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Ruth Ann Abarcar

I have a passion for travel and a passion to help others that are less fortunate.
My ultimate dream is to travel the world whilst making a difference.
"Make Poverty History"

Asia » Cambodia » South » Tak√©o April 26th 2010

The Children of Wat Opot --- The Angels of Wat Opot ----- They have amazing strength, they are much more stronger than any of us. I went to Wat Opot to help out but really.. they helped me. My experience there was life changing, truly humbling and a real eye opener. The pain and suffering that these children have been through and are still going through is nothing compared to what we seem as 'pain & suffering'. Who am i to complain about my so called "hard" life. You never hear any complaints from these children, they have accepted, they are learning, they are laughing, loving and moving forward. To some of us.. this is hard to do. The Children of Wat Opot are happy, full of energy.... its infectious. I love being around them. The ... read more
The Art Class
Mr Chay
Mr Nak

Asia April 8th 2010

My 2nd day at Wat Opot as I walked towards the children having breakfast I noticed this little girl sitting by herself eating a mini packet of chips talking to herself (one of my favourite pastimes..LOL) - as I walked closer to her she looked up and smiled. She had the smile of an angel. She then put her little hand on the space next to her as to say "take a seat" which I kindly accepted. She continued her conversation, occassionally she would tap my leg and ask me to look at what she was pointing at -- at nothing -- then start laughing. She would at times engage in a conversation with me .. i'd speak English and she'd answer in Khmer and vice versa..regardless of the language barrier we knew what we were ... read more
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Asia April 7th 2010

A typical day at Wat Opot - what I observed during my 10day visit. 0630 - everyone is awake 0630 to 0730 - Kids take their medicine, breakfast then off to school. 0730 to whenever - Volunteers have breakfast After breakfast til about lunchtime - Us volunteers would do some work or play with the kids that dont go to school yet. Me, Carmen & Marijke worked on the craft shop - cleaning up, sorting out beads, making jewellery. Hank would work on Mr Chhang's coffee shop. Mark would work on some mechanics or other repairments needed. Wayne.. well I really dont know what he does. I hardly see him outside meal times. At 0900 we would have Khmer lessons with our neak crue (teacher) Srey Aun. And some playime with the little ones doing some ... read more
First Dinner
The Recreational / TV room
Khmer lessons @ the Craft Shop

Asia April 6th 2010

Well I'm back home now. I arrived last Sunday 04 April. Sorry guys, I've been pretty slack with my blog. Since my return everyone has been asking about my trip and i tell them to refer to my blog but i havent even updated from now i will try my best to update it daily..and give more details about my experiences. So picking up from my last entry... Day 2 at Wat Opot and i've learned so much and have fallen deeply in love with the children. There are around 70+ children here, the youngest at 7mths old and the oldest at 19. There are not only children that are here but families too. Wayne has set up little huts for the families to reside in. They cook their own meals and they also work ... read more
English Class
The class room
The class Room

Asia March 30th 2010

Wow I cant believe the 10days is already over... it went sooo fast... too fast!!!... I'm now back at Phnom Penh, staying at Hostel Happy. Man this place is full of foreigners, typical backpackers place. But the place is really nice and the rooms are so cheap. $3 a night with own bathroom and fan. I'm here for the next 2 nights which I will then be heading off to Hong Kong. I'm gonna make this entry very brief.. just want to give you guys a quick update. I will go in more detail in due time. On Sunday 21Mar I arrived at Takeo, Wat Opot orphanage. It was a 1.5hrs Tuk Tuk drive. The drive down was very interesting.. going through the little villages and slums. I was greeted with a warm welcome by Wayne ... read more
On the road to Chambuk,Takeo Province- Wat Opot orphanage
On the road to Chambuk,Takeo Province- Wat Opot orphanage
On the road to Chambuk,Takeo Province- Wat Opot orphanage

Asia March 21st 2010

I had a really really really early night last night. I slept at 7:30pm... as soon as my head hit that pillow I totally zonked out... I was soooo exhausted... or it could have been the 2 beers I had... it totally knocked me out ..LOLzz... Then I woke up at 4 this morning.. Wat Da!!! Had a really interesting breakfast - first of all the restaurant got my breakfast wrong.... Oh but I didnt want to be that annoying customer.. and it wasnt so bad.. instead of getting scrambled eggs on toast I got French Toast instead... Something even better!!! I felt so sorry for the waiter coz I can tell he knew he got my order wrong but didnt know how to approach me so I just gave him a look "its okay" !!.. ... read more

Asia March 20th 2010

The plane trip over to Hong Kong was suprisingly really quick. The flight was smooth except for a few turbulence which is expected. I love Cathay Pacific, best airline I've flown with so far. Much more leg room and I love the entertainment options. You have a personal screen with a remote/game console and there are over 50 movies to choose from. You have the new releases as well as some oldies but goodies. Then you have over 50 TV shows and also over 100 games to play. SICK!!!!....Man I can fly for days and days and just watch movies & shows... LOL.... Thus why I didnt sleep much. The stop over in Hong Kong was 4.5hrs...(LONG!!!!)... I slept for about an hour on the waiting chairs. Then I was on DragonAir on the way to ... read more
Phnom Penh - Wat Phnom
Phnom Penh - Wat Phnom
Phnom Penh - Wat Phnom

Asia March 19th 2010

Woo Hoo!!! My venture to Cambodia starts tonight. I'm so excited.... I leave Sydney at 2220hrs on Cathay Pacific with a 3hr stopover in HongKong and land into Phnom Penh tomorrow morning at 1030hrs local time. I still cant believe that tomorrow i'll be in Cambodia. I remember just talking about this trip early last year and now I'm going. Man time flys by really fast. Though this is a much needed vacation - the main reason for my travel is to visit Wat Opot Children's Community. I'll be staying with them for 10days doing some volunteer work. Wat Opot is located in rural Takeo Province which is 2 hours south of Phnom Penh. The centre cares for children that are infected with the HIV / AIDs virus or the child has been living at the ... read more

Asia March 17th 2010

Hi everyone, Wow.. this is my first blog entry... how exciting !!! I never really got into blogging but thought i should really start, especially a travel blog. So at least u guys get to 'travel' with me and follow me through my adventures. I really wish i started this ages ago as I've had great travel ventures through New Zealand, New Caledonia & Thailand...oh well... Never too late to start right. I'll try my best to keep my blog updated during my travels. Please feel free to leave comments and share your stories with me too. Bye for now... read more

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