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9th September 2008

Just got a new computer. My old one wouldn't let me on your site. It sounds as if you are having a great holiday! What a wonderful trip. I would love to get the notifications you mentioned on the home page of your blog. This is one country I have always wanted to visit. Have a wonderful time and don't forget those of us who are living vicariously through your blog and pictures.
8th September 2008

Miss you..
Looks like you are having a blast.. love all the up dates and the pictures.. Can't wait for more.. Miss you.. ttyl
From Blog: Day 3 -4 in OZ
1st September 2008

Hi Snodge
Thanks for all your help and advice on Trip Advisor. I have tried to use as much help from there as I can.
From Blog: Day 3 -4 in OZ
29th August 2008

great blog so far!
Hi, thanks for advising of your blog, I've really enoyed it. It'll be fun to follow you around. Have a great time! snodge
From Blog: Day 3 -4 in OZ
27th August 2008

Jenolan Caves
I have been to the Jenolan Caves and would recommend stopping there if you get the chance. Also... it may be early in the season, but the roadside stands with cherries are amazing! (I was there last Nov/Dec. so I bet they aren't ripe yet.) It sounds like you are having a good trip. I hope you stopped by Sydney Harbor (Harbour) to see the opera house. You can add me to the blog update.
From Blog: Day 3 -4 in OZ
27th August 2008

The trip sounds wonderful so far. I really enjoy the pictures. Just a Granddaughter will be coming Friday or Saturday. They are enducing Connie Friday morning at 8:30am. I will be taking the afternoon off to greet "KATIE". It would sure be a hoot if the doctors got it wrong and Katie become MAT or something with a boy name. Looking forward to it. Enjoy....will keep you informed of the progress.
From Blog: Day 3 -4 in OZ
25th August 2008

That memorial is quite sobering to be at. You guys look fabulous!

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