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Rick and Lyndsay

Traveling through the Andes and Amazon, picking up language as we go...

South America » Ecuador » North » Mindo January 28th 2010

The timeline... Mindo: January 12-15 Otavalo: January 15-19 From the Ecuadorian coast we sadly departed from the beautiful beaches and headed towards the north/central highlands... A 7 hr night bus was preceded by Pizza and Cocktails by the beach...well, we needed to sweeten the pot just a little for this mission! A relaxing time in the Cloudforests around Mindo was followed by four days of exploring the area around Otavalo, in the Highlands just to the north of Quito... MINDO Mindo, a quiet rural town in the mountains 2 hrs to the West of Quito is home to some of Ecuadors finest birds and aventurous activities. Its just $2.50 from Quito so it makes a great place to visit for many city dwellers. We enjoyed the food there, served and prepared by locals with heart in ... read more
Long tailed Hummer

South America » Ecuador » West » Canoa January 9th 2010

Well here we are in Canoa, Ecuador, a small beach town mid way up the coast. We spent the last 5 days taking Spanish classes 4 hours a day while managing to fit in many swims, reading in the various hammocks, walks to town for real coffee and well just relaxing. It has been so nice to be in one place for a week, so needed. We spent 3 days in Puerto Lopez over New Years, which is another beach town south of Canoa. It was nice to be on the beach, lots of fireworks and firecrackers and burning, felt almost like burning man! In Ecuador and possibly other places in South America too the people make these effigies that they burn at midnight on the 31st. You can buy the heads or the bodies or ... read more
cheezy shot
Los Frailes Beach
Grande Olas

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Chavin de Huantar January 9th 2010

We arrived at around 5am Dec. 12th, 2009... It was a beautiful, clear morning when we arrived in Huaraz, 3000m above sea level. We had travelled overnight by bus through winding mountain roads on our ascent from Lima (9 hrs). Thankfully we decided to try out the ´full-cama´ sleeping beds, chairs that nearly fully recline, to help ease our transition to higher altitude. However, after fighting off a little plane bug from our arrival in Peru and traveling this way to hignçher ground we needed a bit more time to acclimatize. So we got a little ill (soroche= altitude sickness) following our day one excursion to Chavin de Huantar. Chavin looks close and the book says 2.5 hours on a paved rd., but the reality is a much different story. 4-5 hrs on a paved rd ... read more
Daily Life

South America December 23rd 2009

in the Valley of Longevity We´re happy to be here, following a week and a half of travel up the Peruvian Coast and Andes. We loved spending a few quality days at 3000m in Huaraz with beautuiful blue skies and snow-capped Andean peaks. After the travels though we are in need of respite, having caught a little bug the both of us... Nothing like a few days in a calm, lush valley with good food to reguvenate body and soul. A welcome change of pace after the chaotic and frenzied hot city streets of the Peruvian north costal region. We´re changing hostals tomorrow, from the town to one with a spectacular view of the Valley. And...a Piscina!!! We´ll spend Christmas here, and be thinking of all our beautiful Friends and Family - sending you Loving Light ... read more
Plaza in Vilcabamba

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores December 11th 2009

Well our day started with our 7am flight to Los Angeles, which was a beautiful flight, watching the sun rise and seeing Mt Rainer poking its head up above the clouds. Arrived in LA and found where we had to go, which was a chaotic security line, took off our shoes and jacket for the 2nd time that morning. Love US customs! We arrived in Lima at 11:35pm and walked out into a sea of people looking for our driver who was supposed to pick us up. Walked around and around some more. Finally asked this lady at information and in our very broken spanish managed to get her to call the hostel and see where our driver was. It turned out he was there and manged to find us... and ...after getting stuck on the ... read more
I´m in Lima!
View from the Mosiac Wall, Lima
Cliffs in Miraflores, Lima

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