Robin D


Robin D

In September I am going to Russia for a year to study. From there I hope to travel around parts of Europe when I have breaks from school (and even when I don't!).

I would like to get to(but doubt I will get to them all): Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Estonia, Lativia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic


Until I leave for Russia!

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg September 4th 2009

A lot has happened since then but I haven't time to write about it now. But I have a few picture's that won't take long.... read more
Stairs at school
Smolensky Cemetery
St. Isaac's peeking over

North America » Canada July 2nd 2009

Okay I lied. I needed to vent sooner. Exactly 57 days. I got all the worry out of the way(well, maybe not all the worry...) Got my invitation a week and 3 days ago, with quite a butcher of my middle name into Cyrillic. 50 dollars for such a tiny piece of paper.... So, the things required for a visa. What a production that was. Or, what a production being in a small town made that. I payed 20 dollars for two tiny pictures for the visa application, a bit smaller than the standard passport size as that is what was required. They basically took passport pictures and then just took scissors and cut them down..... I got immunizations at the request of my mother. I got last time before I went to Russia as well, ... read more

North America » Canada May 30th 2009

Less than three months are left before I leave. I filled out my application for the university and they e-mailed be back, I sent them scans, They e-mailed me back, I needed the original invitation as that is what my consulate requires so just a waiting process until I receive that. Then I can get on with the visa and then wait for it to arrive, frantically e-mailing and consulate until it arrives the day before I fly out(as per what happened last time I went to Russia). My next blog will most likely occur a week or so before I leave when I start freaking out about my independent travel/study plans and find myself packing, unpacking and then repacking my suitcase. ... read more

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