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South America » Peru April 2nd 2016

Geo: -13.1628, -72.5158I don't think Ive ever had less sleep in 7 days. Since arriving in Peru Id say Ive averaged around 3 hours broken sleep a night at best. The noise pollution at both hotels has been extreme. Again, we packed a day bag for a night away from Cusco. At 9pm the five us were on a bus headed again for Ollantaytambo, about a 90minute drive away. We arrived there around 10.30 and stopped at a cafe called Coffee Tree. Todays activity in the area was to explore the Inca ruins at Ollantaytambo, just across the valley from where we did that training hike just a few days ago.Pete opted to rest and recover with Sam for company so just Nat, Will and I headed towards the ruins. After slightly underwhelming archaeological exploration yesterday, ... read more
Ollantaytambo Ruins
Ollantaytambo Ruins
Ollantaytambo Ruins

South America » Peru » Cusco April 1st 2016

Geo: -13.52, -71.99Today we met for breakfast in the reception at 8.30 in time for a 9am departure. With Pete on the mend, Sam would join Nat, Will and I for a walking tour of several different Inca ruins around Cusco. The four of us piled into a taxi to head for our first stop, Tambomachay. The main attraction here was the Temple of the Water, which has flowed the same as it does now since constructed by the Inca hundreds of years ago. This site also contained the remains of an old watch tower. From the top you could see our next destination, the Puka Pukara ruins, or Red Fort.Puka Pukara used to serve as a resting point, place of refuge, shelter and lookout for those traveling through the area back in Inca times. The ... read more
Peru National Flower
Tambomachay Ruins (Watch Tower)

South America » Peru March 31st 2016

Geo: -13.4241, -71.8576That was the worst nights sleep we ever had at a three star hotel, anywhere in the world, ever. Breakfast was average too. Some fruit and bread, with some precooked scrambled eggs. The grouchy staff member from last night again scowled at us for opting to take cutlery to sit with the few group members rather than at a distant empty table. If we thought things were bad for us, they were worse for Pete, a British member of our group. As of 4am, he'd become violently ill with vomiting and an infection. This would rule him and his girlfriend Sam out of being able to hike the Inca trail. The rest of the group left by bus at 8. Wed take Sam to get some medication and organise a taxi for her and ... read more
Pisac Ruins
On the Road
On the Road

South America » Peru March 30th 2016

Geo: -13.2646, -72.2658I woke, feeling somewhat rejuvenated, ready for breakfast. The storm had passed. I reached for my phone, to check the time. It was 1.30am. My head throbbed and brain didn't know what was going on. Mild altitude issues? Mini jetlag? Lack of sleep? Not sure. Eventually I drifted off to sleep again, despite loud music and ruckus noise from outside. When I woke again at 7.30, I felt a lot better. We packed half our things into smaller bags, for a night away from Cusco in the Sacred Valley. The rest of our things we would leave behind here at the hotel, where we would return the day after tomorrow.We all gathered in the lobby for breakfast around 8.30-9. Toast, eggs, fruit and my favorite, mini banana pancakes. We all piled onto a minibus ... read more
Sacred Valley
The Sacred Valley

South America » Peru » Cusco March 29th 2016

Geo: -13.52, -71.99After a shade over 4 hours of sleep, we met the majority of our Intrepid group at around 5.30am in the hotel reception. After a coffee, we were again headed back to Lima airport. The sun was yet to rise meaning we didn't really see any of Lima in daylight. We left the airport last night around 11pm, and arrived back this morning (experiencing a sense of Deja Vu) at around 6am meaning wed only been in the city around 7 hours, overnight, and awake for barely 2.After a couple hours, we were aboard a Aveca flight (Star Alliance jet) bound for Cusco. The flight was comfy enough and we got some great views of the Andes and Cusco from above. After landing, we grabbed our things, met the rest of our group and ... read more
Cusco Hotel
Cusco Hotel

