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Heather Noyes

Taking my first snow-less winter vacation with my arthritis leading the way... Can't you hear my joint crying, "Warmth! Warmth! We want warth you old bitty!" So I'm taking a week to drive down from the Great North, staying at truck stops along the way (hey, don't knock it... theses are my sisters and bro's with bigger wheels!) Plus I got the dog with me!

So lets see what I find on my way down and eventually my way back (it better be muddy when I get back, no white stuff)...

See you on the road...

I have officailly seen PALM TREES.... so cool. By the way it was 70 today and I got a little sun to my cheaks! Spent the night at South of the Border truck stop... must say that was interesting. First of all, do eat the food there. Second, don't sleep there as the trains will keep you up. Third, Gomer Piles brother seems to be the law! (not that I had a run in with the law) Any way, South of the Border was dead when I got there. I figured for such a tourist trap it would be boomering... more like snoring! But will say they take care of the truckers, got my shower for free this morning! So far this is the only time I had to pull out my licence! Went to Charleston ... read more

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Nashua September 2nd 2011

So... I don't leave until October 30th, BUT there is so much to do between now and then. Pack, plan, pack, appointments, church events, winterize, plan.... and the list goes on. Tonight, I'm spending quality time with an old fashion pencil and paper with my trusty old reliable road atlas... of couse it's the trucker version as I need to get my fill of diesel fumes while on this jouney. I'm doing this the economical way.... staying at truck stops, showers will cost about $5... still cheaper than a hotel! Call me crazy, but I can just pull over and sleep away... don't worry I will have my trusted woofer security system with me (aka the dog).... Got my list of truck stops along the way as I don't trust my GPS apps after the VT ... read more

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