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16th October 2016

Very Useful
Thank you very much! Your story is very good and helpful to people like us who are planning to do the circuit! Thumbs up!!
14th December 2015

Small world
What a delightful find on a dull afternoon! I particularly liked your photograph of Westminster. Your blog came up in connection with my old college friend Paul Engeham, who might be surprised to learn that I'm currently Principal of a small international school in Guangzhou. Do pass my best wishes and season's greetings to Paul if you are in touch. I may be on furlough in London in February. Michael Collins
27th August 2014

Hello….I would like to say that this blog post will really going to help all of us a lot. I would keep visiting this site for more such informational posts. Thank you.
29th June 2014

We love diving
We know you are not complaining but getting back into the work life is an adjustment and we understand. Glad you had time to go diving and wish we could have been on that trip. The sea lions would have been wonderful to see. Great photos. Excellent. Glad you'll be writing some local blogs. We love those as you are the expert in the area.
28th June 2014

This is the first Travelblog I've read...
where the diver interacts with sea lions. Most of the other divers concentrate on tropical seas. You might inspire other divers to dance with sea lions. I'm looking forward to your future local blogs.
28th June 2014

Thanks Bob
It was an amazing experience. Looking forwards to doing it again!
14th May 2014

I think Galway has the missguided reputation as being popular for stag parties in Ireland. From my holiday there last year there were loads of families holidaying there and there is so much to see and do in the surrounding areas. Roundstone, Connemara, the Gaeltacht Irish speaking areas and Spiddal are also worth visiting.
3rd May 2014

Thank you for thank you
It was a pleasure to see you in London again Daniel - and I am only sorry it was so short. Next time I hope you might be able to visit my former home in Cornwall too. Best wishes (on the day of the Army v Royal Navy rugger match!!)
From Blog: Thank you all
3rd May 2014

Daniel, not sure whether my previous comment was uploaded. A great adventure. Glad we could contribute to the memories and trip of a lifetime. Salud!
From Blog: Thank you all
3rd May 2014

Thank you Daniel for writing such great blogs. They are so entertaining and interesting. Looking forward to crossing paths again in Thailand one day :-)
From Blog: Thank you all
3rd May 2014

Thanks for your words Bob, I hope you have a great time in Peru and places you visit in this trip to South America. Cheers!
3rd May 2014
Mont St Michel

Thanks for the comment!
Hi Tara, thanks for your words. Indeed my stay in France was great and big part of that was that I stayed most of those 7 weeks with different French families. I saw that you recently wrote about a trip to the South of Chile you did a few years back, it was a fun read. Cheers!
1st May 2014

I have enjoyed following your travels over the last two years...
and look forward to reading your future blogs about Chile. We just arrived in Lima, Peru; our first time in South America. I will be blogging about our trip...only two weeks, not two years!
30th March 2014
Mont St Michel

Great adventures!
How wonderful that you're staying with French people and getting to know the culture! Mont St Michel is one of my fave places. I spent the night and had a dream of doing the Camino de Santiago de Compostella/Chemin de San Jacques, which I later did. If you end up having a bit of time, it's a fantastic journey, but it also sounds as if you're having fabulous experiences. !Buen viaje!
18th November 2013

saludos desde Lonquen
Hola Dani, Muy interesante lo de Hepx, un concepto que valoriza el ganarse el techo y pan a traves del trabajo,; que buena experiencia. este fin de semana fue la votación por lo que tuvimos un fin de semana muy civico. Me imagino que ya sabrás que hay 2da vuelta el 15 de diciembre. Todos bien por acá esperando tu regreso. un abrazo Andres
6th November 2013

saludos desde Lonquen
Hola Daniel, Que buena pasada por París. Con Monica estuvimos por 5 días hace 2 años y fue espectacular. Me acuerdo de unas ostras y creps que comimos en los restaurantes de montmatre que tu muestras acá. Por acá todo bien. El fin de semana fuimos por 2 dias a Rapel que siempre es tan agradable y con Sofi hicimos nuestra primera navegación en 470 de la temporada. Los niños bien. Sofi termina esta semana sus clases y sigue solo con su preparacion para la PSU. Las parras en esta época crecen mucho y requieren de un buen cuidado cosa que hemos hecho en forma aplicada. Esta es la mejor temporada de venta del año así es que estamos con todas las pilas puestas para tener un excelente fin de año. un abrazo y nos vemos pronto, Andres
2nd November 2013

6 degrees of separation
The world is a small place. Absolutely loved reading this blog. France is such a food fest! and a place to catch up with old friends.
2nd November 2013

Thanks for the comments; France has so far been an excellent choice to spend the last 7 weeks!
30th October 2013

saludos desde Lonquen
Hola Dani, Que buena la pasada por Londres. A mi me encanta. Hay unas fotos de Butler wharf muy interesantes. No conocía ese lugar ni de nombre. Por acá todos bien. Estamos de fin de semana largo desde mañana por lo que van a ser 4 días de descanso. Creo que vamos a ir a Rapel pero aun no nos planificamos. No tenemos mas novedades. un abrazo y ya queda casi un mes para que vuelvas. Como pasa el tiempo!! un fuerte abrazo y que siga todo viento en popa, Andrés
30th October 2013

Gracias por los comentarios
Como siempre Andrés, se agradecen los comentarios y especialmente por mantenerme al tanto con las actividades de la familia. Un abrazo grande, saludos a todos y nos estamos viendo pronto.
28th October 2013

P.S. I'm waiting to read...
about the rest of your trip around Europe. My first backpacking trip alone around Europe was Eurailpassing in 1968 after graduating from high school. I eventually lived there from 1977 to 1995...all blogged...perhaps this will inspire you to finish your trip blogs!
29th October 2013

Thanks for the comments
I took a look at Malcolm Gladwell's book after you mentioned it, seems like an interesting read. I'll start checking out your blog as well, looks like you're well traveled and connected! About the rest of my trip in Europe, I'm taking my time to write it (the current trip is taking more than enough time already). I'll probably finish it after I get back home from this trip. I recently received information that'll help me write the one about X-Mas in Edinburgh which was my next stop. All the best and enjoy your upcoming travels, Daniel
28th October 2013

Six degrees of separation...
the more you travel the more common such coincidences become. I spent 11 years working at NATO in Brussels so had colleagues/friends from all over Europe. After I returned to the States, one day years later I was browsing for travel books and I heard a Norwegian couple in the next aisle over. I, of course, had to introduce myself being of Norwegian ancestry. They asked I had visited Norway and had any relatives or friends there. I told them I had visited Norway many times and dear friends named Erling and Vigdis. They said they had picked up Erling and Vigdis earlier that day, and he would be the Norwegian Defense Representative to the US for the next three years. I called Erling at the Embassy about 10 minutes into his new job...he was very surprised to hear my voice and asked if I worked for the CIA...I didn't...just one of those 6 degree of separation moments. He ended up spending five years in DC and attended my retirement ceremony. This is just one of many stories I could tell. Anyway, it sounds like you are a networker as described in Malcolm Gladwell's book "Tipping Point." It's good to meet a fellow networker.
28th October 2013

I just started Following all these years later...
so am starting with your first blog of your trip to Europe. I like that you have gone back in time to add previous trips, and will continue to update this blog as you remember anecdotes of your time there.
28th October 2013

saludos desde Lonquen
Hola Dani, interesante parada. Que pena que no encontraste nada de Richard Ashton, habria sido super interesante saber algo de ese lado de la familia. Por acá todo bieny sin novedad. Este fin de semana nos quedamos tranquilos en Lonquen. Te mandamos un fuerte abrazo Andres

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