind! Take care and keep blogging (or whatever u bums call it!). P.S. Thailand awaits - reckon you'll be there from 28 Dec??
27th June 2009

Beautiful Photos
Loved your photos...esp. the poppies and vine yard photos.

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