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16th May 2011

No idea
Ledsen, ingen aning om de ens är i livet fortfarande. Mina föräldrar kände dem, men sedan de gick bort har jag ingen kontakt alls med Ci och Kjell.
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19th November 2010

About the Jordans (Jordahns)!
The painting on your wall is a Kjell Jordahn. We have several small sculptures and paintings in my family both by Ci and Kjell. I wonder if you have some information about the Jordahns? Are they still active artists? I have tried searching the net but found very little information. Regards Patrik
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15th August 2010

Thank you! Most pics are by K, of course.
15th August 2010

Oh yes!
Of course. Stupid question. Best museum in the world. Big Rabbit said it was very good for human kids, too, but it was of course best for rabbits.
9th August 2010
Dick Bruna-huis

Did you enjoy the museum?
Joplin? Zakje? Did you enjoy the museum? Did your mum, Big Rabbit, like it? Emma and Jean-Claude
8th August 2010

Nice start
Sitting here in rainy Lerum, your description of Kingston rings positively exotic. But then a Jamaican might say the same about our neck of the woods. Somewhere off the coast of Jamaica lies a shipwreck of the first ship my great grandfather sailed as captain, the brig Bore. No big thing and he wasn't captain then, but its one of two I do not have a picture of. Nor do I ever hope to find one. But that's the closest tie I have to Jamaica, except for the wife of my late uncle named Hyacinth. But she lives in Austria now. We write now and then. I look forward to your next entry - I'll read it if I can find the time.
8th August 2010

Very interesting and weel described! Can't wait for the rest. And I LOVE your pictures...
30th August 2009

Map? Check. Tickets? Check. Findagrave prints? Check.
Yes, we always have a look at Findagrave before leaving :-) But neither were there, probably because they are so-called private. But Golders Green sounds interesting, haven't been there!
30th August 2009

The impressive "corridor"
I looked though all your old blogs and noticed that you have an Ake photo (the "corridor") in "Car week almost over". I call them corridors too, or sometimes tunnels. I just love those photos, as you probably have noticed in our blog, and one day I will make a book with only photos of "corridors. Ake
22nd August 2009

How to find graves
What a bummer for you not to see neither Walt Disney's nor Errol Flynn's grave. If you want to go looking for graves your best friend is "Findagrave dot com". If you are lucky they have information to where in a large graveyard a specific grave is located. But I guess you already knew that. Btw it's cool you've seen Bela Lugosi's grave. I'm envious! When you go to London you just have to check out Golders Green Crematorium. Peter Sellers and Marc Bolan are both buried there. Urns with the ashes of Sigmund Freud and Bram Stoker can be seen if you ask the caretakers for a key to the house where they are stored. The ashes of legendary drummer Keith Moon was scattered there as well and a small memorial plaque is put up over him. Ake
18th August 2009

Strange, indeed
Well, there ARE night trains in Sweden, but I rarely go Malmö-Sthlm for instance. And the last time I had to go up north, I had to be in a hurry, so train was out of the question :-( And why I haven't been to Utrecht? Heck knows. The Dick Bruna-house only started in 2006, though.
17th August 2009

Night trains
We also enjoy night trains. We took a few in Ukraine. They have plenty of them there and they are good too. You can also take night trains in Sweden. We took a night train from Malmö to Stockholm just a week ago! Why on earth haven't you visited Utrecht before? It is very Irene-ish! Ake and Emma
8th March 2009

Why only the right foot?
LA has to be done whole or not at all. It's an immersion thing - you'll know it when you've done it, but if you don't you won't know it. Like the sound of one hand clapping, of course, as a totally immersed friend once said. Glad your getting all the tidbits together. Say hi toyour beloved and come home safely.
8th March 2009

A tar pit!
You've seen a tar pit! That is such a cool thing to see. Even beats the mud volcano I saw in Venezuela ( ...and Arnies hand impressions aren't chicken shit either... ...and I liked the photo of the squirrel. Have fun in Yosemity and other places. /Åke
27th December 2008

Guest bed without limits!
'course you can try the guest room – and the best thing about the bed, I'd guess you'd say, is that there is no footboard :-)
From Blog: Our new home!
18th December 2008

Looks good - hope to get there sometime soon. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!
From Blog: Our new home!
18th December 2008

I'll see it all in January
Hope I can try the guestroom in January when I come down for the film festival. I'm looking forward to see your casa. Åke
From Blog: Our new home!
11th December 2008

Good stuff
Thanks for taking us all along.
10th December 2008

To Emma & J-C
Zakjekonijn just wants to let you know that he actually decided to go so close himself, he didn't ned to "be put" anywhere! That's how brave he was. (I can tell you a secret: he went out again rather quickly as well …)
9th December 2008

Hi Zakje!
Hi Zakje, So Big Rabitt put you near the falls only to take a photo of you. That must have been scary! Water in general is not nice, we are also cuddly toys so we know that all too well. But we have found out that vertical water can be interesting to look at if you stay well away from it. Good to see you. Take care, Emma and Jean-Claude
9th December 2008

One word is enough...
...jealous! Damn... Now I have to go and see the Victoria Falls and Iguazu Falls...
8th December 2008

Indeed awesome and humbling. The horseshoe form is created by the water itself as it slowly eats into the rock in the center. There have been discussions about somehow harnessing the immense power, but thankfully they have come to naught in the face of nature's own majesty and the tourist dollars to be earned.
8th December 2008

We did our part.
We went to the "History of Hocekey" museum and stood outside to watch the buildning. That's about as far as we could take it. So we did our part ;-)
12th November 2008

What fun! This travelling vicariously with you as a guide has its truly positive effects -- in five minutes I can be in Canada or the Faeroes -- traipsing along wherever you happen to point your words and your camera. Thanks Sven
11th November 2008

No ice hockey?
You go to Canada in the winter and don't watch ice hockey? Even if you don't like the sport it is compulsory thing to do when in Canada. You know, "a tourist got to do what a tourist got to do". Take care and see you both like next week, Åke

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