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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney November 13th 2011

On Sunday (13th Nov) we ventured away from our mountain home and into the inner city to attend The Newtown Festival and then to the eastern suburbs to have a look at Sculptures by the Sea. Newtown Festival The Newtown Festival is organized by Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, and featured a range of activities including music stages, a kids and family zone, Writers Stage, Street Theatre and Art Spaces, the Newtown Festival Dog Show, a diverse mix of market stalls, food from around the globe and people watching opportunities aplenty. All money raised goes back to the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, which supports services to the local community. According to the centre they provide services to the aged, people with disabilities, people with mental illness, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and people on low incomes. Sculptures ... read more
Newtown Festival
Newtown Festival
Newtown Festival

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud October 26th 2011

26th to 28th October To Ubud with Mr Egg We had an entertaining time checking in for our flight in Maumere. This time we had no dramas at all, we had booked seats, we got boarding passes and we actually got to board the plane and made it to our destination. The check in process was simply chaotic, staff and customers were behind the check in counter putting labels on bags, and big packs of dive equipment. We just took it all in and enjoyed the mayhem. We had pre-arranged for a driver to meet us at Denpassar on our return from Maumere. Our driver, Mr Egg, took us to Ubud (via the Bali Zoo) and helped us find our accommodation. Why Anne? & Pondok Frog We had a room booked at the Pondok Frog Bungalows, ... read more
Bali Zoo
Bali Zoo
Bali Zoo

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Ende October 21st 2011

Background Eleven years ago, Lorenza and I decided to sponsor a child through Child Fund Australia. We contacted the organisation via the phone and within a few weeks we were sent the details of a child they had selected for us in Indonesia. The details they sent us included a lovely photo and the following details: “Maria Yensiana was born into a desperately poor family in East Nesu Tengarra. She lives with her parents, grandparents and one elder brother, in a small house with bad sanitation and no private bathroom. Her father tries hard to earn a living by working as a peasant, but he earns very little that it is impossible to meet the family’s needs. Her mother, although resourceful at trying to make the most of the little, cannot do much with her husband’s ... read more
Ende harbour
viewing the records
welcome at the school

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Maumere October 20th 2011

20th to 21st October Ende The town of Ende is in a beautiful location, surrounded by beaches and jungle covered mountains. The town itself is not particularly attractive, they seem to be doing a lot of work there, but as more tourists visit it will improve. We did found the locals very friendly. After being met at the airport and taken to our hotel, we decided on a walk through town to the beach. We noticed that the local public transport system consisted of adolescent boys driving pimped out mini vans, with the doof doof sounds systems blaring out what sounded like the Bahasi version of gangster rap music. There seemed to be an interesting mixture of Christian and Muslim followers in the town. Most of the buildings and houses appeared to be rather boring, concrete ... read more
Food ....
on the road to Moni

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta October 17th 2011

17th to 20th October Bali was not high on our “places to visit” list for one reason or another. Denpassar just happens to be the transit point for flights to the island of Flores, where we intended to visit a child we sponsor. Our initial plan was to spend one night at Kuta, not too far form the airport and grab a flight to Ende the following day at 1.30pm. We had the morning to have a quick walk along the main drag of Kuta, which consists of bars, restaurants, shops, and lots of hawkers trying to rope you into all sorts of things, such as looking at time share bungalows, etc. All the shops sell the same T-Shirts, caps, glasses and flip flops. Where do all the billions of unsold T-Shirts in the world go ... read more
small fish eatery
Taman Ayun Temple
Taman Ayun Temple

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane June 25th 2011

Vientiane – 23 to 25 June 2011 – Thursday to Saturday Back in Vientiane we decided to stay in the city for our last few days in Laos. The first night we stayed in a guesthouse, but it was rather noisy and smelly so we moved to a slightly more expensive hotel. We had a comfortable bed, good air con, a swimming pool, plus a great cocktail bar and restaurant. Yep, we had gone soft after departing the village for Luang Prabang, but my back thanked me for it. The Moon restaurant on the Mekong Sai collected us and took us to dinner at a great restaurant on the banks of the Mekong River. At first I wondered where he was taking us as we drove down a narrow, muddy, deserted lane that appeared to nowhere. ... read more
farewell dinner
Vientiane lunch
farewell dinner

Asia » Laos June 25th 2011

During our stay in Laos we were lucky to spend a lot of time with local friends and friends of friends. This gave us the chance to try a lot of different Lao food, from street food to higher end restaurant cuisine. Through this we also got an insight into Lao culture and family life. Our impressions of Lao food is that it is very fresh, simple, healthy, and very tasty. We also found out that Lao people spend a lot of time cooking and sharing food with family and friends. They also love to share a drink or maybe ten – during our visit the Beer Lao flowed in an almost endless, happy stream. We spent a lot of our time eating, drinking and chatting, in road side eateries, people’s gardens, during impromptu get togethers ... read more
Beer Laos - ngoc!
Lotus flower seeds

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang June 22nd 2011

We said a temporary farewell to our friends from near Vientiane and flew to Luang Prabang with Laos Air. There was a Vietnamese dignitary on the flight so when we landed in Luang Prabang there was a television crew there to greet our flight. We joked with Sai that we thought the fuss was because of his arrival looking like a Thai pop star. Our greeting party was Sai’s cousin, Top, with his wife Ting, plus their young son. Naturally our first stop was a noodle soup house for a quick lunch. Then they helped us find a comfortable guesthouse in the centre of town. After settling in we took a walk around and met up with some of Sai’s friends who he used to work with in the tourist industry. They mostly work as tour ... read more
Luang Prabang
arriving with the film crew
comfy spot for a cat

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane June 17th 2011

The people we spent an afternoon chatting and drinking with a few days ago in Ban Hom invited us to join them in making a food offering to the monks at the temple in their village. The event was to mark the birthday of one of the group. A lot of Buddhist celebrate their birthday by making an offering at the temple. It was suggested that we should wear something appropriate, like the shirt that Sai’s mother gave me and top she gave Lorenza. Plus, they gave us a sash to wear across our left shoulders. Our fiends also prepared some baskets of food for us, including bananas, drinks, sticky rice and other delicacies. According to local custom we added some cash donations to this as well. We carried our offerings on special bowls used just ... read more
Food offerings
Food offerings
Food offerings

Asia » Laos » West » Vang Vieng June 16th 2011

Vang Vieng Sai’s Uncle took us for a drive to Vang Vieng, it took about 4 hours to get there. Unfortunately, we got stopped by the Police about one hour out of Vientiane and they found that Uncle had neglected to pay his road tax on the van for some months and he was given an on the spot fine (or was it a small bribe?). It did not take us long to be back on the road, so we guessed it was not such a big deal. Being an optimist I decided not to ask Sai if we would be covered by any insurance if Uncle had an accident, I let that thought slip by with the scenery. We passed through many small villages on the route, as we got further from the capital the ... read more
Stopping at the hill side shrine
on the road to Vang Vieng
Around Vang Vieng

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