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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires September 14th 2008

Damn, what a load of bullshit traveling can be when you're not healthy. To make it short and sweet, I contracted a bad infection on my right thigh during our stay in Samoa, and everything got a bit pear-shaped from then on. I didn't feel it was necessary to go and see a doctor at first, but it just got redder and redder each day, and I got a mean fever that lasted for two days and left me pretty useless. On the day we were flying out to New Zealand, it was probably the worst, I was in so much pain, and we had to take a bus and a ferry and another bus to the airport, where we had to wait some long hours for the check-in. Having arrived in New Zealand, I shlepped ... read more
El Obelisco

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia August 21st 2008

Feels like a long time since the last blog, probably because it is...just been to lazy to do any major updating, and the lack of fast internet doesn't help either. Most importantly, the world trip has continued after the extended break in Australia, I finally made it to Fiji and Samoa, and there's been some important stuff happening for me personally. Where to start? Fiji was pretty lovely, we had an amazing time on three of the Yasawa islands, splurging a bit too much, considering our tight budget. But there's just no cheap accomodation in Fiji, the prices are a shitload higher than in any European country. At least, we got to stay in a real Fijian village with the locals for a couple of days, which was a great experience, despite getting eaten alive by ... read more
Tropical village scene
Barking Gecko

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth May 20th 2008

First of all: sorry about the lack of updates in the last couple of weeks, but I had to sort myself out first before writing anything new in here. As you might have already noticed, I am in Perth now, a bit prematurely according to my original plans, but I thought it best for my general well-being and mental health to come here earlier. I just couldn't get myself to go on to Russia after Estonia at that time, especially not alone and without knowing a word of Russian. Sure, I can read a bit of Cyrillic, but that doesn't mean that I understand what is written, it's really only helpful to know where trains or buses go to. I know, I spent lots of money for visas I won't get to utilize, but that doesn't ... read more
SIngapore skyline
Buddhist temple in Chinatown
Behold...The Merlion!

Europe » Estonia » Parnu May 1st 2008

Damn, I'm tired. The last couple of days were rather full on, and here is how it all came about: On Thursday evening, I was taking the plane from Liepaja to Riga. The airport was tiny, there was only one building, you couldn't even call that a terminal. The plane was a Fokker with some 50 seats, but luckily, there were only about 10 other people on board. The flight consisted of taking off, getting a tea, drinking it, preparing for landing. If it just were always so hassle-free... After taking the bus to the centre of Riga, the thing that shouldn't happen happened again: my host wasn't there. So I waited for about 20 minutes, then started asking people if I could use their mobiles, but they either pretended they didn't have one, or were ... read more
Freedom Monument in Riga
Don't ask me why they have a monument in Riga
Beautiful sunset

Europe » Latvia » Kurzeme Region » Liepaja April 24th 2008

Those were some interesting days, I tell you. First of all, I was exploring Vilnius a bit further, especially its cafes, since it was raining for the next two or three days. Apart from that, I visited the Museum of Genocide Victims, also known as the KGB museum. It deals mostly with the KGB in Lithuania, but also pays tribute to the armed resistance against Soviet occupation from 1945-1953. The highlight of the museum was the former KGB prison in the cellar (where else?). A truly chilling place, all the cells were perfectly preserved, including the welcome cell, which was so small that prisoners could only stand inside, and which was used to break the will of the newly arrived, the water cell, where inmates had to stand for hours in freezingly cold water, and the ... read more
Thomas Mann-house

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius April 16th 2008

Alright, the best news first: I've made it safely back into civilization, i.e. the EU. Unsurprisingly, it's like a different world here, no more surly people, bad service, spitting as a form of expression, and no more Cyrillic! But how did it all come about? After my last proof of life, I managed to catch the train from Kyiv to Minsk after 10 hours of waiting at the train station. Yes, I could have left my luggage in a locker there, but -behold!- the descriptions were all in Cyrillic, and since I prefer my luggage safely tucked away, I refrained from that plan and grudgingly carried it with me. I killed the time reading, going on the internet, and snoozing away with the head on my backpack. The actual trip was nothing worth mentioning, the usual ... read more
National Drama Theatre
Another church
The Uzupio angel

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev April 11th 2008

What the fuck am I doing here? The farther east I go, the worse it gets, and Ukraine just feels like hostile territory, not like a country that is used to tourists, and especially that is receptive and friendly to tourists. You get lost in Kyiv and need to ask somebody for the way? Nobody will even bother to stop if you address them in English, it's a language that is definitely not spoken and accepted here. You wanna visit the country's major tourist attractions? Sure, if you don't mind that everything is exclusively in Cyrillic, except signs that say 'No Smoking' and 'No Taking of Photos'. You wanna eat something vegetarian? Try the pork lard with garlic, contains no meat, just fat. Apart from all this shit, my host here is a fat fucking Ukrainian ... read more

Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau April 8th 2008

Ah, Moldova. The joys of myriads of concrete blocks, the cheerful stares you get in the streets, the benign hassling from the police, and the feeling of union when sharing a Mercedes Sprinter with 20 other people. I think I'm the only foreigner here, despite the Peace Corps volunteers, some diplomats, and the Russians, but you can't really consider the latter to be foreigners here. This is their country. They can live their whole life here without speaking a word of Romanian (oh excusez-moi, make that Moldovan), they drive the best cars, they do some quality trafficking of the most beautiful women here. About 25% of the Moldovan population lives abroad. They don't have an economy. The country lives on the money sent back by their people abroad, and by what they can smuggle in from ... read more

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest April 3rd 2008

Maybe coming to Bucharest during the NATO summit wasn't such a good idea. First of all, during my less-than-amazing night train ride from Budapest to Sighişoara, at some point in the night, when everybody in my compartment was asleep, the border police knocked at the door, flung it open, and wanted to see the IDs of everybody. Fair enough, we were crossing the border, but after 10 or so minutes some more control guards came and wanted to check my bag. I had to empty maybe half of it, the guy asked if I had a gun in it, I answered truthfully "No...", then he saw my small medication bag, I said it contained Aspirine, Paracetamol and stuff, he asked "Heroin", me again "No.......". That wasn't the end of the check. He got confused by my ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava April 1st 2008

Yeah, so looks like I'm in Bratislava now, pretty knackered and about to go to sleep. But I thought I should finally get my ass up and write something on this thing. The trip to Gdansk was rather bizarre...first I was standing with the other pathetic passengers in a giant queue on Hahn airport, waiting to board. They wouldn't even make an announcement, it was pretty frustrating just standing there for more than half an hour without knowing what's going on. Ten or so minutes after the flight should have started we could finally board. The flight itself went by real quick, and we were already approaching Gdansk, when the captain said we couldn't descent because of bad weather and fog. So the plane was flying a curve for about an hour over the city, which ... read more

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