South America » Peru » Lima March 28th 2016

Geo: -12.0931, -77.0465Time for the second last chapter of our honeymoon. Time to fly to Peru to join an intrepid tour and see Machu Picchu. We had a bit of a sleep-in in Valparaiso this morning, with checkout not until noon. We had a Mozio transfer booked for 3pm from Ibis Hotel, Valparaiso to Santiago airport. A 1.5 hour drive would leave us plenty of time to catch our 7.20pm flight to Lima.To pass the time between noon and 3pm, we left our luggage at Ibis hotel for safekeeping and set off up the hill to Tripadvisors number 1 restaurant in the city for lunch, Cafe del Pintor. It opened at one so the timing was perfect. We took the 3 course set menu. The food and service was very good without being mind blowing. We ... read more
Lima from the Bus (phone)
Hotel Lima
Hotel Lima

Geo: -33.0206, -71.5548Wow. What a unique city. For that reason, Valparaiso has probably been my favorite city on this trip so far. After a days sailing the Pacific, we arrived at our final cruise port this morning. We were off the ship by 9am. Our final day of cruising was largely pretty laid back and relaxing. Gym, alot of drinking, and a final dinner with our friends Perry and Gloria from Texas and Bo and Kristine from Malmo. The saddest part of the cruise conclusion was saying goodbye to these lovely people. Even as I write this, Nat and I are enjoying the bottle of champagne we received as a honeymoon gift from our Swedish friends.Like I said, overall we've really enjoyed the cruise, the destinations, the food and overall experience. 14 nights however is enough. ... read more
Exploring Valparaiso
Hotel Ibis Valparaiso
Hotel Ibis Valparaiso

South America » Chile March 25th 2016

Geo: -41.4752, -72.9521We awoke to another beautiful sunny day, anchored in the bay near Puerto Montt. Todays adventure would take us between two imposing volcanoes; Calbuco and Osorno. The former, visible from the bay recently erupted just last year in late 2015. Our guide advised us there are still concerns of this repeating - whilst Calbuco is usually coated with snow, its currently dry as a bone its wide flat summit both rocky and dusty, possibly due to increased heat levels.Osorno was a different spectacle; a wider volcano with a sharper point for a summit and a little taller. The top third of the mountain was dusted in snow, glistening in the brilliant sunshine. Our route took us via Puerto Varas, a German settled town offering notably different architecture to the rest of Chile. This modern ... read more
Morning Mist
Drive to Osorno
Osorno Volcano

South America » Chile » Magallanes March 24th 2016

Geo: -50.8589, -74.0135We've spent the last two days sailing the fjords of Chile and Darwins passage. Its been relaxing and spectacular viewing. The major standout of the last couple days was most definitely the glaciers, none more spectacular than the El Brujo Glacier. I mean I was expecting a couple cliffs, mountains and small glaciers along the way but nothing like this.El Brujo was huge, perhaps even surpassing Talia glacier the other day. Fortunately the captain stopped the ship here for a couple hours so we could all bask in its vivid blue splendor.Not only was the glacier spectacular to look at, but it tasted pretty good too! Whilst watching the glacier, we noted a lifeboat leaving the ship, approaching the glacier. We couldn't quite figure out why or what they were doing. Later that night ... read more
Fjords of Chile - Rainbow
Fjords of Chile
Fjords of Chile

South America » Chile March 22nd 2016

Geo: -53.1479, -70.9303Welcome to Chile! Despite the forecast of another freezing day, we were treated to blue skies and a relatively temperate max temperature of 10C. The currency here is the Chilean Peso (CHP) and 1AUD = about 550CHP. So everything seems expensive with high numerical costs. We arrived just offshore from Punta Arenas today around 9am. Being a small port, we again had to be tendered in via lifeboats. This certainly worked to our favor today as we were able to see dolphins splashing all around us, particularly enjoying playing in the waves behind our boat.Punta Arenas is the southern most city on the South American continent mainland, so they have a healthy debate and rivalry over which city is indeed the "end of the world". For me, Ushuaia clearly should get that title. Mainland ... read more
Forest Hiking
Forest Hiking
Punta Arenas

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