Samantha Thibault


Samantha Thibault

It was Mexico that first infected me with the travel bug, now I'm taking on the world one country at a time! New people, new experiences, and many life-changing moments.

It was really nice this morning to wake up at a non-crazy hour to get ready. I was up before my roommates so I got my stuff together and put my last minute small items into my carry-on bag. I was pretty impressed with myself, I came here with technically 4 bags (2 checked bags plus 2 carry-ons) and was leaving with 2 bags ( 1 checked bag plus 1 carry-on). I was able to accomplish this amazing feat because I had jammed my carry-on bags with the majority of my personal items so I had one checked bag and the 90% of my second checked bag to fill up with donations such as toys and clothes. I’m really getting this packing lightly (and smartly!) down packed (haha –see what I did there?). As I made ... read more

This morning I woke up around 7:30am with enough time to shower and grab breakfast before one of my roommates and I headed out to walk around Panajachel to do last minute souvenir buying. Admittedly until this morning I hadn’t bought any souvenirs, I had bought one small shot glass that had Guatemala written on it, but that’s about it so I wanted to actually buy something. After walking around for a little bit I found a wool blanket that had the quetzal bird (bird of Guatemala) all over it and since was a much better price than a blanket I had looked at a couple days ago I bought it. My roommate and another volunteer that was with us wanted to buy a chess set made from stone so they headed back to the store ... read more

This morning I woke up before my alarm and even though I wanted to go back to sleep for a few more hours I managed to drag my butt out of bed to take a shower, which ended up being my first cold shower here in Guatemala. I was definitely awake after that shower! I headed down early to eat breakfast and soon after we headed to our very last clinic day! I can’t believe it’s almost over! I was very surprised but we actually didn’t have a lot of patients today so we got to hang out with the kids most of the day. One of the volunteer’s was not feeling good so I spent most of my free time with her, one of the little girls I met yesterday remembered me so she came ... read more

This morning I woke up to lights!! Yay. I’m so happy to see sunlight and have electricity that I don’t even mind the lack of sleep. I head downstairs to have breakfast and soon after we load up the buses and head to our second last clinic day! (tear) It was a super exciting clinic day because the community we were in (Santa Maria El Tablon) was the community that has the highest percentage of people that speak Kakchiquel so for most of the day each group had two interpreters. One of the patients that my group definitely got to me and made me cry; he was 15 years old and came in because of some stomach pains but when we were asking him all the questions to figure out what it could be nothing was ... read more

This morning we started a little later than usual… well I was supposed to. I had my alarm set for 7 o’clock because we were leaving by 9:30am but I woke up at my usual 6:30am. After shaving my legs and trying to find a bathing suit I headed downstairs for breakfast. Breakfast was the usual beans, eggs, tortillas, tea and fruit; it was nice to be able to eat normally as my stomach was feeling much better this morning. After breakfast one of my roommates and I went for a quick walk around the street before heading back to the hotel to meet with everyone else. As per usual, we didn’t leave at exactly 9:30, c’mon now, we’re all running on Guatemalan time. We eventually made our way down to the lake and were lead ... read more

This morning I woke up before my alarm (again), but wasn’t overly exhausted so I got ready and headed down for breakfast early. My stomach is still feeling off but I ate breakfast anyways; fruit (papaya, watermelon), tortillas, plantains, little bit of beans, and chamomile tea. I could live off of fruit, tortillas, plantains and tea. Slowly everyone made it down to breakfast and then we got onto the bus and headed to our last clinic day in San Jorge La Laguna. Today we didn’t get any super interesting cases but the group I was in saw 13 patients throughout the day which is awesome; we also got the diagnosis completely right on 4 patients!! Is anyone sick? Don’t worry, I’m almost a doctor, I’ve got this ;) At lunch I decided to venture out and ... read more

Today we were at San Jorge la Laguna and it was one of our busiest clinic days we’ve had so far! Today was also the first day that we needed two translators, one translator to go from kakchiquel to Spanish, and another to go from Spanish to English. It was so cool to hear kakchiquel spoken, and by the end of the day I was able to pick up on a couple of words. The clinic was a short walk from the water which only made me want to head to the lake that much more! My stomach was a little better today but I still didn’t want to chance it so at lunch I decided to not eat the meat and instead just eat rice, tortillas, vegetables and Jamaica juice. We didn’t have any notable ... read more

This morning we got ready and headed over to the main hotel to eat breakfast before we split up into two groups for our tour of Antigua. The tour was really interesting, we learned some pretty interesting facts about Antigua and got to see tons of cool sites including the main cathedral, an ex-nunnery –which is said to be haunted, and even went to a chocolate factory. At the chocolate factory we learned the facts about how they make chocolate and even got to taste test some! All of us bought some chocolate products as souvenirs before heading out again; it was a really hard choice to decide what to buy because they had all sorts of products ‘choclified’. We broke for lunch and Brandy, Megan, and I headed to Mono Loco to grab a quick ... read more

Today I let myself sleep in for a little bit longer and woke up at 5:30am to pack up all of my things; I got myself ready –skipping the possibly frigid but probably scalding hot shower and hung out in the living room/dining room asking Mama if she needed any help, and as usual she said no. I was getting my camera ready to take pictures of the house and some of outside when Mama gave me the sweetest gift ever; a traditional baby carrier and a gorgeous scarf. I felt so loved and was sad already that I had to say goodbye that I started to full on cry; I tried to hold it together but it just didn’t work. Once I pulled myself together Mama made breakfast and I took pictures. Alejandro and Isabel ... read more

I seriously don’t understand why here I always wake up so early, maybe it’s because I’m so excited to get out there and see more of Guatemala? Who knows; either way I woke up at a lovely 4:30am. At first when I woke up I could’ve sworn I heard noises so I thought that it had to have been the family which would make it around 5am. I was very mistaken when I looked at my phone and it beamed 4:30am. I decided to peek my head outside to see if the family was up; I knew the dad got up and worked early but I never thought they’d be up this early. Peeking my head outside I saw absolutely nothing and no one, not even the T.V. had been left on. It freaked me out ... read more

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