Lynne Gould


Lynne Gould

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Sifnos September 20th 2014

Our discovery of the walking paths was borne of necessity, the only means of transportation that was available to us. However, once we went beyond the concept of commuting we started to experience the pathways of Artemonas, Apollonia and Kastro. Within these few kilometres there was a great diversity of pathways. My favourite was a path from the Windmill through small farms to Apollonia. The stone path wound down the hillside and eventually joined up with a pathway leading into the village. Along this path there were the expected donkeys, goats, cats, birds, chooks and cattle. An unexpected find was an out of the way pottery kiln and an older Greek man. The scenery ranged from beautiful traditional white houses, hay stacks, a ruins, an enclosure for animals, older houses and a magnificent little chapel. The ... read more
The pathway to Apollonia
The Family Chapel on the Path to Apollonia
Hilltop above the Chapel on the Path to Apollonia

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Sifnos September 7th 2014

This festival is all about the people from the Cyclades Islands gathering together to celebrate their traditions and cultures. By September the tourist season is slowing down in the island and this is a time for residents of the islands to come together for a party. As such it is not at all tourist focused. That was attractive to me and it was a fun event. Throughout the evening there were cooking demonstrations, pottery demonstrations, exhibits, and delicious food. The rhythm was not what I would have expected. The festival started around 6:30 but events began around 8:30pm. Even then it followed a leisurely pace with many speeches, congratulations and quiet moments with the dancing and festivities starting around midnight. In the wee morning hours we strolled back to Bella Vista and finally sat on our ... read more
Children and the Potter's Hands
Special Photo with Lovely Young Lady
Delicacies and a Large Rock

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Sifnos September 6th 2014

Sifnos Island has been a changing kaleidoscope. We arrived by ferry about 8:30pm. We drove through a busy port village with crowds gathered in shops, restaurants and bars; over a narrow mountain road, through quieter villages and finally to a beautiful Bella Vista located far apart high on a rocky cliff. Arriving around 9:00pm, I asked if the kitchen was open. A quiet young Greek girl said ‘I am the kitchen’. In broken English she suggested a taste plate and glass of wine – a wonderful recommendation and the start of an amazing evening. She was joined by two young children and a dog named Bella. Together they laughed and played in the courtyard while our young hostess communicated to us with increasing confidence of her English language about her life in Athens and her love ... read more
 The spaces of Windmill Bella Vista
Landmark Windmill
Wooden Box

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Pláka September 4th 2014

The journey from Perth to Athens takes 24 hours with a 7 hour stopover in Doha. We were greeted in Athens by a warm young lady with a happy welcome to Athens communicating confidence that ‘everything has been taken care of’ for the transfer to the Palace Electra Hotel. It was close to dusk and just time for a quick walk through the narrow streets and laneways around the hotel before it was time to call it a day and catch up on much needed sleep. Two glorious days of shopping and revisiting favourite locations from our previous trip to Athens called us to wakefulness well before the early sunrise. I discovered that I needed to adjust to the rhythm of Athens. Forget early morning gym and swim – these open at 9:00am. Breakfast is a ... read more
Close Up Changing of the Guards
Changing of the Guards
First Outing with my New Hat

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