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Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon October 13th 2013

2am wake up for Alms Giving Theravada Buddhists observe a three month lent period, which ends on the full moon day in October. In the days leading up to and immediately following the full moon there are many festivals and ceremonies to observe. One of the ceremonies is the giving of alms to monks and nuns who, due to the end of lent are allowed to leave their monasteries. The alms giving in Yangon was a large affair, with more than 400 monks and nuns participating. We had a 2am wake up call and we bundled ourselves into the back of Auntie and Uncle’s small truck for the trip to our designated spot. Even at this time of the morning there were hundreds of monks, nuns and lay people in the streets. Gongs were sounding and ... read more
2am truck ride
2am truck ride
Dana Stall

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon October 12th 2013

Following an early flight from KL LCCT we were so happy to see Ohnmar’s smiling face at Yangon. Ohnmar's first words to us were "are you ok, you sure?". This small question would be repeated so often it has now become our groups catch phrase. In the car the first thing I noticed as we headed into downtown Yangon was that the driver was sitting on the right hand side and was travelling in the right hand side of the road. Just like driving a R/H drive car in the USA, very odd. It made for dangerous overtaking and lane changing manoeuvres and was doing my head in. Lucky I was only a passenger. We checked in at the Bliss Hotel, freshened up and awaited the arrival of Mal from KL who travelled on a different ... read more
Lunch at Auntie's place
Money matters

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap April 14th 2012

The last two days of our stay in Siem Reap were the most enjoyable for me. Before going to Tonlé Sap (the great lake) Vanna suggested we buy a few gifts to give some of the village children on the way. We stocked up on pencils and sharpeners, some books of plain paper, some plastic balls for the younger ones and a few footballs for the older kids. Tonlé Sap We stopped twice on the way to Tonlé Sap and distributed the goodies to some very happy children. We showed them how to use the sharpeners and watched the younger ones faces beaming with delight about the plastic balls. That was a nice idea and I am glad Vanna suggested it. The cruise on Tonlé Sap was interesting; it must be amazing during the wet season. ... read more
rice roasted in bamboo with black beans
rice roasted in bamboo with black beans
rice roasted in bamboo with black beans

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap April 10th 2012

We were again reunited with the French Connection. They had booked us into a very comfortable hotel, with an inviting swimming pool. We had picked the hottest month to visit Siem Reap; this was the only time I could get off work so it was just unfortunate. It was so hot and humid I began sweating in places I never knew it was possible to do so. Exploring Ankor The next three days were spent exploring the temples and ruins around Ankor. We followed in the well worn path of millions before us. The heat could not diminish the wonder of these ruins. Our guide, Vanna, was very informative and he had a big challenge – he had to give his commentary in both French and English. He was well and truly up to the challenge. ... read more
Around the ruins
Michele, Beatrice & Lob
Ster, Jean, Michele, Beatrice & Lob

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Lao Cai » Sapa April 7th 2012

We left it a bit late getting train tickets to Sapa, so we had to settle for a sleeper bus. What an experience that was – the sleeping arrangements would be reasonably comfortable if you are built like the average Vietnamese person. For an Aussie bloke who is 180cm tall I am about 20cm longer than then bed was designed to accommodate. As a result I spent the following 12 hours hoping my knees would still work when we arrived. We travelled to Sapa with our friends Chung and John. Lucky they are both the perfect size for the sleeping bus bunks. When I took a look at them in their bunks they looked very comfortable compared to me. Dancing with the Hmong women On arrival in Sapa a group of Hmong women met our bus ... read more
the sleeper
the sleeper
Our Hmong entourage wait while we have brekkie

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi March 30th 2012

We departed Luang Prabang feeling relaxed, and really looking forward to more reunions with friends. Due to a change of plan our original few days visit to Hanoi could now be stretched to about ten days. With the people we wanted to see and some places we intended to visit this worked out well. We went form feeling a bit rushed to knowing we had plenty of time. The French Connection flew with us to Hanoi. They had some tours organised, plus some free time to meet some of our friends. Then they were off on a 10 day tour, until we planned to meet again in Siem Reap. Catching Up Destiny has seen us make a lot of friends who come from Hanoi. Destiny has also led some of our friends to move there as ... read more
Spending quality time together Gen Y style

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang March 26th 2012

“My name is Ster, Lob Ster” There were two Australian tourists wandering the streets of Luang Prabang, a local came up and asked “What’s your names” the tourists responded “Rob and Lorenza”. The local repeated the names “Nice to meet you Lob and Loz-enz-da”, the tourists corrected the local “No, that is Rob and Lorenza”. After going through this many times the two tourists changed their names. From then on when approached by a friendly local they introduced themselves as “Lob and my darling wife is called Ster”. This is how we will be known forever more throughout South East Asia. After a few Beer Lao’s most locals got the joke. Cousins Reunion(s) Of all the places you could pick to teach English as a second language I think Luang Prabang would be one of the ... read more
The Bamboo Bridge below
On the Bamboo Bridge
Phil's local shop

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane March 24th 2012

The plan … We were very excited to finally be heading to Laos and to be able to put our plan to help Tong into action. We were working to a tight schedule, but felt confident that we had everything organised. Before leaving Sydney we did a quick check of the arrangements: Appointment confirmed with the specialist in Thailand – check. Meeting organised with Tong’s father and the village leader – check. Driver, car and translator organised to get us all to Thailand – check. Border passes for Tong and her Father – check. Emergency contact both here and in Laos – check. Village meeting and the contract (23 March) … We met with the village leader and Boun (Tong’s father) the day prior to our appointment with the specialist. We wanted to make sure that ... read more
Lorenza, Tong & Boun
Late Lunch
Thai Market

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane March 23rd 2012

Une réunion à Vientiane (23 March 2012) Following a hot and confusing day in Tong’s village we needed some time to relax and get our breath back. We went back to our guesthouse, Sala Inpeng, and refreshed ourselves. Then we went searching for some French relatives who were to meet us in Vientiane. We found their hotel, but they had not arrived. It turned out their flight from Hanoi was delayed so we left a message at their hotel so they could find us later. We took a walk to find a cool restaurant for a few drinks and dinner. We came across Makphet Restaurant not that far from our guesthouse. It is run by a charity called Friends International. We got a table overlooking the street, with a fan and ordered drinks. The menu was ... read more
Tanoy, Lorenza & Care
Sala Inpeng Guesthouse
With Care

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains February 4th 2012

Background In June 2011, Lorenza and I travelled to Laos and stayed with the family of one of my workmates. They live in a small village near the capitol Vientiane. The village is situated on the banks of the Mekong River and most of the residents earn their meagre living as farmers or farm labourers. They lead a simple lifestyle and supplement their diets with whatever can be provided from the Mekong, such as fish, snails, muscles, etc. While we were in the village we saw a lot of village children playing and enjoying the start of their school holidays. The kids were all happily poking fun at the “falangs” (foreigners) who were watching their antics. We saw one young girl that was a bit left out and did not join the other kid’s games. We ... read more
Tong & Ting
Lunch Invitation
the Menu

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