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23rd July 2014

Good Perception
Pictures evoked superb emotions of the bye gone era
10th April 2014
Bijapur Gol Gumbaz

it is very nice
Always i love this image due to it is looking funtastic so that i love this
14th February 2014

Hi guys
I was just searching for pics on bagan and your pics are just ,then i realized these pics are from 2006 ,oh! anyway bagan will remain the same forever ,frozen in time at least the temples :)
5th February 2014

Khajuraho Tour Info
Khajuraho temples – the UNESCO world heritage site is acclaimed worldwide because of the numerous images with erotic sculptures that depict innocent form of love and passion. For all the latest and up-to-date information on Khajuraho tour log on to:
11th September 2013
Vishnu is entering the scene

what a nice place
i want to be there soon
12th August 2013
Kamasutra positions

I want to see kama sutra positions
I want to see kama sutra position in this web site
21st July 2013
Kamasutra positions

sex x x
very sexy
6th April 2013
Bijapur Gol Gumbaz

Do visit my Bijapur collection on flickr here:
20th December 2012
Patan's Durbar Square

historical impotance about patan durbar square
6th December 2012
Kamasutra positions

intrested kamasutra
kamasutra photos very super & sexy.
4th December 2012

'finding' of khajuraho
Khajuraho,like Ajanta, was NOT lost. Tribals and locals were always either aware of or worshiping there. At both places, they guided the British travelers. The British did not consider any place as known/ inhabited until they had noted it or lived there. Like Victoria falls which already had a tribal name: Mosi Otuniya: Smoke that thunders.
2nd November 2012

gol gumbaz
on 22nd oct we went on a excursion for gol gumbaz and other places. gol gumbaz is a one of the most beautiful monument. the whispering hall was soo amazing and in my life i wont forget the gol gumbaz and whatever incidents happened there. all is well.
28th October 2012
Painted room

25th October 2012

Gwalior is one of the oldest city of central India (metropolitan city)
TravelBlog is The Best Travel Blog Site. Gwalior is Historical place. Very Very Beautiful Places in India.
5th September 2012

good to visit Aurangabad
nice and informative page, but its seems to a bit old information of the place. i have found a good website which covers all the places in aurangabad, accomodation and general info of the city, you can find more about it here
18th August 2012

amazing journey
nice trip...but, there are more every village...hahahha... thanks for sharing my batak people to the world... jahbless u
12th August 2012
Kamasutra positions

கோயில் கல் வொட்டுகலின் முக்கிய துவம்
காமம் என்பது வாழ்கையில் எந்த அளவு முக்கியம் என்பதை அந்த கால கோயில் கல்வொட்டுகள் மூலம் உணர முடிகிரது
9th August 2012

A'bad is my MOM's native place,coz of that i goes there many time,the Bibi ka makhbara.Pawan-chakki,Keli-bazar,an we wil get nice cloths there.and also new established shopping Moll,all of these things are good to see there! so I Luv this place very much!:):):)
22nd June 2012

Temple Architecture
Your sites is very nice.And most important temple information gather in your sites.
14th May 2012
Kamasutra positions
Muy buenooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
11th May 2012

Seems like a beautiful and peaceful place to visit, thanks for sharing info as well as all the pictures!
29th April 2012

its not all about sex
really amzing ihave heaared it these earlier also but came to know after seeing ur work that these are really marvellous work of the indian artists and artisans depicting the view about sex and its importance in the life i will surely visit these temple , your work is very beautiful and praiseworthy, keep it on

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