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14th April 2017

Read all your stories backwards, chronologically, that is. Interesting observations. Glad your dad didn't don't break a bone in his fall. Glad Dwayne got his backpack. A pity I couldn't have met you as it's only a few hours away.... sounds like you're having a great if not very different time.
15th April 2017

It's a shame we couldn't have met up! I thought Dwayne would have shared our plans during the Christmas phone call...
8th June 2016

Loved your Turkey experience
It brought it all back for us as we had been to Turkey many years ago. Thank you. Shirley and David XX
From Blog: Cappadocia
28th May 2016

What an incredible journey so far! You know if I ever go to Turkey, I'm going to ask you for the details (b&b, restaurant , etc.) Maybe you should add them to the blog now. 😉 Miss you Two! x0x
21st May 2016

Loved the pics and reflections about the cruise- glad you guys have had a ball and been safe!!!
9th May 2016

Loved your descriptions of Istanbul. They took us back to our visit 30 years ago, Thank you. Did you notice the worn steps made by the shuffling of sentry's feet over many years?
I should have put that comment here but I'll leave it there. It was a real trip back into history for you. Love and blessings, Shirley and David XX
From Blog: Istanbul
12th September 2014

more pics
love travelling with you all, more pictures pls! R xx
From Blog: Riga
13th September 2014

More pics
Hey Mellies, we will eventually whittle our pictures down to the top 200 and upload these after the trip. For now, we really only have time to scour a couple hundred and pick 4-5 to upload once a week. Otherwise we'd be here for hours and miss all the sightseeing! Thanks for the feedback and glad you are enjoying the long tales :-)
From Blog: Riga
25th July 2012

Bucket Elevators
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18th July 2012

Hmmm. About that pass behind Innsbruck... who was driving? It MIGHT just be one of the worlds best drives (if you are behind the wheel!) ;) Some really facinating stuff in this post - I think there is a lot we don't really know about European royals. Looking forward to seeing your photos. :)
24th July 2012

We were both behind the wheel at one time or another!
Seriously - too much traffic to be the best drive in the world.
22nd June 2012

Sobering Experience!
Hey guys, Loving your descriptive writing about your travels. I have always wanted to visit one of the concentration camps as the plight of the jewish in WWII has always been something that interested me. Sounds like you are packing quality expereinces into every second of your day! Great pics too!!!! Safe travels xx
From Blog: Munich, Germany
1st June 2012

WWIII of the waistline...
Eat the strawberries... not only do they look marvellous, but you'll feel less guilty for eating eclairs, mousse and chocolate!!! LOL And why not have chocolate for breakfast, I say (I can happily do it... might have something to do with having once dated a Belgian though!). Loving your posts! :) s x0x
From Blog: Brugge, Belgium
1st June 2012

Chocolate, dairy and pastry - a perfectly balanced meal
Sounds like you guys are having a great time. We were just saying that if Nana Bear was still around she would have loved to have these blogs printed out for her to read over and then find all the different countries on her world globe!!!!! Can you believe you have been on holiday already for 1 week!
From Blog: Brugge, Belgium
1st June 2012

Loving following your blog you two! It's the trip you take when you are not taking a trip! r
30th May 2012

Bring home some food!!! ;)
I remember when riding with a helmet first came in... I HATED it!!! (No more wind in your hair as you cruised down hills). It wasn\'t till my best friend stuck her pedal through the spokes of my front tire (that sent me over the handle bars) that I gained any appreciation for them at all! :) Sounds like you are having a bliss filled time so far - Rhubarb icecream and lemon mueslie...sign me up, it sound fabulous!
30th May 2012

Hi There,Amsterdam looks really pretty. I imagine the rest of the Netherlands would be the same and I would to see that country.Thanks for your blogs - they are very interesting to read.I see you are now in Bruges - will be good to see what that country is like.Take care. Luv you
29th May 2012

I'm Jealous (except for the long plane rides!)
Hope you guys have a fabulous time - the itinerary looks really interesting. I can't wait for my presents!
27th May 2012

Sounds like you are off to a good start! I can't wait to see your photos (going to post some teaser shots of some of the food for us???) Second pregancy labours go faster ;) like 2h 15min. Not sure which I would prefer... I'll get back to you in a couple of weeks with an update! LOL (Although I think the sleep you will get in the weeks following will be MUCH better than what I will get post-labour). Eat something scrumptious for me! :D S x0x

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