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Europe » Spain » Canary Islands April 21st 2008

Geo: 28.9595, -13.5476We take a break from the daily go and go of cruise life to just stay on board the ship and enjoy a lovely sunny day!... read more

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir April 20th 2008

Geo: 30.4179, -9.60342Knowing how to beat the cruise line excursion monopoly, we once again find a taxi who takes us on another Moroccan adventure. We drive about 8 km south of Agadir to an amazing market spread out over several blocks. The market is frequented by locals not tourists so we do stand out but our taxi driver knows everyone. Check out the cool market photos!... read more
Colorful Olives and Spices
Mr. Dress Up
A Spice shop - with a home made Viagara!

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca April 19th 2008

Geo: 33.5756, -7.6178After a chilly day at sea we arrive in Casablanca, where we get a local taxi driver to take us to the sights. From Rick's cafe to the 2nd largest Muslim temple after Mecca to the palace and the open market - a wonderful Morroccan adventure.... read more
Darold at the Mosque
Ron at the Mosque
The Mosque across an angry sea

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona April 17th 2008

Geo: 41.3879, 2.16992We board the Costa Classica (an Italian Cruise line) on April 16th. Overnight in our little cabin then we arrive in Barcelona about 1 pm. Although we just came from Barcelona, it is a very different perspective arriving by sea. We venture back to the Columbus statue and the center of town to be caught by a downpour - buckets of rain!... read more
Public Art in Barcelona Harbor

Europe » Italy April 15th 2008

Geo: 44.3111, 8.47725At 5 pm we board a train for Savona. Our Mediterranean Cruise leaves on the 16th. Unfortunately, as we squirm in our first class seats trying to get some sleep, we find out that we could have booked a little cubicle. Trains are expensive. I can't believe the amount of surcharges there are for reservations and to upgrade to a cubicle. Yikes!... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona April 10th 2008

Geo: 41.3879, 2.16992We fly to Barcelona as the flight on Vueling is cheap ($133 CN) and wewould loose 2 of our 10 train trips on our Eurail pass plus take 2 daysto get here. We´re here to rendez vous with our dear friends Pauland Terry who are doing a whirlwind trip of Europe. Unfortunatelywe will only connect for about 30 hours before we have to get back onour train to Savona, Italy where we leave on an 11 day Mediteraneancruise with Costa Cruises.... read more
Tower on Sagrada Familia
Detail on tower of Sagrada Familia
In the church

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome April 5th 2008

Geo: 41.8955, 12.4823We arrive in Rome exhausted after an overnight flight that left Nairobiat Midnight and arrived at 7 am. Brent and his friend Luca inviteus for lunch on the only day that we could connect - today. Itwas a wonderful home cooked Italian meal. Good company, good wine- we are spoiled rotten! We struggle to stay awake as we getaccustomed to our new time zone by walking around the amazing ruinsthat are scattered around Rome. Today the Colesseum, tommorrowfamous Piazzas and the Panthenon, Vatican the following day and thePalatino and archeleogical site of the Foro Romano on our lastday. A full 4 days to see the incredible bounty that Rome has tooffer.... read more
Colesseum at night
Inside the Colesseum

Africa » Kenya April 1st 2008

Geo: -1.80652, 36.0444What a wonderful place! As we arrive in our small Cesna plane wecan see herds of Elephants, Giraffes, Ostriches and gazelles from thesky. Another great Safari experience - very different from SouthAfrica as the Massai Mara is so open with grassed plains while SabiSands was very bushy. Here we travelled solely with a guide,Charity with no need for a tracker as the animals are so plentiful andeverywhere. Charity was a good sport, a great guide and lots offun. We shared the first couple of days with Betty and Kerry fromMelbourne, Australia. Good Times!!!... read more
Water Buffalo
Ron doing the Masai hop

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi March 31st 2008

Geo: -1.27975, 36.8126We arrived in Nairobi in the late afternoon too late to transfer to theMassai Mara National Park. We relax in the Holiday Inn which isquite lovely although the food was poor in the restaurant. Therewas an East Indian restaurant across the street but we were warned notto walk the streets at night. In Nairobi the crime rate is nearlyas bad as Johannesburg although typically they just rob you and notkill you as is common in Johannesburg. Sad state of affairs for acity.... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg March 30th 2008

Geo: -26.1538, 28.0389We drove back to Johannesburg after 2 very exciting days onSafari. What an incredible experience. Riding in 4 wheeljeeps with a guide and a tracker and a gun mounted acroos the hood ofthe vehicle. We would game hunt for 3 to 4 hours enjoying acoffee break in the mornings and a happy hour in the afternnoonsafaris. Getting up for a 6 am safari and watching the sun risecould become a habit. We arrived in Johannesburg in the early evening after a game drive anda bush walk with our guide, Marcus. It was finally nice to beable to walk around the private reserve and get a close look at theanimal tracks and flora that were pointed out from the vehicle as wedrove by. Johannesburg is known for its high crime rateespecially armed robbery. The Out ... read more

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