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North America » United States » Tennessee » Brentwood September 20th 2010

The last days of summer... spent in Tennessee So, I spent a week in the Nashville area at the end of September and it took me forever to finish writing this post, but here it is... Sunny, dry heat days in the mid 30's (celcius)...very, very nice. Nashville is a pretty & clean city with lots of green space. I was staying in Brentwood which is in the southern part of the city. My hotel was about 8-10 kilometers from downtown Nashville, and next time I would prefer to find a place closer to downtown. Not that my hotel or Brentwood weren't nice, they were. I'll show you some pics of it down below in the pic section. I would like to be able to explore another part of the city a little more. I did ... read more
Japanese garden in Cheekwood
Come sit with me

North America July 14th 2009

I'm going to post my pictures of the beach for you here. Through the summer as I hit other local beaches, I'll add them here for you. Then maybe some days when you need a quick break, you can come here and at least see some of my sights and maybe smile. The 1st beach and the one I went to last night is Parlee Beach located in Shediac, about 20 minutes from my home in Moncton. It is right on the east coast of NB, on the Northumberland Straight looking over to Prince Edward Island. It is a very popular beach for tourists, and young people. We have sand dunes in the water and so depending on the tides, there are little lagoons that make the water warmer (in the summer at low tide). It's ... read more
Parlee Beach
my flags

Europe July 6th 2009

Barcelona 28 degrees & sunny when we left. London feels cold! I had goose bumps all over and rather than shorts, sandals & sleeveless, people are wearing full pants, long sleeves & sweaters. The shuttle bus from the airport even had heat on... And have I read it correctly, 15 at home?! Good-bye med weather. The 10 best: 1. our amazing weather throughout this trip, 2 weeks of sun & heat. 2. our meals together outdoors 3. cappachinos in Italy 4. the restaurant Babylonia in Barcelona for our amazing food, service & view 5. our wait staff on the ship... especially Sneaky sneaky man (remember him in the movie Birdcage?) 6. my sunset rooftop swim in Barcelona 7. seeing Monaco, Marseille & Barcelona prepare for the Tour de France 8. my afternoon on the French Riviera ... read more
Europe 087
our waiters on the ship

Europe July 5th 2009

Return to Barcelona! More info later... I need some sleep now. Let me just tell you I didn't mind leaving the ship, and I loved London which is where we head tomorrow. BUT, I am so not ready to leave Barcelona! Lots of reasons but the biggest one is this is the end of our exploring. We are about to spend our time (in airports, cabs, hotels) flying back to London and then home. Our days in the sun have come to an end. We spent almost all our time out there. Meals spent relaxing outside in the warm breezes. I should also mention the streets here. Sidewalks along the buildings. Small one way streets and tiny parking spaces, with huge pedestrian walkways in the center of the streets! That's the way the street runs here ... read more
my lunch!
Hotel rooftop
the church at the top of the city

Europe July 4th 2009

An asylum, hobbits & catapults in the south of France. Last full day on the ship, tonight we head back to Barcelona Spain. I write to you today on the 11th deck on the outside deck just as we pull out of the port of Marseille and the view is of course stunning… Rocky, arid hillside below blue hazy skies with the city sprawled over it along three sides of the ship. This morning I went on an excursion to Les Baux which is about and hour and 15 minutes from Marseille by bus. As we are getting ready to disembark from the ship, one of the crew says it’s going to be hot, hotter than it’s been all week. The good thing is that my excursion is a lot of time in an air ... read more
to bring you luck
the asylum

Europe July 3rd 2009

Our first day in France. 11 days and 6 countries (not including home) were you keeping count? This morning was spent with a short drive to Monaco from our ship docked in VilleFranche on the French Riviera. It has a micro climate here so palm trees and banana plants are common. The drive is along the coast along winding roads on hills, kind of like Cape Breton …but rich, populated, tropical, yachts in the water. Ok, maybe not so much like Cape Breton other than the winding drive. We see the road where Grace Kelly went off the road and died in a car crash. Not as tiny & winding as the ones in Capri and Sorrento though. Monaco is wealthy, no crappy old cars here. To buy a studio apartment here, the starting cost is ... read more
suits & helmets
Tour de France
Casino in Monte Carlo

Europe July 2nd 2009

Cruisin’ in the Mediterranean Day 4. Ahhhh, Tuscany! Stunning countryside made up of large hazy hills, fields of bright sunflowers, green olive trees, grape vines & cypress trees and terra cotta roofs. Those large hills are where Michelangelo got his marble for his statues. Tuscany is somewhere I would come back to for a relaxing vacation in the sun. I know we’ve been travelling north, but OMG it’s been hot! By midmorning I thought I saw a sign that said it was already 33 degrees Celsius. Today is no cooler than yesterday in Rome though. There are fountains in the cities that you can have a sip of water or splash some water on your face. They’re not hard to find, look for the people at them, the fountains are usually very elaborate and I have ... read more
another water fountain in Florence
sexy clothes in Florence

Europe July 1st 2009

Cruisin’ in the Mediterranean Day 3. We dock in Civitavecchia and bus into Rome about an hour away, but this gives us time for a little power nap. Our days are so busy that I think everyone falls asleep on the bus. My group eats supper in the dining room at 9pm every night and after being ready for the excursions by 7am, you can see how it gets to be long days. It’s hot again, our guide tries to stay in the shade as much as possible and they give us bottled water to keep us from getting dehydrated. It all starts today in the heart of Rome at Trevi fountain where we throw in a coin (as the saying goes) to insure our return to Rome. We visited the Roman forum, the Arch of ... read more
inside the coliseum
All roads lead to Rome
Trevi fountain in Rome

Europe June 30th 2009

Cruisin’ in the Mediterranean Day 2. Tonight, I blog from deck 11, near the top of the ship as we sail out of Napoli (Naples). I wish I had my camera with me now as I can see the whole city spread out before me. Actually, only a video camera would do this view justice … a wonderful view. But then, I have so many great pics from this trip. It’s hard to believe I’ve been away from home and on vacation for a week already, but there is still another spectacular week to go. Today was a day that will be with me forever. When I was a university student, many of my elective courses were of Roman art & architecture. Today, I got to touch ancient frescos, roman columns, and stepped inside their villas ... read more
lagoon in Capri
Augustus' gardens

Oceans and Seas June 29th 2009

Sunday we boarded the ship, Voyageur of the Seas, which is part of the Royal Caribbean fleet of ships. There are over 3000 passengers just on this ship. I found the adult pool almost right away, a bar right by the pool and whirlpool. Wi-Fi is not available everywhere or in my room. But it is in the Pig & Whistle pub, I think that’s where I will be posting from. Yesterday, I worked out at the gym while the ship left the port of Barcelona. Rather than standing around on the deck, I had a view of Barcelona as we sailed past, from the gym while working out, which made the time on the machines go faster. The spa looks amazing and if I can afford to, I would go for a little bit of ... read more

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