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North America » Mexico January 23rd 2015

Geo: 19.312, -100.143The Eastern Monarch butterfly sets off from north-eastern USA and south eastern Canada beginning in September or October to make a journey of up to 4300 miles (given they don't fly in straight lines) to overwinter in one tiny, mountainous part of Mexico west of Mexico City. Two or three will start from a bush near Boston (where we got to tag them a few years ago as they started the journey) , a few from a place near Chicago...they make their way South, resting and feeding at layovers in the Appalachians and other places, merging with other streams from other directions until millions of them gather in a few small locations where the altitude, the foliage, the climate are right for them to pass the winter. They cluster together in great fronds that ... read more
Heading up the mountain, Liz in the lead
First sight of Monarchs taking on nectar
A tree with many Monarchs

North America » Mexico January 20th 2015

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North America » Mexico January 18th 2015

Geo: 21.02, -101.28Our view of Mexico changed as we hired a car from the airport to travel north on a 3 week tour of small towns and ancient ruins. We began by taking motorways, which have lots of tolls, but the petrol is very cheap. In most cases they were direct and certainly better surfaced than minor roads. They are frequented with lots of lorries and buses, but fewer cars than Europe. The countryside north of Mexico City is mainly flat and dusty, with strange shaped mountains in the distance. Where the grass is greener there are cattle and some sheep, sometimes herded by groucho cowboys on horseback - typical Mexicans, just like the films!Our first stop was Teotahuacan, where a guide took us round the ruins of Quezachotal's Palace and climbed the many steps of ... read more
The view from half way up
Our first view of Tula
Those standing figures close up

North America » Mexico January 16th 2015

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North America » Mexico January 15th 2015

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North America » Mexico January 14th 2015

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North America » Mexico January 11th 2015

Geo: 19.4106, -99.1306Beginning another adventure.The flight to \mexico was surrisingly long and seemed to detour way north over Greenland. Maybe this was to avoid the storms and headwind crossing the Atlantic to hit UK. But after 12 hours and 4 movies we arrived early evening Mexican time.We had a short wander to the main square all lit up with Xmas festive lights and busy with a huge ice rink in the centre. One night we found ourselves walking through a powder snow fall (generated by snow machines and accompanied by carols!) in the main shopping street. They like to experience winter, even if temperatures are very un wintery - 10 at night and 20+ with hot sun and blue skies once it warms up in the day.On our first day we explored the ancient Aztec remains ... read more
Christmas lights still burning Jan 10th
Gourmet's delight
A Hurdy Gurdy man

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London January 9th 2015

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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London October 19th 2014

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Middle East » Turkey October 18th 2014

Geo: 39.935, 32.847Not many photoshere - and they were meant as memory joggers really. Still.The first problem with the Trans Asia Express is finding the place you get on it. Go to Tehran main station and they tell you you have to go back out, across the square, turn left and it's on the left. About 5 minutes.And there is an entry on the left with one of those barriers that stops cars, but no sign saying International so you ask the guy in the control box and he nods and lifts the bar and as you walk in you do see a sign in the middle distance but you can't read it because it's dark (because the train leaves at 21:25 - or is it 22:40) but when you get closer it does say 'International ... read more
still making prayer stops (in Iran)
Has the driver gone to pray?
Mountain scenery

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