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24th April 2012
Chinese beard

International German Beard Championship
11th June 2011

Thank you, I had to drag Kristy of the road down a cliff over a long sandbank running from vicious crabs to take the shot i wanted :)
8th June 2011

A beautifully composed photograph - especially love the depth to the picture.
18th May 2011

Another great blog!
I love the traditional clothing. I would love to come to Norway to see one of the festivals! This looks like a great time.
18th March 2011

I got mine done in Bangkok, I don't remember the name of the studio, just that everything was black and white (like zebra strips everywhere). and it was down a smaller ally near New Joe's guesthouse (if you can find that, it's on Khao San road past the irish pub midway down the street). BUT there are tons of studios all over the place on Khao San, I'm not sure if they all do traditional bamboo or not, it's best to check around a couple of places, talk to the tattoo artist and see if you get a good vibe (I think it's important to have a good feeling from the person permanently inking you), also check out the equipment they use, the ink, if they steralize everything properlly, etc. I didn't have any problems with mine, it cost about 2500 baht, about $80 cnd. (I think, I'm a bit hazy on the memory of how much I paid). I haven't had any problems with the tattoo, after care was very easy, I had to put a baby balm/ skin care lotion type stuff on it twice a day for a week and not get any soaps or shampoos on it, shower was a fun event for a week lol. that was about it. The biggest thing is once you get there, do your research, spend a half a day or a day walking around talking to studios, check out the sanitary conditions and the atmosphere of the people working there, your bound to find someone you like.
16th March 2011
Bangkok Bamboo Tattoo

Hello! I've just seen your pic of bamboo tattoo in bangkok. I'm travelling to bangkok in a few weeks and am very keen to get a traditional bamboo tattoo but don't know where to have it done. Where did you have yours, and was it ok? How much did it cost and did you have any problems afterwards? Thanks!
19th February 2011

Blog of the year, 2010
Congratulations! :) This blog was nominated one of the best of 2010, in the Asia/photography category.
11th February 2011

Blog of the year, 2010
Congratulations! :) This blog was nominated one of the best of 2010, in the Asia/photography category.
22nd January 2011

Blog of the year, 2010
Congratulations! :) This blog was nominated one of the best of 2010, in the Asia/photography category. ''Also Scott and Kristy have some amazing photos from Asia ''
24th November 2010

oh dear. :/ I suppose Giovanni said that to save face for his city. oh Naples. so pretty but so not...
From Blog: Amazing Naples
23rd November 2010
Garbage strike

HaHa! I am not so sure there is a garbage strike. There were piles of it everywhere, when I was in Naples a few years ago. I think, it might be like that all the time. :)
From Blog: Amazing Naples
23rd November 2010

Beauty of Frescos
I enjoy reading about your travels. Hope you've gotten some new shoes!
From Blog: Amazing Naples
7th November 2010
Train station in Ipoh

Another awesome picture!
7th November 2010
The famous mer-lion of the bay.

This is an awesome picture!
28th October 2010
Oia by night

Spectacular shot
My sister used to send me lots of photos from here, and I was so wanting to travel there.. I just love the white buildings against the blue..
28th October 2010
Betty and Kristy at the Acropolis

Great to see you there Betty!
I am so envious!! My sister used to live in Greece, and WHY OH WHY did I not visit here there??OH ya, I had little kids and no money.... YOu must have packed alot in that week...
26th October 2010

Nice picture of scott and the cat ;-) hehe
23rd October 2010

Glad you are enjoying Greece
Hi there, I am following your travels in Greece, my home country. Interesting to get an outsiders look on what is "home" to me. I hope you enjoyed the islands too and look forward to read about it. By the way, just a small correction there are no nuclear plants in Greece (thanks heaven). I guess your photo shows Ptolemaida power plant, one of the biggest in Greece, and it is powered by lignite, which is basically carbon, it is mined locally. Still not great from the point of the environment but hopefully it will be phased out by wind and solar power. Enjoy the rest of your travels
19th October 2010

Great photos!
Breath taking! Uttely stunning.
18th October 2010

coming soon
I love the view. I will be taking a trip there soon.You give me so much more to look forward to... Perth tourist guide
15th October 2010

Hello Scott and Kristy ;-) Where to next? if your planning to go to norway wear some warm clothes =) Anyways, its been nice watching all the good pictures youve taken of different parts of the world. And now your in Greece, one of my favourite travel destinations! Enjoy the food down there and have a good trip.
14th October 2010

I just figured out how to watch both guys on the zipline
LMAO as I watched the "Mike your drunk " video.. funny as hell...,.
14th October 2010
Blue Lagoon

I have the urge to do the tarzan yodel
THis looks refreshing Kristy and Scott. I told your mom that my friends are in Laos and travelling. She told me in an email the other day that they climbed up to these waterfalls, and that it was a hard climb for her, (she's my age). She is travelling with her son, She's been once before with her husband, this is her 18 year old son's grad present, 33 days in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and I'm sure more countries. Nothing tops your blogs and photos though, you two are the best!!

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