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22nd September 2014

Looks great!
I love just hanging out in new places, it's so much more fun and rewarding than flying around visiting all the tourist hot spots.
22nd September 2014

Loving that pic of you resting on the narrow streets and the one in front of the church on the path to Kastro! The blues and whites are just stunning. You guys look like you're having a blast, can't wait to read some more :) xx
20th September 2014

oh wow....just a little bit different scenery to walking along the Rockingham foreshore. Sounds like an absolutely fabulous spot. Your blog just makes it all come alive. Keep living the dream you two. Xxx
21st September 2014

Hello from Milos
Thanks, Sylvia - it is fun trying to capture some of the memories. We have one week left - 3 more nights on Milos, 2 nights in Sifnos, 3 nights in Athens and then back to Perth.
13th September 2014

Blog blurb
Hiya Lynne and Nat, glad to hear /see you are enjoying your stay. Loving the blog! Although you can't be in the Greek way of life if you have time to write this....siestas? And more time spent 'gastronomically'! Is this the potential LSL retreat? Fabulous sounding spot. Beaches? Enjoy enjoy enjoy. Xxx

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