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25th March 2011

Well you two we are not jealous the weather here is SHIT work is shit so all in all life is shit! Only joking glad you are both well and enjoying your time catch you soon Love Anita xx
12th January 2011
Sunset in Bariloche

Happy New Year from Glasgae
Happy New Year to you both and the trip to Argentina looks amazing and would love to go there one day! All well back home and Lewis now 2 years and 2months old and getting a big lad. Thanks for the update. N
11th January 2011

So jealous
You guys sound as though you are having the time of your life......I'm jealous! Keep the blogs coming - love them! Alison
11th January 2011

Looking Good!
Hey my Amazon friends! Great to read your blog...incredible to think you´ve travelled so far! Me, I´m in the North East of Brasil, ensconsed in my apartment, enjoying myself as ever... The boat to Belem was different; and I got into trouble with a girl from Rio who had a tatoo on her back and her own cabin; and I also had a wee bit of excitement with that girl from reception in the hostel in Manaus; who turned out tobe crazy & told me she was going to kill herself!!! Seems like Brasilś the country for me! I also met a drunken girl one evening in Sao Luiz whoś invited me to the carnival in march, and I´ve got mixed up with a girl who I met in a church who comes to my apartment everyday and I eat lunch with her mum...sheś 45 I slept with her twice & don´t want a relationship with her but she does & the girl I met here 3 years ogo got married but still wants tocome and see me in secret; so all in all my life´s in complete chaos!!!
16th December 2010

Hi Mark, can´t help you there I´m afraid, didn´t do any driving at all
1st December 2010

Driving through Colombia
Hi Tom & Cat, I enjoyed reading your blog especially since I'm planning to travel through SA (from Chile to Venezuela). I have a question although you may not be the ideal people to ask as you are not driving around, you know if there is there a problem driving into Colombia with your own car as I heard they refuse to let 2nd hand cars in? Do you know if you need special vehicle insurance there?
29th November 2010

Colombia sounds and looks great! I have Colombian friends who always said to me that Bogota and Cartagena were pretty safe these days, but not to take the highways alone to the beachs!
28th November 2010

Tom are u getting every more hairy? You guys look great. Love the regular posts :) x x
28th November 2010

I can read them now!!!!
Heya most fab cuz!!! I'v finally got 2 read ur blog...wel this page anyway! but now that I can I wil go bak & read through th rest! YAYAYAYAY! Sounds just marv... wish I was on ur honey-moon wit u!!! like u & I went on mine!!! LMAO!! Luv u billions & millions of infinate galaxies & universes (watchg a really old episode of Star Trek!!! ;-P)... xoxoxoxoxoxo
From Blog: The last of Peru
17th November 2010
Altiplano with loads of alpaca

You guys are really having some adventures...maybe an alpaca would be safer and more reliable than some of the buses you've been frequenting!....choose one with muscley legs to carry Tom's camera equipment. xoxo
From Blog: The last of Peru
14th November 2010

Should have taken you skin so soft with you and taken the vit B- looks more like chickenpox Tom
From Blog: Mosquito attack!
23rd October 2010

Toyosa Land Gruiser
You forgot about the free dust bath we got from riding in the Toyosa. That would have cost a lot at a spa!
21st October 2010

Holy Crap!
I thought travelling was meant to be fun!
From Blog: Mosquito attack!
15th October 2010

Love the beard look!
6th October 2010

So no mention of that the tea was in fact maté, the coca leaf? Didn't you find it kept you going when all you wanted was to drop dead on your feet? Dead woman's pass was one of the hardest points for both of us, and I also have the same picture up at the top there. You are not wrong about walking down being worse in a sense, that's what caused my calf to go on the 3 rd day I nearly didn't make it to MAccu Piccu. But we did, but after all the other groups, as we got up an hour later at 6.30!! Enjoying your blog.
6th October 2010

Wonderful to see your pictures of Peru. A fantastic country for adventures. We had the same experience of waiting re the Nazca lines! Thanks for including us. Mike
From Blog: Comme se llama
6th October 2010

Machu Picchu
Great to see and read about your adventures. Well done! Also brings back memories of our own journey. Thanks for including us. Mike
5th October 2010

Looks amazing! Well done guys - I had always assumed it was quite an easy little trip, but obviously not..! Hope you are feeling better now Kat. Great blogging - look forward to the next installment, Love Ed
5th October 2010

That sounds and looks amazing! I'd need more than a few cold beers at the end to drive me!
27th September 2010

I can't believe you went all that way to stay in the West Highland Inn! Sounds hilarious! x
21st September 2010

Always thinking with your stomach!
Why do you and Drew always rate places/trips/days/anything important by the food you get there!!!! Sounds like you had a great time in USA, love the picture of the catering cart! x
12th September 2008

Green Eyed for Mostar
You are making me very very jealous! Lovely photos. I feel your pain with the Korcula-Dubrovnik bus journey...I had the seat at the back right of the bus in behind the luggage rack. Roasted and fearing for my life as we weaved round the cliffs and the bus overtook cars! Enjoy the rest of your trip xxx

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